1. First, From Greg:

“B.: 12 Days. That’s all it took was 12 days.

B. had two interviews last week with [the provider of specialty cooling systems]. He was not very excited as HR had told him they salary was $75K. I told him to put that out of his head and continue with the process: when the time came, I would help get past the $75K.

This morning he called me in a panic as the CEO wanted to have lunch. He needed help on how to handle the salary.

I coached him through the process.

He just called me back. The CEO offered him $150K with incentives to get to 200K in 2021.

12 days in the program and $75K over the initial offer. Now that’s a Value Proposition!!!!!”

Indeed, Greg! Terrific job with this one, what a story!

  1. Second, From Lori’s client T.:

“Hi Lori and Dan,

I accepted the position for Team Leader at [a vehicle manufacturer] in which I was able to negotiate more after the initial offer.  Based on this, I should be able to increase my salary from where I was in 2019 of $150,000 total including bonus.  They give reviews every 6 months for potential increase of 3% or more and their medical benefits are free plus unlimited vacation.

I am truly excited because, as Lori knows, [this vehicle manufacturer] was one of my top 10 companies that I wanted to work for!

I start [this month] so will keep you posted as to how I am transitioning into this new industry.



  1. THird. Again from Lori: J. accepted a Regional Director position with a global intelligent virtual agent platform provider a week and a half ago after our interview and negotiation prep meetings on salary and relocation and is settling in nicely to his new position! 🙂 Thanks so much as always for all your hard work, Lori!
  2. Fourth, Greg’s client J. was wooed by the chance of returning to building his pension with the public school system and has accepted an offer for $140K as HR Director at a school district on the East Coast.
  3. Fifth, Julie’s client K. has accepted the position of Business Unit Manager Health, Safety & Environmental at a provider of engineering, procurement, fabrication and construction services.


  1. To begin, M. needed an early morning call from Waffles to prepare him for the next discussion regarding his offer of Senior Vice President of Global Finance for a supplier of manufacturing technology and services. They make machines that make toilet paper, so their business is COVID-fueled.
  2. And, O. is reviewing offers from both a chain of convenience stores and a corporation operating a chain of retail gas stations! Greg pulled Dan in for inside coaching on how to deal with the two offers and his current full-time consulting gig. Go, Team!


  1. First, Julie is pleased to report her client’s progress: “W. has been an attorney with [a national law firm] his entire 31-year career. He came to us because things have changed in the firm, and he’s ready to exit. He reached out to a recruiter that he’s worked with in the past. She sent his resume to 20-30 firms, and he’s interviewed with 10 different firms and is expecting 4-6 offers in the next few weeks. He’s really enjoying the process and is excited about getting to know some great people & firms. He’s been interviewing with firms all over the US – virtually. This would never have happened pre-COVID (would have had to travel around the country). He’s very grateful for our assistance.”
  2. Also, E. has been amazing Paula and Waffles as he progresses towards the Chief People Officer role at a nonprofit organization! He was recommended by an HR pro friend to the outside recruiter. Despite E. having none of the high-level HR qualifications, or even a college degree, the recruiter has presented him, and he had an excellent first interview, using Paula’s and Waffles’ modified docs and coaching. He told us:

“The call went very well, and I am moving on to the next step in the process! I have a zoom interview with the heads of the organization next Wednesday.”

  1. Next, Paula tells us T. has been employing traditional TBG processes to great effect:

“He has networked his way into two key multinational IT business consulting companies and is continuing discussions at the C-Suite levels to create a new position.”

That’s what we like to hear, Paula, keep it up!

  1. Then, Paula’s new senior level (GC) attorney client J. is already seeing some action:

“Hi Paula, I wanted to let you know that I have a second interview with [an American food company].  The first interview was with the Head of HR. The second with be with the interim General Counsel who will be transitioning out of the role.”

  1. Finally, R. has four scheduled Zoom meetings for the Chief of Information Technology US position at an international law firm, as a direct result from our recruiter outreach. Thanks, Christina, your efforts scored another hit!


  1. J. is being interviewed for the CEO position at the provider of supply chain solutions through his laudable network, which has also brought forth interest in two different VC firms with portfolios in his space. He asked Waffles for quick turnaround on research and coaching in order to grab these brass rings as this fast merry-go-round is flying!
  2. R., Dan’s client has had 1st, 2nd and 3rd interviews (all through 3rd party recruiter leads). They are reaching out due to his LinkedIn content.
    1. First, Chief Revenue Officer – (confidential company) Geography, equity, salary, bonus and benefits are all in scope
    2. Second, Chief Revenue Officer – (confidential private equity company)
    3. Third, Possible contract role, coaching to drive revenue, (confidential startup) then shortly thereafter Chief Revenue Officer. 90-minute interview went well.
  3. Paula’s been busy with L. on a multinational telecommunications company job – Global Senior Manager IT Procurement. She got the info from a networking contact. The role had been filled, but the person they hired did not work out. Paula did a full prep today and she will send her the info, including research. That’s how we do it, Paula!
  4. C., Dan’s GC client, is now interviewing with a grocery wholesale distributor, which would be a nice jump for her. Dan’s giving her all the prep she needs to make this one a win!


5. George was pleased that V. has multiple video interviews with a multinational investment bank and financial services corporation, as well as a business opportunity to buy an insurance franchise agency! Lots of opportunity out there, isn’t that right, George?


6. Lori’s client M. had two interviews in the last week:

    1. First, Director of Administration at a provider of services to local government
    2. Second, Comptroller for a financial services provider
  1. J., also Lori’s client, interviewed at a construction and service company for a sales position – the first interview turned into three hours, a higher position due to J.’s experience, and J. is developing a Business Plan for the business!
  2. Lori’s client G. interviewed last week with an automotive retailer for a Buying Team Director. He has a second interview set up for this week!
  3. Another one of Lori’s clients, C. had interviews with two companies (waiting on additional info to report in on it)!


  1. From Lori’s client R.:

“Hey Lori,

Glad you made it home safe and sound.  Here is the job description.  Although I think it’s posted out on the job boards, I can obviously fast track any resumes and candidates.  Relocation could be provided.  The base is around $100K, but I’m pushing for higher if I can get someone who has most of the qualifications.  I’m also willing to meet with anyone from the Barrett Group that I need to in an effort to get one of your clients a position.

Let me know if you have any questions.  Good hearing back from you! 


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