1. First, Yet another one of Paula’s clients has landed at a large online retailer! She was able to help him negotiate over $10K increase from the initial offer. He prefers to remain anonymous.
  2. Second, Greg’s client J. has landed at a Danish multinational company. And Dan and Greg are ensuring his success by advising him on the politics involved in a dinner with the CEO.
  3. Third, S. followed the standard TBG advice for setting up a consulting business while “in between opportunities”. He is actively engaged with several paying clients and engagements, from Belgium to Japan. When the LinkedIn update went live, he attracted 9,000 views in the first two days, and is booked solid with meetings. When he posted a few days in, providing the background story to the new venture’s name, he scored 2,000 views in the first three hours!


  1. First, J. has a verbal offer. Should get written on Monday. Product Manager at her former company, a provider of facility management software. Paula will keep us posted. Great use of Human Capital, Paula!
  2. Second, K. is reviewing the offer from a provider of engineering, procurement, fabrication and construction services. K. was offered the position of Business Unit Manager Health, Safety & Environmental. K. worked with Julie, as the devil is in the details, and Julie is hunting him down, as always!
  3. Third, B. received an offer yesterday for the provider of specialty cooling systems. This came on the heels of two interviews at that company last week and one at a technology firm. Greg is impressed with the level of activity! It is doubtful he will accept the job at the provider of specialty cooling systems as the money is too low. He has used social capital to secure the interview at the technology firm. B. feels good about his chances there. The money is almost double what it is at the provider of specialty cooling systems. Greg: “So many choices!!!”


  1. To begin, M, who has already landed, just will not stop the job search! Anne passes on the latest:

“I have two companies I am interviewing with this week. One is a small [pharmaceutical company] which is only a 1-hour interview on Thursday. The other is with [a multinational pharmaceutical company] for an Executive Director job (first job I have interviewed for higher than my title at my former employer). It is 6 hours of interviews scattered over Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.”

Good luck, M., you have had a lot of practice!


  1. First, Julie continues to team with Waffles as her client L. is entertaining three offers in negotiation. Today she’s interviewing virtually with an automotive parts manufacturing company, one of those increasingly common on-demand video interviewing deals, where you interview all alone at any time, and an anonymous person reviews your interview at some undisclosed location and submits opinions to somebody else you never meet. George Orwell saw this one coming!
  2. Second, Paula’s client L. has had a first interview with the CEO (with whom she used to work) of a nonprofit providing disability services for an AVP position.
  3. Third, Another Paula client, C., had an interview with the manufacturer of commercial airliners this week that went for 7 hours virtual (must be close to a record)! He is one of 3 and should learn more next week.


  1. First, J. has an interview with a company that provides quality manufacturing ISO software solutions. The interview is for Director of Business Development. The lead was one he followed on LinkedIn and made a direct connection to the CEO; he is subsequently interviewing with him and the co-founder tomorrow, fingers crossed! Anne’s excellent coaching pays off yet again!
  2. Second, Lori’s client T. finally got her interview with a vehicle manufacturer scheduled, but Lori was on vacation so Dan jumped in and coached her on offer negotiations for two hours on very short notice. We can always count on Dan!
  3. Third, This latest from E.:

“Hi Paula! Sooooo, I just got a cold call from [an American multinational conglomerate] about a security position. They told me they are looking to fill 11 positions. I’m going to have a video interview next week!”

  1. Fourth, Anne was so excited: S. interviewed for Construction Project Manager for a development company.

“They found him through LinkedIn!!! He also got another call from another LinkedIn connection for an interview tomorrow and he’s going to meet them on Monday! Fingers crossed twice!”

  1. Fifth, V. had to reschedule her meeting yesterday with Waffles because she had an interview!
  2. Sixth, So did S. – same day!
  3. Seventh, George was delighted to tell us:

“In a call today with M. she told me that she is having a second interview late this afternoon with [a financial planning and investment firm] for Head of Compensation!”

She also has a first interview this afternoon with a healthcare organization for a Compensation Associate Consultant position which, in spite of the name, is a full time position. Lastly, about 10 days ago, she had a first interview with the provider of a marketing platform for Director of Compensation. The beat goes on, George!
  1. Eighth, Paula’s coaching him through it: J. has an interview scheduled for Director of Internal Communications with an association of investment professionals in England.
  2. Ninth, George: While going after his social capital, C. contacted the Private Equity firm which had owned C.’s company. The Private Equity firm sold C.’s company to its current owner two years ago. Yesterday, C. received a phone call from the Private Equity firm indicating that they are pursuing an acquisition and believe they are getting close and wanted to talk to C. about possibly running the business if the deal goes through. C. was very happy, as he said he would very likely accept such a position. Later on in the day C. got a call from another contact at the Private Equity firm, who indicated that they were raising a new private equity fund and they would be very interested in talking to C. about running one of the portfolio companies once the fund is funded! C. was very excited about this as well. C. is now a huge proponent of reaching out to social capital, and he is not done yet! He also received a call from a competitor of his current company and they interviewed him about a possible position that was open there!
  3. Tenth, G. has an interview at a large optical retailer. Dan is pulling the research to give him the info he will need to nail this one to the wall.


  1. First, From star client M.:

“HEYO!  The phone call from yesterday worked!!!! :D”

Following up as directed from Waffles, she is now interviewing for the Civil Rights Executive Director role with a private Christian university in the Northwest!

  1. And finally, To Dan, from S. upon connecting using “Merging Our Networks” on LinkedIn, referring to Anne:

“I am moving right along with the program thanks to your excellent consultants!”

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