Frontline Report-143 10-05-22

The Hiring Line Stats:

Offers Accepted: 9
Offers Received: 4
Interviews Advanced: 3
1st Interviews: 21

Offers Accepted:

1. Lori Chevalier’s clients J. and I. recently accepted offers.
-Client J. accepted the offer from a textile company! She assumes the role of Director in the Retail & Consumer Durables sector. J. pulled this one off thanks to judicious use of her Human Capital. Her previous title was Manager, Domestic Procurement & Development. The initial offer came in at $150k + $18k bonus, 401(k). After negotiations: $160k + 18k bonus + $5k sign on bonus, 401(k). Lori spills the beans, “J. is a wonderful client, extremely intelligent. She had numerous interviews with a lot of companies. J. was seeking ‘the right’ role – a unicorn! She found it! And they found her! Win-win!”

-I. landed in under two months.

She is now Chief Information Officer, remaining in the Restaurants, Food & Beverage industry. Initial offer: $350k base + $308k EBITDA Bonus, $25k relo, 4-weeks vacation. Lori shares: “THIS IS A GREAT STORY! I. did not want to relocate. A recruiter was searching and kept coming back to I. saying that she was their number one choice. They flew her to an interview turned into a few hours meeting, and a heads up on-site to the HR manager to prepare and present an offer to I.! It’s a huge package! And she executed the TBG methodologies to ‘increase the base’ – and received a $30k bump up on her base! Way to go, I!!” Nicely done, Lori!

2. Rob Wicker joins the party with client P. who is now an Executive Director of Enterprise IT Solutions in the Information Technology & Services private sector. P. left a government position, where he was Chief Information Officer and Director of Information Technology. He had been at the $260,000 level, and they started talking at $250K. When the conversation ended, we were at $350,000 +bonus, unlimited PTO and severance. Rob noted: “P. is a model client. He embraced the coaching and methodologies and was intentional with his actions. He is extremely happy with TBG.”

3. Barbara Limmer’s client R. inked the deal in under two months. 

R. answered an ad in the classifieds for a digital marketing agency. R. is now VP of Marketing Operations. He was previously in the Education world in the role of Marketing Lead. The new deal is fully remote. The offer is $200K +20% bonus + opportunity for equity once he proves himself. Barbara shared, “Had at least 5 rounds of interviews. One was on-site. Another was a ‘skills test’ requiring a write-up on different management scenarios as well as what meetings he’d schedule in the first 90 days. R. did not negotiate the salary because he followed our instructions for the initial interview. He asked for their range and was told 160-200K.

When he got the offer, the CEO told him he maxed out the comp for him. R. is thrilled with this job and company in a brand-new sector. R. will be marketing services specifically to Optometry and Ophthalmology offices. He has a tremendous opportunity to double revenue [when he works with] medical device companies that want to get their products in front of these offices. Also, he is the first marketing executive there. Lastly, he is excited to be involved in both marketing and operations of the agency. This will position him nicely for the future.”

4. Julie Mathern’s clients V. and Y. announced accepted offers.

-First, V. made the jump to a multinational corporation. Here he will be the Vice President of Engineering. He leaves his role of VP of Global Engineering and Product Management at a construction engineering company. Amount of initial offer: $400K salary; benefits; sign-on bonus of $150K; incentive plan up to 45% of salary; sign-on equity $150K – same for equity award. Amount of final offer: same as above but sign-on equity and equity awards increased to $250K each versus the verbal offer which was lower in these two components. This deal was courtesy of an executive recruiter. Paula Nordhoff provided extensive interview and offer negotiations.

-Second, Y. is now Executive Director at a non-profit organization. He had been Chief Asset Management Officer for another organization in the Nonprofit & Philanthropy world. His comp makes a jump, from $176,000 to $195,000 + $10K bonus. Julie shares: “Y. is a great negotiator. He followed TBG’s process. Our team helped him formulate his strategy. I am the primary coach and had already paved the way with the foundational compensation coaching. Client was on the board for this organization and had reached out to the interim Exec Director for social capital building. He was asked to apply for the Exec Director role.”

5. Isabelita Castilho’s client E. and M. also landed.

-To begin, E. is at a multinational enterprise as Chief Strategy Officer – director level role. He had been the Group Executive Director for a diversified group of companies. He is in the Automotive business. Previous salary + 7% increase in cash salary + high-end accommodation provided as benefit (plus all the perks), plus yearly bonus. Final offer still in discussion. Isabelita notes: “E. is a fantastic person. One of the kindest people. E. was patient enough to go through 11 months of interviews, tests, waiting periods. He was always confident and knew this was for him, if he would wait patiently. His role will also include business development. He is hired to bring innovation and new businesses for the next 75-year vision.”

-And, M. accepted an offer for an Advisory Board Member role. He was previously Client Managing Director in the Advertising & Marketing sector. Now he’s in a Management Consulting gig.

6. Jayson Searle’s client Z. has accepted a role, but the company is remaining confidential for now. An executive recruiter handled the deal, which has Z. leaving her role as Head of Marketing for a high-end domestic appliances company. Her salary goes from € 237,000 inc. benefits to €368,312 inc. benefits. She has not resigned yet to protect a bonus. She told Jayson: “Hi Jayson, a quick update and great news. 🙂 I have finalized the negotiations and signed the contract. The initial offer was already very good, and they were also open for my additional request/adjustments of conditions. I am very, very happy with the outcome. A big thank you for all your support and great motivation in all the past months. Best regards, Z.”

Offers Received:

1. Lori Chevalier’s clients G. and K. receive offers:
-First, G. received an offer for General Counsel. She’s considering leaving her role as Marketing Counsel for a digital company. Initial offer was $220k + $33k bonus + 6,000 shares of company stock – UPPED THE OFFER TO $233K.
-Next, K. is at a clothing company for Director of People Strategy & Planning. Former Compensation: $120k+ $37k bonus + $5k sign on bonus. Amount of Initial Offer: $170k + $42k bonus potential $7,500 RSUs. “Offer is being reviewed with client in day or two. Stay tuned on final numbers!” K. also received an offer from an insurance company for Director. Initial: $168k with 25% bonus target and 15 days’ vacation.

2. Anne Lipsitz’s client C. is at a leading manufacturer for Decarbonization & Energy. C. received a verbal offer of $275K Base + 20/30% Bonus plus 300,000 shares of the company.

Interviews Progress:

1. Lori Chevalier’s client G. progresses at a digital wallet company for General Counsel. “G. has an interest in the company, a contact who connected her, and has two more interviews!”

2. Barbara Limmer’s client R. progresses at a social media company for Engineering Manager. The position came from a job posting. This is what she told us: “[The company] got back and they want to go forward with interviewing for engineering manager. They requested my updated CV, so I am happy I customized one for them with you guys. I am stoked to see what this experience is like. Feeling positive.”

3. Isabelita Castilho’s client A. is at a confidential startup for Managing Founder from UNP1-Social Capital. “Client nailed an opportunity to start a digital-to-consumer startup. He is in the process of negotiating his own salary, stocks, and exit plans (similar to a PE) with the aspiring investor. He will be full-time dedicated to it if it materializes. Meanwhile, he’s considering focusing on consultancy and interim roles to guarantee more stable income for himself and his family, while not closing the doors for full-time major opportunities.”


1. Joan Sebring’s client D. is interviewing at an insurance company for Director of Strategic Business Transformation from UNP1-Social Capital. Had the first interview with the employer. D. has an internal contact & will follow up with them for advocacy.

2. Lori Chevalier has multiple clients with interviews: G., S., and M.
-To begin, G. is at a lab company for General Counsel. G. has an interest in this company, has connections to it, and is interested in blockchain and crypto. G. could learn a lot in this role. She interviewed yesterday and is looking forward to moving along in the process.
-Next, S. had several interviews with a variety of companies for marketing roles.
-And finally, M. has two interviews lined up. One is at a software company and the other is for a VP & CTO role.

3. Barbara Limmer’s client E. interviews at a sales software company for research roles. The opportunity came from a job posting. First interview with them and with an HR Recruiter.

4. Ramesh Shivakumaran’s clients J. and P. had interviews.

-First, J. had an interview at a bank for a position in Strategy & Financial Analysis. J. also interviewed at another bank for Head of Finance/ General Manager Finance. J. was referred through a 3rd party recruiter.
-Also, P. had an interview at an insurance company for VP Head of Claims & Insurance. P. was referred through a 3rd party recruiter by their social contact.

5. Asli Bilgin has several clients with interviews: C., D., and G.
-First, C. at a healthcare company for a General Manager role.
-Second, D. had two interviews at a healthcare consultancy companies.
-Third, G. had three interviews for management director positions.

6. Isabelita Castilho’s client H. interviewed at a logistics company for a business management organization. Isabelita notes: “This is an exciting story. I worked for this company in the past. I reached out to a senior person in the organization and asked for support for my client. He sent H.’s CV to the right department, saying he was impressed with H.’s caliber and CV! But no openings were available at that time. That was August. Last week, H. was invited for an interview for an actual opening in the company with a complete job description that matched their aspirations and experience!”

7. Larry DiBoni’s client I. interviewed at a company that manages high-end convenience stores. The position is for Director of Fuel.

8. George Schulz’s client V. interviewed at a corporate bowling center. The interview was this week.


1. Thank you very much for an excellent preparation session, Paula Nordhoff. It was beneficial, and I hope it will help me during the interview process.

2. In a conference call with his consultant and the client Concierge, C. commented on the changes and further writing Asli had done on his CV. “They gave me goosebumps!”

3. A response from Lori Chevalier’s client F., after meeting with George Schulz, and her overall impression of the program itself: “George, I wanted to thank you for taking time to meet with me yesterday. I enjoyed our conversation and had some “Aha” moments. I added 103 new connections to my LI network yesterday and will be drilling down through my connections today to make some phone calls. Also, I appreciated the perspective you provided and will try harder to not beat myself up so badly as to not having landed “Anything”. You can be assured that the time you and @Lori Chevalier have invested in me thus far will not be in vain. You are both truly assets to TBG!”

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