Frontline Report-142 09-28-22

The Hiring Line Stats:

Offers Accepted: 6
Offers Received: 7
Interviews Advanced: 7
1st Interviews: 12

Offers Accepted:

1. Waffles Natusch’s client M. will start a new position in the Public Sector. She will be leading a team of attorneys. M. reports, “[The firm] defines public as government, education, healthcare, and nonprofit. It’s not a GC role, but it is a major increase in scope and responsibilities, so I am happy with that…. Here’s the crazy thing, Waffles: I swear I didn’t apply to this job. And honestly, through the beginning of the process, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to work at [the firm]. However, after talking to the legal team there, I was really impressed by how great they were and just very open and collaborative – it felt right!” After M. applied her TBG skills in her counter offer, her compensation will be double what she currently makes.

2. Isabelita Castilho’s client A. landed for the second time after using TBG program extension. The client shared, “I wanted to let you know that I have a new job…. I’m so excited to get back into a very professional environment and getting paid what I’m worth. It took a while, but I’m back in business!”

3. Barbara Limmer had two clients land this week: D. and J.:

-D. accepted the offer from a scientific equipment supplier. He dumped the unwieldly title of Client Success Manager (CFO Consultant) / Data Report Developer from his job at a consultancy. The new offer is for Director of Finance. The offer stands at $175k with a $25k bonus and four weeks PTO and equity consideration.
-J. landed the role of Embedded Entrepreneur Initiative Consultant with a computer processing and data preparation services company. He was formerly in the Information Technology & Services industry as CEO of a computer hardware manufacturer. The initial offer came in at $188K for two days/week for ten months (equal to $564K for FTE). Barbara helped him to negotiate for equity in the new spinout pieces to which he was a direct contributor. This was through the Human Capital process.

4. Larry DiBoni’s client C. left his role as Senior Vice President of Sales at a communications software company. C. be a remote-based VP of Sales opportunity with a software company. He flew into Phase 3 in six weeks. Larry reports, “One day after interviews, an offer came, and C. accepted. His compensation is $175,000 to $350,000. C. will manage eight account executives.” This opportunity came through an executive recruiter.

5. Vivek Agarwal’s client R. answered a classified ad in the newspaper. Using TBG’s methodology R. flew through the interview process at a financial services advisory company. R. landed his new job as Lead NLP (Natural Language Programming) Engineer. He followed advice from Vivek and negotiated from a $250,000 initial salary offer to include a bonus, plus stocks and equity. He’s still in the Information Technology & Services sector and will be working remotely.

Offers Received:

1. Lori Chevalier had three clients receive offers this week: E., S., and N.:
-With the help of Waffles, E. received offers from three companies in under three months in the program. The first is with a company for Counsel with an offer of $260k + $50k bonus + $10k sign on bonus. Next, at a digital currency exchange and trading platform for Litigation Counsel. They offered $220k + $33k bonus + 6,000 shares of company stock. Lastly, at her current place of work, a cryptocurrency company. This is for the title of Counsel and a compensation of $275k + $45k stay bonus.

-S. received an offer from a textile company as Director in Retail & Consumer Durables. Her former title was Manager, Domestic Procurement & Development at a chemical industry company. The initial offer stands at $150k with a bonus of approximately $18k or higher, 401(k), etc.
-N. received an offer with only two months in TBG. This came from a conglomerate company for Vice President Operations. His former title was VP, Content Operations & Planning at a software company. The initial offer is $349,449 + $105k sign on bonus + $196,975 performance bonus + ability to purchase 15% of company common stock.

2. Rob Wicker’s client P. received an offer from a consultancy. The position is for Executive Director of Enterprise IT Solutions. His former organization was in the governmental sector. P was in a finance and accounting service role where he was Chief Information Officer and Director of Information Technology. P.’s compensation is still in negotiations.

3. Waffles Natusch and Anne Lipsitz’s client K. received an offer in two and a half months from a specialty pharmaceutical company. He leaves his former position as President of a process and development company for a new title of Project Manager. The initial offer is $130K.

Interviews Advanced:

1. Isabelita Castilho had three clients advance in interviews this week: H., L., and T.:
-H. advances for an exploratory call for a position at a holding company. This came from UNP3-Direct Introductions. Isabelita spins it this way: “Client heard this holding wants to start a bank and shared the info with me. He knew who the talent acquisition person was but wanted help in how to approach. We developed a draft message together and now has an interview booked.”

-L. advances at a financial audit company for Senior Advisor Public Sector (TBC). This came through UNP3-Direct Introductions. This will be the second meeting.

-T. advances at a global management consultancy for Senior Manager – Global Partner Family Office and Financial Wellness. This came from a job posting. Isabelita reports: “T. has been one of the most diligent clients and deserves more than an amazing job in an amazing company. He saw the job posted on LinkedIn and has followed every single instruction, had an interview prep and research done. He had an interview with the recruiter first and now the hiring manager. T. reports back, “[I had an] excellent interview with the hiring manager. Went through relevant aspects of the role and what their vision is for this new function. Agreed that I am a perfect match, and she really liked my passion, experience, and skill set. According to their process, there will be several subsequent interviews over the course of the next 4-6 weeks.”

2. Lori Chevalier had three clients advance in the interview process this week: B., I., and G.:

-B. advances at an internal communications agency for VP of Communications. Her next meeting is with the Creative Director.
-I. advances at a company for CIO. “I. is an accomplished CIO. She has been in conversations with this company about a role. It would require her to relocate which is against her wishes. Lori reports: “They came back to her once already and told her they couldn’t find a good candidate, and now they stated they will fly her out for an on-site interview next week.”
-G. advances at a financial technology company for Counsel.

3. Larry DiBoni’s client O. advanced in interviews at a fuel service company. The role is for VP of Strategy from UNP1-Social Capital. Larry shares, “O. met with HR, the CEO, Executive VP of Marine, Land, and Aviation, the CFO, and finally, the Chief Corporate Counsel Secretary.”


1. Barbara Limmer had three clients land interviews this week: V., Q., and U.:

-V. received interviews from two companies: an insurance agency and a financial services company for Wealth Advisor/Management.
-Q. interviews at a pharmaceutical company for CEO. This came from a third-party recruiter.
-U. interviews at a technology company for Director of Data Science. The position came from a job posting. This process totals to around nine interviews and the process takes about two to three months. U. reports back: “I expressed a keen interest. It was super interesting, and she gave me amazing insights into their company. The Director role would be a bit big for me (~300 direct reports), while an engineering manager would be like what I do now. They seem worth it. They meet you where you are and have a chance to rise above that.”

2. Rob Wicker had two clients receive interviews this week: Z. and F.:

-Z. interviews at a consultancy for Executive Director of an IT company. The position came from UNP1-Social Capital.
-F. at a company for General Manager and came from UNP1-Social Capital. F. reports back: I had a three-hour dinner with the CEO – a great experience and feels like this will turn into an offer.”

3. Lori Chevalier had three clients interview this week: W., X., and Y.:
-W. had three interviews this week. First, at an automotive services company and is in a holding pattern. Next, at a cabinet maker company for Director of Channel Marketing. He interviewed with the hiring manager. Last, at a home improvement company for Senior Manager Brand Development.
-X. at a public transport company for Senior Director of Program Management.
-Y. at a company for CIO.

4. George Schulz’s client J. received an interview with an internet marketing service. The position is for National Sales Manager and came from a third-party recruiter. George reports: “J. contacted a recruiter in his network and said he ‘followed instructions verbatim.’”


1. Ramesh Shivakumaran received this message from client A.: “The sessions have been extremely enjoyable, and I am enjoying the process. So far, the biggest learning was how to use LinkedIn more effectively and to help it to generate more leads. Also, the preparation for the scheduled interview was very useful. I got an insight into the type of questions that I should raise and at what stage so that it is most effective.”

2. Ramesh received another message from client C.: “The coaching has been a great journey since the start. The learnings about the job market and its dynamics are eye openers. It is very insightful, and respectively all the services delivered by TBG team were top notch standard. Starting with the CV and requested tweaks, cover letter, all the way to the LinkedIn profile revamp.

3. Anne Lipsitz and Waffles received this message from client R.: “I am excited about our path forward. The energy on this call was positive, and I agree with the path forward.”

4. Client R. also sent a message to Vivek: “I did get a fair job offer at one of the positions I applied to a bit ago. I wanted to thank you for your help along way. I am going to continue working through the process with Waffles and Anne to see if anything better is out there for me. Thanks for the help thus far.”

5. Lori Chevalier received a message from client I.: “Thank you for everything Lori! Your support throughout this process has been incredible. It feels great having you in my corner, guiding me and supporting me every step of the way! You are very special, and I am very grateful for you!”

6. Isabelita Castilho received a message from client H.: “…I wanted to take a moment and extend a personal message of appreciation to you for the learning, coaching, and guidance I had from you over the last few months. Thank you, Isabelita, for all that you do!”

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