Frontline Report for 09-27-23

Hiring Line Stats:

Offers Accepted: 7
Offers Received: 1
Interviews Advanced: 7
1st Interviews: 18
Interview with Recruiter: 1


Offers Accepted:

1. Ramesh Shivakumaran’s client’s successes: 

-Client R. landed a fully remote position in under two months as Consultant/Advisor! Prior, he was Managing Partner in the Management Consulting sector. His new industry is Restaurants, Food & Beverage. Ramesh clues us in: “R. was introduced to the company’s owner by one of his social capital contacts for possible collaboration and exploring business opportunities in Southeast Asia. The owners offered him an opportunity to act as a Consultant/Advisor to help the family business. In the interest of exploring long-term partnership opportunities with the company, he has accepted this role as an interim arrangement.”

-Client M. is now CEO in Dubai/United Arab Emirates. The previous position was Director of Service Delivery. Ramesh shared: “M. started the program aiming for an executive opportunity in a shipping and logistics company; however, once he started using The Barrett Group methodology to engage with social capital and explored steps to activate the network, he realized that he could achieve a lot more with his value proposition by establishing his startup venture. M. has decided to embark on his entrepreneurial journey and was excited to inform that he has secured the required business license to achieve his goals.

-Client P. now assumes the role of Chief Technical Advisor. Ramesh exponds: “P. was excited to inform that he has received a transfer to Africa as Chief Technical Advisor with an attractive increase in compensation and benefits apart from stability to his financial and career objectives. As per P., the senior management has created a new position to recognize his efforts and retain him in the organization. P. received the opportunity within three months of joining the TBG program and intends to continue the program to achieve his career change goals.”

2.  Asli Bilgin’s Client K. landed as EVP Production & Scale Up in the Small Business, Start-ups, & Franchises industry. Her old job was in Manufacturing as Operations Manager. She was placed by an executive recruiter and the comp came in at €130K.

3. Penny Marion and Waffles Natusch’s Client T. accepted an offer in the District of Columbia for the position of Finance Manager. Her prior job was Senior Tax Accountant, Director of Finance/ Financial Specialist in the Nonprofit & Philanthropy sector. The offer had come in at $100K. This was from a job posting.

4. Julie Mathern and Paula Nordhoff’s Client A. landed as Clinic Administrator in under four months. Her previous role was Vice President of Operations. Client A. stated “Their recruiter reached out to me. It is a new clinic right here, opening the first of the year! They started at $95K-105K, I ended up with $125K by the end of the day yesterday. Plus, I will start 10/1 instead of 12/15. 

5. Larry DiBoni’s Client I. accepted a fully remote offer, as Senior Operations Officer. He previously served as Diplomat / Military Attache / Senior Military Advisor. Larry helped with the negotiations, and the offer went from $170,000 to $180,000. This one was from Unpublished Market Part 1 (UNP1).


Offer Received:

1. Lori Chevalier’s Client E. received an offer for the position of Poultry Processing Supervisor in Agriculture. His former title was Operations Manager, in the construction field. He will be relocating and is looking to negotiate a relocation package. 



We are grateful to hear feedback from our clients. Here is what Client E. said about Ramesh:  

“Thank you for your detailed update and the effort you’ve put into our collaboration. I appreciate your support in helping me navigate my career activities and preparations. 

It’s encouraging to see the progress we’ve made, from interview preparations to LinkedIn enhancements and networking strategies. Your guidance on reaching out to references and building social capital has been invaluable.

Once again, thank you for your support and dedication to helping me progress in my career. I look forward to our continued collaboration.”


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