1. To begin, A. accepts the offer at an insurance provider. It’s for a Litigation Case Manager. He will start his new job on 9/28! Way to go, Lori!
  2. And then, E., with Dan’s help, nailed down all the details in the offer. E. accepts her new role as Global Controller at a provider of gene therapies!
  3. And finally, J. did such a great job turning around the family consulting business. He has decided running with it is better than anything the current market is offering. So he is now a successful entrepreneur! Following his Barrett advice from Greg, he has secured a lucrative contract with a former business acquaintance. That should keep him business for some time. Great work, Greg!


  1. A. received her offer and start date at an investment bank and consultancy as Managing Partner, she has time to investigate equity and other offer criteria. Anne’s analysis is that it’s potentially a great opportunity, but it does include substantial risk, so the search continues unabated. Great advice as always, Anne!
  2. Julie received an email from her client in Switzerland, T.:

“Thank you, Julie, am over the moon, and happy to have an offer, especially in Portugal!”


  1. First, Julie’s been so busy with L., she pulled Waffles in to help: 1) second interview is being scheduled for the attorney position with a designer and manufacturer of electric components, drivetrains and vehicles; 2) second interview this afternoon with a government department for an attorney position; and,3) a response regarding compensation to HR for an attorney position in the Midwest. Keep rackin’ ‘em up, Julie!
  2. Second, Lori just got off the phone with J. He has two interviews for tomorrow: With an Information Technology managed service provider for an Account Executive position (zoom), and a full service technology distributor for an IT Sales Associate position (phone). His interview with a national advertising company today went well. He said the 30-minute timeslot turned into over an hour and he has already been asked to complete a personality assessment and next steps will be forthcoming! 🙂 He is pumped!
  3. Third, J., Paula’s client, has a 3rd interview with the provider of workplace data and management solutions – and she heard back from the financial services group already! 🙂 Monday, she has a 2nd round of interviews with them!

“The questions you gave me for Wednesday’s interview were great!”

  1. And George’s client B. had his first interview at a health insurance company. B. also had another call with an external recruiter to interview for a General Counsel position in the Southeast and he is excited about that. He has been patient but worked hard and he is finally starting to get some traction.
  2. Also, N. has been keeping Waffles busy as she drew up extensive planning proposals for the municipal consulting opportunity in Europe, including some quick translations! They loved her presentation and she is the number one rated candidate for the job, directly assisting in the local housing crisis and helping people connect with people.


  1. First, M. is in deep for the Civil Rights Coordinator role with a private Christian university in the Northwest. The extensive cover letter and resume revisions from Waffles slid her right into this opportunity, exactly where she wants to relocate her family! Her weekly zoom meeting with Waffles was pushed back for an hour because of the meeting, the only excuse TBG consultants will accept for being late to our meeting!
  2. And, M. has an interview tomorrow for the Director of Finance role at a municipality in the Southeast 🙂 M. is doing a great job on networking, within 30 days of starting the program! Nice work, Lori!
  3. Another one from Lori: A., although he accepted a new position starting on 9/28 (above), was invited for an interview today at a property and casualty insurance company for a Litigation Adjuster position!
  4. Fourth, Anne is so happy: H. has interviews with a health and educational services provider as an HR/Marketing specialist and a multinational information technology (IT) services and consulting company as an HR Generalist! Hard fought, hard won, Anne!


5. Also this tidbit from George:

“I had a call with my client I. today. While we were on the call, he said then he had another call he had to take. We were on silence for quite a long time, and I was beginning to wonder if he had forgotten that I was on hold. After about 15 minutes or so he got back on the line to tell me that an interim project management company was about to bid on a project which they thought they could get and they knew I.’s background, because he had contacted them several times and sent them his CV. On the phone they interviewed him for the head project manager should they get the bid. He answered all the questions and they said they were going to go ahead and bid on the project and if they win, he will be the manager. It’s the first time I have had a client have a successful interview while I was on hold.”

  1. Then, M. has an interview with a stat-run water and wastewater services for an IT Manager position. He’s meeting the CIO and four others on Monday! Keep it up, Vivek!
  2. And D. has completed an interview with the direct hiring manager at a provider of on-demand cloud computing platforms for a Strategic Planning and Execution Manager position. Vivek reports the interview went well per D. and they are awaiting the next steps.
  3. Also J. tells Paula that he is next in The Barrett Hiring Line with an interview with, of course, a large online retailer for the role of Operations Manager.
  4. And, Anne’s client S. had an interview at a technology company as Director of Global Quality.
  5. S., also Anne’s client, has an interview at a nonprofit healthcare network as Research Nurse. 
  6. And finally, just fresh and shiny from Clarity, our brand-new client S. had an emergency meeting with our Client Concierge, Waffles, to prepare her for a Behavioral Interview with a large online retailer. Good luck, S.!
12. A. wrote to Paula:

    “Hey Paula-

    I’ve got some good news and bad news. I applied for the job at [a large online retailer] Friday and had their worldwide head of genomics reach out to me over the weekend, turns out we spent some time together at [a former employer]. I ended up interviewing yesterday for an initial interview, and it went very well. That said, I spent most of Sunday and Monday preparing for the interview and now my mid-week is pretty cramped and I need to push our meeting today out a bit.”

    Sure, Adam, just keep interviewing!


    1. To George, from his client M.:

    “Hi George,

    Thanks again for all your insights. You have a wide breadth of experience that just blows me away every time.  Even with all my experience in HR, I was not aware of how the world turned on the outside; I didn’t even know I was living inside my little bubble.

    I received an invitation today to interview for a [financial planning and investment firm]. I’ve attached my first PMAR [TBG tool] to this email to see if I can get some background information before my interview next Wednesday.

    Thanks again for all your help.


    1. To Dan, from K., while connecting on LI:

    “Everyone I’ve worked with at The Barrett Group has been delightful and professional. The journey continues.”

    1. From S. to TBG and Dan:

    “First, I’d like to thank B. for putting me in touch with Dan and giving me the ability to have access to such a great program.

    Dan, thank you for helping me get my resume and work experience all together! By using the resume we created and following your program, I was able to obtain a Legal Assistant role here in [the Southeast] at a boutique wealth planning firm. Continuing, I’m looking to start Law School in August of 2021. 

    All in all, I wanted to say thank you to you both for helping me be able to jumpstart my career!


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