1. M. has tentatively accepted the written offer for the Senior Vice President of Global Finance at the paper processing solutions division of a supplier of manufacturing technology and services, with the plan to move into Operations and Strategy in the first year! Comp plan is starting at $500K before final discussions next week with the CEO/Owner and all stakeholders. This was the unpublished (they didn’t even know they were looking) opportunity from another CEO who offered M. a COO job which he turned down. The CEO there agreed: “Yeah, my company is too small, you should be working for my buddy Bob, the CEO at [a supplier of manufacturing technology and services].” Waffles is advising on all fronts, including a PowerPoint presentation on strategy M. is required to present to senior management. 
  2. It’s official: A. is settling into her new role at a global payments technology company as a Product Manager! Lori was delighted to do the resume update for her. Done in under three months, that is the way, Lori!


  1. Julie pulled in the cavalry (Dan and Waffles) to help in the negotiations for L.’s initial written offer for the Attorney-Advisor General opportunity at an army installation in the Midwest. L. also has no less than three other interviews this week, two of which are likely to produce first offers!


  1. A. was excited to tell Paula that he has progressed in the process towards the Vice President of Operations at an executive search and human capital firm. His latest interview was with the Principal, he will be meeting with the CEO next!
  2. Jerry received the note below from A. regarding an upcoming interview:

“I received a bit of good news on Sunday morning. I’ve been named one of three finalists for the Executive Vice President position of [a state run promotion, research and education program]. I’m to interview with the Search Committee on Monday.”


  1. S., Paula’s client, scored an interview for the HR Generalist position at a high-end grocery store chain!
  2. Paula: E. scored an interview with an information technology consulting firm for a Project Management Role in lovely San Diego!
  3. To M., from Greg:

“Congrats on landing the interview for the CEO role. Please let me know the results of the interview after you are done. Looking forward to hearing.”

  1. J. asked Waffles for interview coaching for Senior Operations interviews, one at a provider of cloud services and a second at the provider of IT support services.
  2. J. is keeping Paula busy with two upcoming interviews, one at a financial services group:
“[The] Director of Product Management at [the financial services group] is the contact hitting my LinkedIn profile.”

This is for a Digital/Technical Product Manager role in a variety of locations in the Southeast, or remote.

  1. The second one for J.: She had an interview with the VP of Product at her former company last week and is having an interview with the VP of Marketing later today. Unsolicited, the VP of Product contacted her about 3 positions that are open. Looks like she will be, if offered, taking a Product Manager job.
  2. Paula continues: C. – another first interview next week: at the manufacturer of commercial jets for an aircraft designer role.
  3. It’s all Paula, all the time: L.’s 1st interview with a nonprofit for a COO role – the initial HR screen.
  4. Anne speaks up: S. has an interview for Director of Global Quality at a technology company. Thanks, Anne – any more? Yep!
  5. Anne’s client J. has had interviews at a large online retailer for a Senior Product Manager role as well as for a Senior VP/Senior Director role at the developer of shelf life extension technology.
  6. C. scored a 1st interview with the Managing Partner of a management consulting firm for the role of Chief Revenue Officer, Greg told us.
  7. N. continues to put her Barrett Group inventory of networking techniques to great use: she is in consideration for a senior role at a prominent nonprofit in the homelessness sector! Waffles helped her with her motivational letter, and it was received with great interest by the Board. Stay tuned!
  8. George used his own social capital to get V. an interview with his friend, the Managing Director at an American multinational investment bank. V. did great and has a second interview tomorrow. Thanks, George!


14. Lori’s client, J., has an interview for a Director, Territorial Sales! 🙂 He sent her this message:

“Used my social capital skills you taught me and a tweaked resume, tweaked cover letter to tailor my skills to fit the job itself!!! It worked!!!! Got an interview with them- it’s a nice job and it’s 10 minutes from my house. Have a great day!”

Great job, Lori!

  1. Greg’ client, P. had a lunch / interview that lasted 2 hours 50 minutes! He did a CTI personality evaluation the night before for them and the interviewer used it to interview him. As the conversation progressed, he understood that P.’s logistic and CEO background was a strong fit for him and his business.
  2. Another Greg: S. had a 1st and 2nd interview this past week with the CEO of a religious nonprofit for the role of Chief Market Officer or CEO. The current CEO is stepping down and looking for his replacement. Go get them, S.!
  3. George’s client G. interviewed the Senior VP at a regional investment company for the position of Partner. Interview obtained through social capital mutual contact of a former contact. Excellent work, George!


  1. George’s relatively new client S. recently had shoulder surgery and he sent flowers to her home. Here is her response:

“Dear George,

The flowers are beautiful!!! Thank you so very much. They made my day.


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