Frontline Report-92_ 09-22-21

Short Stack Statistics:

Clients Landed: 6
Offer Received: 1
Interviews Advanced: 10
1st Interviews: 23

The Hiring Line:

1. Paula Nordhoff comes out swinging with big news from her clients L., S., and M.
-L. recently moved his family back to Europe after 20 years. Paula is pleased to announce he has landed at a brewing company! The new title is Director of Operations. Reporting to the CEO, he was hired to run the retail business of the Brewery Restaurant, with a heavy focus on Marketing, Operations, Team Development and Business Growth. Cheers, L.!

-S. landed a Compliance Counsel position with a global automotive supplier. Base of $155K, full benefits, bonus, and retirement plan. She expects to start in October.

-M. has accepted the CFO position at a seafood wholesaler and is in the process of completing the pre-employment screenings! His start date is coming up soon. Paula tells us: “WONDERFUL CLIENT, VERY HAPPY WITH BARRETT! Industry is an area of expertise for M.”

2. Lori Chevalier has great news from client K, who finished the negotiations and has accepted an offer for the Director of Parcel Solutions position with a transportation company! Total comp with commission weighing in at over $200K! And: his new app goes live this week; K. is living the dream, thanks to Lori’s and Waffles Natusch’s efforts!

3. A. has succeeded with the guidance of coach Jayson Searle!: “Following our first meeting, I suggested the client should start to think about those who respect him and would be happy to act as references. A. started to reach out to former colleagues, and one of these, a Head of Pharmacy, was aware of a potential opportunity with his contact with an owner and vice-chairman of a medical group so he introduced him. A. then had two interviews in rapid succession with the stakeholders and they offered him the position on the spot, which he accepted, and he has already started!”

“This is an excellent opportunity for A., as it allows him to move back into the medical sector as his last role was more out of necessity than choice, following two rapid redundancies due to COVID-19. New Role – Group CEO. Package: Overall, it’s a 30% uplift, including benefit enhancements – family flights, School fees and such. Long term, he would like to move to Europe, so we are still very much on track and will continue to work through his program, but I thought I would share this example of just how fast social capital can work!” Indeed, Jayson, we concur!


Anne Lipsitz’s client R. is in offer negotiations with a law firm. This arrangement would be a contracted billable hours opportunity, home-based and flexible.

Interviews Advance

1. Isabelita Castilho presents news from her client C. “Here is an update on the opportunity [with the investment company]. I had a third interview last Friday late afternoon and they changed their mind in relation to the position. Instead of Senior Consultant, I’m being considered now for a Director position! I had a chat with the Headhunter this week and he wanted to liaise with HR to get me a job description before I get into the last round, which is already scheduled. I’m hoping to finally get an offer [soon]. Depending on how it develops, I’d like to schedule a session with you to walk through the offer. Fingers crossed! Thank You!” C.

2. Lori Chevalier shares updates from clients S., B., and H.:
-S. notes, “Got next round of interviews for [retail company] positions in field and corporate and also had recruiter reach out about Head of Stores opportunity for Club Champion, second interview virtually today. One of my colleagues at [the apparel company] recommended me to him, he reached out. Also have interview with [the training non-profit] Monday for VP of Ops. Start 1st round of interviews tonight virtually with [a discount retailer].” S. also has an interview for Director of Store Operations at a company specializing in Retail & Consumer Durables.
-B. is moving forward at a specialized scheduling software company! The projected position is COO, and he had interviews this week with the two founders. We’re in IT and Services.
-H. is interviewing with a Management Consulting company, quickly closing in on the Head of AI, Lori coaching on salary expectation questions, so an offer is in his future!

3. Barbara Limmer passes along a message from her client J., who is interviewing with an insurance company: “Today I spoke with [the] Chief Claims Officer [the company]– the discussion went well, and he was interested in my experiences and interests. We ended the call and he advised I would hear from some others, which I immediately did and have a Web call set up [with a variety of other executives from the company].”

4. Vivek Agarwal’s client V. interviewed this week for a Director, Enterprise Applications opportunity. This would be in the services to manage facilities sector.

5. One of Rebeca Gelencser’s European clients, A., is dancing the waltz with a food delivery company for the Managing Director slot, and we’re putting the offer in ¾ time!

6. Julie Mathern jumps in to update us on clients M. And N.:
-M. has been interviewing with a banking advocacy organization. The role is Deputy General Counsel. This is an industry advocacy/member association. She has had three rounds of interviews. Next week she is interviewing with the CEO (make or break interview). Previously walked through the compensation…needed to make sure it’s within M.’s range (they’re a nonprofit without much flexibility). Role checks several key “boxes” for M. – policy-oriented, regulatory, high-level work, education forum for members.
-N.enjoyed her conversations so far: she had a panel interview this week in North America for the Senior Project Manager role at a health company!

7. R. notified Waffles about her recent interviews: “Hi Waffles, I interviewed yesterday with the Hiring Senior Director at [the consulting company] and am lined up to continue our conversation today. 🙂 Then, she told me I would be moving on to do a 30 min facilitation on a topic of my choice. I really liked the hiring manager and we hit it off. She told me several times how much she likes me, and she loved my questions. Plus, two of my colleagues who worked with her put in good words for me. Keep your fingers crossed and thanks.” R.

8. Barbara’s client L. advances at the infrastructure company, interviewing directly for the Sales Director role with the Hiring Manager!


1. Waffles helped D. rework his LinkedIn profile. A few weeks later, D. was approached by a Talent Acquisition Specialist via LinkedIn about a CEO opportunity at a European biotech firm.

2. E. is keeping Julie and the Research Team busy with two interviews scheduled for this week:
– The financial institution has their company HQ in Europe, but E. would be heading up teams globally. He would assume the role of Managing Director in the Finance & Financial Services sector.
– The investment company has invited E. for an exploratory discussion today!

3. Dan Resendes’ client S. is staying active with making connections: “I want to let you know that I have set up calls for next week with three recruiters who responded to the emails that you sent. I will review the recruiter documents from you prior to the calls and then download with you after the calls. [A meeting is also set up] with a lawyer who has talked to me about taking over one of her client’s real estate businesses. If things progress there, I will probably need to talk to you about next steps with that.”
Dan replied: “Wooo Hoooo!! Excellent news. Your value proposition is outstanding, and you are amazing at execution!!!”

4. George Schultz’s client T. is interviewing at a payroll processing company for a Client Service Manager position.

5. Lori’s client C. is pursuing four opportunities:
– A role with a network services company
– A CIO role in Europe
– At a cybersecurity organization for the Vice President of IT
– For a water authority organization for a Director of IT position

6. Lori also had updates from clients A., H, and J:
-A. is working toward a role with an information technology and services company through a connection with the VP of BizOps/Strategy.
-H. applied for a job as a Senior Director with a medical group. Even though she had no connections in the organization, the recruiter contacted her already and she has an interview next week.
-J. has a meeting at a software client for a Senior Engagement Manager role. J. knows the Hiring Manager, applied for the position, and has been contacted by the Recruiter.

7. Anne shares about her client D.’s active week:
– CEO at a water solutions company
– International water company looking for a division leader
– Interviewed with the CEO at a heating solutions company

8. Anne also had news from S., C., and R.:
-A. interviewed at an insurance company for a VP Portfolio Strategy role. This team is responsible for making decisions on how to strategically allocate the nearly $80 billion balance sheet of the firm.
-C. is on an adventure with a startup company, interviewing for an Executive Product Manager role. The company is committed to helping the world achieve its decarbonization goals. Essential responsibilities will include: to identify, engage, and develop partnership strategies with the company’s customer base and adjacent industrial companies and OEMs for integrated decarbonization solutions.
-R. is in discussions with a storage systems company for the coveted CEO spot! This opportunity was earned through a recruiter, who found him via LI. It is for VC’s, he is meeting with them soon.

9. Vivek’s client G. had a phone screening at a virtual meeting company for an IT manager opening.

10. Paula’s client F. was at a utilities, energy, and extraction company, headquartered in the U.S. with global ops. The role is Director, Contracts.

11. Isabelita Castilho shared news from P. and I.
-P.: “A 3rd party rec has been courting me for a role at [a shipping company] to head up their data & Martech unit with the digital business. Am tweaking my resume and having a 3rd meeting with the recruiter [soon].”
-I. is in talks with an aerospace company located in Asia. Role is Regional Sales Director. He worked previously in the corporation and maintained a good reputation within the company. Now they are after him and wanted to discuss a new opportunity, he had the interview with the hiring manager/ direct supervisor. I. has doubts since the job is not yet to the level he wants (VP+) but it’s a company that offers fast growth opportunities. The position was discussed for [an initial location], then with the possibility to shift to [another location] in a better role after 6 months.


1. George Schulz shares his appreciation for Dan Resendes:
“Hi Dan, I just finished watching your 1 hour 10-minute video with my client K. for the offer negotiation you did with him on a SATURDAY while I was on vacation. I just want to say thank you so much for taking all that time out of your weekend to take care of him. [Hoping] to hear a successful conclusion to his numerous interviews with the medical non-profit for the position of Executive Director. I will of course keep you posted, but just wanted to thank you for the great care you showed. Many thanks again. George”

2. Christina Taylor received kudos from Lori Chevalier’s client C. on her research for his interview:
“Thanks a million for turning around the [IT service management] company information so promptly, I went through it last night and again at 6am EDT this morning before my interview, which went well. Again, thank you for your gathering this information, it was invaluable.”

3. Client B. shared appreciation for Lori:
“Thank you again for your tactical conversation with me yesterday. You took me where you were thinking was the right answer without actually giving me what you believed was the right answer. Wicked smart!”

4. R. reports: “Getting much more traction with this latest recruiter email, have 5/6 meetings setup this week. Thanks!”

5. M. shares with Paula, “I cannot adequately express my gratitude for all of your coaching, guidance, instruction, encouragement and support. All of it was so invaluable and I would not be here without it! Thanks, M.”

6. Ramsey Penegar presents news from the Writing Team: “This past week the team has completed 30 projects (83 projects in the last month) with a 100% on-time delivery record and continually improved quality in the writers’ drafts.”

– Jo Ann Moser did a fantastic job developing a resume for a client with a complex military background!
– Ralph Libshon did exceptional work on a project for a client with a really complex and atypical background. Regarding another client’s work Ramsey notes, “I really felt the summary was very strong and that you did an amazing job defining a complex work history and drawing out achievements versus job tasks.”
-Aerielle Ludwig produced a beautifully written and tailored cover letter! Awesome work! Ramsey points out, “You did a fantastic job with this resume – I loved the summary and how you were able to dig out questions to help the client identify outcomes/results in a career that isn’t focused on ‘just making $$.’”

Ramsey continues:
-Anicia Hogan completed a complex resume where the client had mostly academic background yet wants to pursue other roles outside this field. “Anicia is willing to step in to help solve problems and learn new skills every day!,” expressed Ramsey.
-Jack Harms created some very well thought out, compelling questions for an atypical client to help turn “tasks” into sound achievements. He’s good at analyzing the client’s background and finding how to align what the history is with the client’s current goals.
-Ramsey exclaims, “A big thank you to Jessica Brousseau, Christina, Joan, and the admin team for tackling a ton of new client formats as quickly and with precision quality. They keep things moving for all of us!”

7. Dan Resendes notes his appreciation to Marissa Lessman from the Writing Team: “Good job with these Career Docs! Your support is much appreciated.”

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