Frontline Report for the week of 09-15-21

The Hiring Line, Short Stack Statistics:

Clients landed: 6
Offers Received: 6
Interviews Advanced: 4
1st Interviews: 19

The Hiring Line:

1. Jerry Fronczak is delighted to announce that his client P. landed at a technology company as Director, External Communications. “Again, it’s been an absolute pleasure. I’ve pretty much landed exactly what I needed as discovered in the Clarity process. Absolutely brilliant! Going to be on the trading floor Monday morning to run all communications for our IPO! Best, P.”

2. Dan Resendes and Waffles Natusch hear from client S.: “The opportunity at [a gas company], I was able to negotiate the following, thanks to your excellent coaching:
-$200,000 base pay with two potential merit increases in one year
-10% Annual Bonus.
-Salary Review in 6 months and at the end of next year.
-10 days PTO for remainder of 2021 and 20 days PTO annually.
-Increase from $10K to $22.5K for relocation expenses.
-Education reimbursement.
-Phenomenal Benefits.
-Company funded HSA seed of 50%+
-80% of Medical Insurance paid by Company
-Company funded Short/Long Term Disability
-Company Funded Life Insurance: $20K Employee, Spouse $5K, and Child $2K
I think I will accept this offer, after consultation with my Wife of course…Best Regards, S.”

3. Barbara Limmer’s client Z. received the offer from a land-based completion company.
Barbara tells the story: “Initial contact came from 3rd party recruiter; he then talked with hiring manager, but then found out the new COO at the company is someone Z. used to work for. Z. initially wasn’t thrilled about talking with either the recruiter or hiring manager because he wanted to change industries, but I encouraged him to do so for social capital reasons. This offer was too good to pass up because in comp alone (not including benefits), it represents a 76% increase over what he made in his last role. This also allows him to go from a Manager level to a VP level, where he will get a great deal more exposure to C-level executives.”

4. George Schulz heard from his former client M. and current client D.:

-“Good afternoon, George, Hope all is well with you and that you have been enjoying your summer. I wanted to give you an update on what’s happening in my career. I recently started a new job, remotely, for a company out of [a network solutions provider]. My title is Senior Manager, Global Compensation. While it is not a Director title as I had been hoping for, I do like the global aspect of the job, and most importantly, that I can do it 100% remotely. I am glad that I went through the exercise with you to figure out what was the priority for me. [And while] I am still wrapping up some of my consulting gigs, I don’t want to abandon them because that might be something that will carry me into retirement. … Thank you for all your help and I hope to keep in touch. My best regards, M.”

-D. has been hired by an undisclosed company. D. will be managing a fixed income mutual fund. The company is undisclosed until the shareholders have been informed via an SEC passed prospectus; we’ll share the good news when it becomes public. D. and four other managers gave a presentation as a team to the directors of the MF company. It was all or nothing, as they approached the MF company as a team since several, including D., had worked successfully together in the past. He was very happy for the negotiation spreadsheet and coaching, and especially liked having his compensation from his former company side by side with the new offer. In addition to a generous salary, he will also have a guaranteed minimum bonus which he did not receive before.


1. Anne Lipsitz brings us the skinny on H.:

In regards to the motor company in Europe: “They have decided to hire me and I have received their salary proposal. I haven’t signed it yet.”

Related to the electrical company in Europe: “I visited them last week and had a good meeting with the CEO and his father (former CEO and majority shareholder), which resulted in a job offer (I’m waiting for the proposal mail). The job is regional sales manager, in combination with Business Unit Manager (with 10 reports). Working mostly from home office. The salary is 80 k€ base and a 10-15% bonus, company car and usual benefits.”

In the realm of the international imaging systems company: “I had, during the 2 last weeks, one Teams interview with their HR hiring person, and another Teams interview with the HR guy and the global sales manager (my potential boss), both of which went very well. I was able to demonstrate my fluency in English, French and Spanish. They seem to be willing to hire me immediately for a job of Scientific Regional Sales Manager.”

And a recent opportunity with a manufacturer for the energy sector: “The job is ‘Technical regional Sales Manager,’ and the job is based in one of their production units in [Europe] (with no requirement for me to be stationed there, I can work from home office).”

2. Lori Chevalier hopped on a quick zoom with Waffles to brainstorm the best strategy for K.’s offer negotiations for the Director position at a logistics service company. Negotiations continue as of this writing!

3.Paula Nordhoff’s client L. received the offer from a privately owned seafood company (strong experience). 1st CFO for the company. Start date is tentative at this time.

4.Jerry updates us on clients F. and S.:
-F. is moving forward at a technology company for a Remote General Manager role.

-S. told Jerry, “I just wanted to tell you that I got a call today from [labor market data company] owner. Looks like they are finalizing the details and I might get an offer as early as Thursday! The target start date is early October.”

5. Julie Mathern tells us that J. has the offer from [the global hiring company]!

Interviews Progress

1. Isabelita Castilho’s client A. tells her that she is progressing on two fronts: Data visualization company in the VP Sales, Information Technology & Services, and a global research and analytics firm: “My call with [the global research and analytics firm] went so well that they asked for a second call. Today was an opportunity to get to know each other and Thursday’s call will be about how I can add value and how I would service the region (where they have a limited presence). In order to prepare, I have a call scheduled with my former colleague who made the introduction.”

2. Q., Paula’s client, sent her this email:
“Hi Paula: I hope you are doing well! I just wanted to let you know I have a third interview with [a mechatronics company]. Head of HR in NA, the US GC (these are the people I interviewed with before) and the global GC. I am ready and excited! I will let you know how it goes.”

3.Lori keeps us in the look on clients H. and T.:

-H. met with a healthcare company for a Director role. She spoke with HR and identified another role that was more appropriate for her and had another interview at the healthcare company and is meeting with the Surgeon on staff for the Director of Cost Containment role! Woo hoo!

-T. shares, “Hi Lori, I had today my interview for CFO at [geographic information company]. It was the best interview ever! 🙂 The CEO was impressed by my preparation which I learned from you.”


1. Rebeca Gelencser shares an update from client V.:
“While busy with [the multinational conglomerate company] and [radar systems company], I now somehow finally have a call with the HR lead at [another corporation]. This was done purely with patiently nurturing him on LinkedIn!”

2. Lori checks in regarding interviews for several clients:
-H. at a car part business for Director.
-While L. is looking at a fashion design company for Director of Sales.
-S. at a software company for Director of Sales and at a public relations firm for a C Suite position.
-Also, N. is at a uniform rental company for a VP Supply Chain Strategy and PMO, they do workwear and textile services.
-Lastly, C. is at an audio-visual consulting firm for Senior Vice President of Informational Technology.

3. Paula updates interviews lined up for clients Y., E., and T.:
-First, Y. has an interview with a beauty company for Director, Digital Marketing. Y. also has several other advancing interviews for digital leadership roles for 5 companies. He expects 1-2 offers in the next week.
-Second, E. interviewed at an advertising agency for a Marketing role. E. has several interviews in play, both in geriatric social work and related jobs and, separately, marketing/admin roles. Go E.!
-Third, T. is being scheduled for face-to-face final interviews with a specialty chemical company. T.’s process has already included interviews and SIX grueling “fit” tests!

4. Equally important, Julie’s client K. is interviewing at a flow control company for Director or above.

5. In the same way, Anne’s clients are A. and P. are actively interviewing:
-A. is busy interviewing at a fund management company for Asset Manager.
-And P. shares a report of interviews at several companies: “Working another lead after first interview at [an instructional content platform], for a CSM role, which is what I really want. Based on my conversation with [a colleague], if you get a referral (with the magic link) you will get an interview.

I had an interview with [streamlined education solution company] for a CSM role and got a great reply from my thank you to the hiring manager.

I then had an interview with [education platform] for a job I knew I didn’t really want but went ahead with it to build some relationships. Interestingly, I had an in at [education platform] but when looking at the role in closer detail I decided not to use him. So I got that interview on my own.

About a week later I got a follow-up from HR thanking me for interviewing and reiterating for me to apply again when I found a role that was a better fit—that they enjoyed my Spark Hire and think I’m a great fit for the company.

I had a screening interview for [software company]. They are merging with [a company] which I’ve interviewed with in the past. I’m interviewing with the VP on Monday

And….I did a screening assessment with [software company] for a CSM role. I’ve not heard back whether I passed their test.

And finally…my connections have grown. I’m almost at 400! Go me!! Exciting times!!” -P.

6. Isabelita provides updates on clients V. and R.:
-V. interviewed at multinational professional services network for Senior Consultant role in the Finance & Financial Services sector.
-While R. had two interviews with a waste management company and an environmental management company.

7. Moreover, George’s client T. interviewed at a financial services company for a Retirement Plans Services Representative role in the Finance & Financial Services sector.

8. Waffles hears from client N.:
“Hi Waffles,
Through networking, I had a conversation with the head of HR at [a technology consulting agency]. She’s building out her team and is very interested in my background; essentially, I would shape the role with her. No rush on this one, but could you send me some intel on this company? I’m planning to reach back out to her in a couple of weeks. Thanks, N.”

N. is also interviewing with a global consulting firm for a Director, Talent Development Solutions job.


1. “Good evening Dan. I am grateful!!! At this point in my career, I would not have thought of writing that complete of an email response. It was perfect cause it set the expectation for follow up and staying in touch. I am attaching the reply. I value learning from you and your team. Many many thanks! L.”

2. “I know that you already know this, but I have to say that Ramsey is amazing! When reviewing our resumes for approval, she takes the time to write out specific bullet points to not only help her writers develop and grow, but also to help us Consultants learn and grow. Today she reviewed my client R.’s resume, and after thoroughly complimenting the writer Anicia Hogan, she went on to provide eight detailed bullet points describing what she changed and why. Further, she does this in such a way that it doesn’t come off as criticism, but with a warmth and caring so we all know this is part of her training process so that TBG will continue having a team of exceptional writers. Below are comments excerpted from Asana for your reference.

I just had to pass this along because, although I too knew this about Ramsey, I’m now actually getting to witness her expertise in action, beyond just by seeing the end product.
In gratitude,” Barbara

Ramsey: “Thank you Barbara for your kind remarks! I am taking Anicia under my wing to teach her “all I know” and make her one of the best resume writers! Anicia, you should know that Barbara and I have worked together for over 6 years in two different career services companies. All of us continue to grow and learn and improve ourselves daily – we must! Or we lose our edge. Thank you both!”

3. Resume Team Kudos & News from Ramsey: “This World-Class Resume Team delivered 60+ projects to the consultants in August!! Wooohooo! With a 100% on-time or before-schedule delivery and exceptional attention to quality, effective writing styles, and continually honing our writing skills to be better each day!”

4. From Dan Resendes:
“Considering the source material, this CV is a work of art!! The cover letter is excellent too. Outstanding job. It took Management only 5 minutes to review, make virtually only formatting modifications, a few tweaks here and there.
PS. Jerry and I will be most proud when we present B. his new resume draft one tomorrow. (client: B., consultant: Jerry)”

What Jack Harms had to say about this client’s project: “B. presented an interesting challenge.”

5. Ramsey shared a variety of appreciation notes for the resume writing team:
– Whew! This client has an extensive academia background! Nice work on a “tough” resume, Anicia Hogan (Client: G., Consultant: Ann Lipsitz)

– Ralph Libsohn, the cover letter was well done – I really like how you draw out the things the client has expertise in – sometimes that can be challenging! Phenomenal work! (Client: D., Consultant: Barbara Limmer)

-Great work on these Ralph, and thank you for expediting the docs for Julie! Excellent writing quality – as always!!! I love your succinct style of writing, which is definitely the appropriate method for resumes. (Client: A., Consultant: Julie Mathern)

– Aerielle Ludwig, overall a fantastically well-written and formatted document!!! Well done! (client: M., Consultant: Rebeca Gelencser_

– Anicia, truly one of the best cover letters!!! Well done! Minor edits to review, but overall very well written and compelling!!! YAY! WELL DONE! (client: U., Consultant: Lori)

– Marissa created a strong resume with poignant questions. She did a great job creating an effective, thoughtful cover letter! (client: J., Consultant: Jerry)

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