1. First, K., Mo’s client, landed at a provider that engages in the design and development of software solutions, and he has loaded the pickup truck to make the trek from Colorado to Florida for his new position as  Director of Operations. COVID note: now here is a fellow whose former industry was Aerospace and Defense – now, thanks to Mo’s skillful implementation of Career Change tactics, he pivoted nicely to Artificial Intelligence and Defense! Now, that’s how it’s done, great job, Mo!
  2. Next, G. landed –  the contract is signed. The role is Turnaround CEO for an emerging company, and Paula was there every step of the way. Another bull’s-eye, Paula!
  3. And then B. lands in a temporary position and will return to the fold in January.
  4. Finally, Dan’s client R. landed!


“Congratulations on the initial offer for the General Manager opportunity. It’s great to see the negotiations starting with you earning $245K versus the last job at $195K. That proves you did an excellent job at articulating your value proposition and making them feel comfortable with you being in charge. You have been a wonderful client and you have my respect for navigating the nuances of the job market, and COVID.”


“Bottom line, this opportunity checks every box from my ‘ideal’ opportunity list that I created at the start of the program. I am still pinching myself to make sure I am not dreaming!   

It has been a long road with some obviously unforeseeable challenges. Thank you for your guidance through this process, I really enjoyed and valued our conversations!”  


  1. Dan reports that E. has the specifics and numbers for the offer, they just haven’t actually sent her the doc.


  1. C. – 2nd interview today at a manufacturer of a global aircraft tracking system with the CEO. Paula did the interview prep, so he is fully ready for the challenge!
  2. Anne tells us Networking-Black-Belt M. is having quality activity working connections with follow-up on LinkedIn, finding internal influencers at the 2nd  and 3rd  degrees to have conversations with and position his value; he’s asking how he might be able to help them. This activity was planted a few months ago and started to take root this week. Message: keep your foot on the gas! Thanks, Anne! He has calls scheduled with the:
    1. CMO at a nonprofit partnership program
    2. Director of Corporate Partnerships at a professional American football team
    3. Product Marketing at a large online retailer
    4. Director of a consulting firm
    5. President of a loyalty and promotion platform
    6. Principal of a customer loyalty programs provider (worked together on projects when he was with an agency)
    7. Business Development Manager at a water supplier (former colleague)


3. L. reached out with news:

“Hi Paula,

I hope you had a nice holiday weekend and was able to get a little downtime. A company founder/recruiter that I spoke to last month passed the attached job opportunity on to me. In her words, she thinks this would be a ‘perfect role’ for me. She and her cofounder both know the CEO and she’s happy to pass on my resume. The company is a nonprofit tech startup incubator – growing to be one of the world’s best business incubators.

You’ll note that they did not write the typical job description. They wrote it from the point of view of what this person has accomplished in 12 months in the format of a performance review.

I’m going to give it a shot as I do believe I have what they are looking for. Attached find my cover letter and resume. Following their lead, I wrote a different cover letter: in the format of their interview debrief of me. Can you provide some suggestions for both the cover letter and resume based on the job description? If you could also let me know when you think you might have it back to me.


All in a day’s work for Paula!


  1. From George, reporting in from the Virtual Road: V. got a call from an American multinational financial services corporation regarding a job posting to which V. had applied and had an interview with him the next day, Aug. 28.  Still awaiting next steps.
  2. From Jerry:

“Hi Waffles,

Late breaking news I just received from A.: He has an upcoming interview with [a state run promotion, research and education program]. He’s waiting for them to send him the dates they’re available.



  1. Paula: C. had an interview yesterday with a manufacturer of a global aircraft tracking system for a Principle Engineer Job. HR screening.
  2. J. to Julie:

“I have an interview set up this Friday. They just booked this today. [The American clinical research company] was a surprise. They called me yesterday to set up a time for an HR screening. I did that today. The HR guy thinks I’m a great fit for the role. He is getting some times to try to book an interview with the hiring manager next week!”

  1. This one from Anne: J. has an interview with a global consulting firm for a Financial Regulations Risk Investigator.


6. Anne’s client M. had an interview for General Counsel with a multi-level marketing company today:

“Had a great conversation based on my resume getting to them from my contact (internal advocate friend). It was the initial review, but I think it went well and I noticed a review of my profile by some of the key people at [the multi-level marketing company] so we will see. I’ll keep you posted.” 

  1. E. interviewed with the Partners at a construction firm for a Construction Manager opportunity yesterday. And how did he get to the interview? By using the UNP: 1 and reaching out to one of the Partners, with whom he had done some work together in the past – the job is not posted. Thanks Paula, for getting your client on the right track!
  2. Paula’s client J. was found by a Financial Services practice on LinkedIn. It seems our strategy is paying off!

Begin forwarded message:

Subject: Connecting


I hope all is well. I am reaching out to you as I head our [Financial Services practice]. I would enjoy finding a few minutes on your upcoming calendar to share several opportunities that I am working on. Please let me know if you might have time in your upcoming schedule and I will send a calendar invite. I look forward to it. Wishing you a wonderful upcoming holiday weekend.



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