Frontline Report for the week of 09-08-21

The Hiring Line:

1. The Barrett Group- Europe team has great news to share: Jayson Searles’ client A. has accepted the offer with the IT company, and it’s a big deal, in the press! Jayson shares his thoughts: “He was extremely skeptical at first about social capital, but after a few nudges he started to get traction, and the rest is history. He also took the time to reach out and thank Christina Taylor for her excellent research on the company which I would like to echo!” A.’s offer was three months after his orientation, right on Barrett schedule! Final base salary is weighing in at €480k! 

Here’s what the CEO at his new employer had to say in the news release announcing A.’s hiring: “I am very happy to get A. on the management team. With his broad international industry experience and strong leadership skills he will be key to, together with the team, continuing to build on our strong position within large corporations and the public sector [in our region]. He will also play an important role in the continued development of [our] European position.”

2. Jerry Fronczak reports what’s happening in his court: 

– E. has received an offer from a construction equipment company as the Regional Vice President. The base will be $250K with a guaranteed bonus of $100K! “They happen to be headquartered in my area, so we’ve already made plans to get a round of golf in when he’s in town.”

-D. has accepted a position as Director of Campus Operations at a university. It’s a wonderful position and very close to his home (2.4 miles!), which will allow for better work/life balance. He begins next week. 

3. Anne Lipsitz brightened our day with this unexpected nugget:
“B. had accepted the offer at a national corporation, signed the contract, and was due to start this month at $200k, 40% bonus and moving package as VP Supply Chain. She had been working as a consultant for the past three months at a beverage company. She told them she would end the consultancy, as she had accepted a new role. Three days of roller coaster rides at breakneck speed, she received a full-time offer at $250K, 40% bonus, scaled 3-year equity up to $400k on the current startup and a 5-year scaled equity on the new com launching next year, with opportunity to be COO in two years.”

4. Our long-time friend C., currently in the care of none other than our esteemed Chief Consulting Officer Dan Resendes, has turned down one of his two birds in the hand and accepted the other! By listening to Dan’s encouraging words, he worked his human capital to the fullest, got recommended for the position, then followed Dan’s guidance to ace the interview. He is now a Director of Hospitality and Culture in the Travel, Hospitality & Leisure sector, which is finally showing signs of life. When we first met C., he had just finished a stint as Operations Director of the only airport in his country.

5. Lori Chevalier steps in to share news about her clients M. and G.:
-M. is now the new Chief Marketing and Innovation Officer at a household goods company! His orientation was this spring. He has moved from Management Consulting into the Retail & Consumer Durables sector and will be working in Europe. Final negotiated offer was $180,250 + $15,000 sign-on bonus! 

-G. completed the Clarity program and promptly landed at a financial services company in the role of Global Talent Acquisition Partner. This is a remote position that pays $175K.

6. T. had an exciting update for his consultant Isabelita Castilho. “Hi Isabelita, well everything is arranged for with [the IT company] contract-wise and I will start [next week]!” The package includes a base of €125K and bonus of 40%.


1. Barrett Group Consultants Dan Resendes and George Schulz, worked together to help client K. iron out the details on the final deal on the Executive Director position at a medical non-profit organization. This one should close tomorrow!

2. J. is working towards an offer with a startup company. She would be taking over the running of the company and the daily operations from the founder and current CEO. It is understood by both parties that it is to be considered a 3-month trial, at which point the terms will be reviewed and possibly renegotiated.

3. Lori reports that R. got the offer (just now!) from a transportation company. 

Interviews Advance

1. Anne is excited to report on her client L.: “L. is continuing with 3 solid company interviews:

-2nd round with a software company as Director of Communications, 2 interviews today with EVP and VP
-Also 2nd round at a global merchandising company for Global Communications in Finance, this is after getting a rejection for another internal role! They had her resume and reached out internally, testament to getting infiltrated within the organization.
-And another 4th round at a public relations firm for VP Public Affairs, interviewing with GM and EVP. She’s amazing!”

2. Anne also has news on N. and M.
-First, N. is moving forward to interview with executives for CFO at a food company and has a 2nd round of interviews for CFO at a professional services firm.
-Second, M. is moving forward to leadership principles with a 5-hour interview at a global merchandising company!

3. Dan’s client P. reports in on his latest interview at an electric vehicle company:

“Dan, I can say that this was an exciting and stimulating conversation and thus far the most enjoyable interview conversation I ever had. It took me some time to process the conversation afterwards. The CEO is a smart guy, and I am happy that I have been able to meet him. We talked for almost 1.5 hours. At the end he gave me positive feedback, stating that he feels I am being the right guy.”

4. Isabelita Castilho’s client A. is progressing on the equipment provider opportunity in Europe. He has already had two interviews conducted over zoom call with the HR team and the hiring manager in two different countries. He now has an invite for a face-to-face interview!

5. Julie Mathern shares about J. who is interviewing at a human resources company, where she’s in further rounds for a remote Director position. Julie was helping her with a presentation as part of the process in this Human Resources gig. 

6. Paula Nordhoff’s client B. did some reading and creative thinking over the weekend and sent the innovative foods company some ideas related to their business. Following up on that email, they have moved him into conversations with their Head of Investments and HR folks.

7. Lori brings news on clients Z. and S. 
-Z. has a fifth interview with a consulting services firm – 1 Partner and 2 Senior Managers for Management Consulting.
-And S. is advancing in the interview progress with a business and technology consulting firm and has the following interviews this week: “I have 3 interviews all at [the business and technology consulting firm] scheduled this week.” Yay S.! 

8. C., Waffles Natusch’s client, is progressing to the face-to-face stage at a data company!

9. Jerry tells us that K. has a 2nd interview with an advertising software company on Thursday for a VP position.


1. Jerry continues with news about N. and G.
-N. had a 1st round interview for a VP level IT position with a beverage company.  2nd round to be scheduled with their CIO. 
-Meanwhile, G. has an interview for the Client Consultant/Producer role with an insurance company to run a specific region. One of G.’s campaign goals is to relocate to where he is from.

2. H., Barbara Limmer’s client, is interviewing for Head of Digital Studio at an apparel manufacturing company. 

3. Lori Chevalier keeps us in the loop on two opportunities for M.
-VP, Supply Chain & Operations for a food and beverage company. “After already talking to the COO, I’m now in the final phase of the process. Next week I’ve already scheduled 5 interviews with the CFO, CIO and others. So far it looks good.” 
-VP, Supply Chain for a wine company. “I’m the perfect match for the job, same industry and ideally, they’re looking for someone from [my company]. It’s local and potentially it would be my number 1 choice. Next week I have an interview with the COO. Things are starting to move.”

-Lori’s reply: “I love your profile – it depicts your expertise and your high-level executables, shows integrity, and your results! Love it!! 🙂 Excellent advancement in your opportunities – wonderful to hear your updates!! Best on your upcoming interviews – please keep us posted! We are here to assist with offers and negotiations!!”

4. Lori also has updates from E. and R. 
-E. is interviewing at a health services company. The primary industry of the organization is: Hospitals, Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals.
-While R. has a position with a hospital for a remote position as the Director of Talent Management.

5. Isabelita shares news from P.  and D.
-P. is interviewing at a multinational corporation for a Regional Sales Manager role.
-And here’s what D. had to share with Isabelita: “Hi Isabelita, I have been contacted by a headhunter for a role of Global General Counsel at a waste management company. I spoke with the executive search company so far; HR has asked them for my salary expectations which I have provided tonight. I will have a follow-up these days. I wanted to keep you informed. Regards, D.”

6. Rebeca Gelencser’s clients M. and J. have interviews coming up.
-M. is interviewing at a radar company for a CCO role.
-While J. is in discussions with our friends at a global network for an architect role. 

7. George’s client N. interviewed at a biotechnology company for a VP, Communications & Public Relations opportunity. 

8. A. took Waffles’ advice and connected with a well-positioned recruiter who specializes in Family Office placement and it worked! His Assistant is arranging a FaceTime meeting this week!

9. Julie Mathern’s client O. is interviewing at a banking company for a Structured Lending role in the Financial Services industry.

10. K. is working with the N Team (Nordhoff/Natusch) and was contacted by a recruiter and interviewed for a Finance Director role at a digital company in the area where he needs to stay. 


1. “Hi Lori, thanks for checking in. I signed the offer yesterday after informing my current employer. They were a bit shocked but understand that I’m taking this opportunity. So I will join [the manufacturing company] later this year. Very happy with it! Thanks a lot for all your support! Best regards” -M.

2. “Isabelita is a powerhouse career advisor. She is sharp, knowledgeable, resourceful, and experienced in offering solutions and an effective action plan that yields results. Her expertise in using tools like LinkedIn and other online portals as well as navigating challenging situations like networking and negotiations was instrumental in helping me ascertain the role I wanted. Hence, shooting to work with her was the best decision I have career-wise. Lastly, I just wanted to say that I am indebted to her for all of her invaluable instruction and guidance, which inspired me to write a book! Fingers crossed!” -R. 

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