1. To begin, J. landed a consultant role with a health and wellness company and acting as Chief Administrative Officer/COO. They are a small company going global and they need work mapping out processing for talent development, recruitment, and hiring. Anne was pleased to see all the hard work paying off!
  2. And then, George tagged in with the latest: B. landed a position as VP Marketing at a chain of salons last week.  Dan pitched in to help and we are all glad to hear the news!
  3. Also, Paula just received news, after having the interview coaching session with Dan earlier this week: S. landed the role of Administrator with the local chapter of a large non-profit organization in the South! He landed in less than 90 days, just for Barrett records. Yay, S.!
  4. Next, R. in the Midwest tells Waffles the latest:

“I have taken a position as Chief Technical Officer (CTO) with a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) that specializes in advanced professional services to help the Department of Defense (DoD) and other government agencies solve complex security problems. I am tasked with establishing a new division in the area of Emerging Technologies!”


  1. Paula’s been waiting for this one: C. is in negotiations with a large online retailer for his Area Manager position! Best of luck with this one, Paula!


  1. First, Paula is encouraged: K. has moved to the second round of interviews at a national trucking company!
  2. Second, Paula (again) was delighted to hear that S. (Paula’s European-based client) has progressed to the next two rounds of interviews with the manufacturer and distributors of confectionery!
  3. Third, Lori says “Yay!” G. interviewed late last month for an Account Manager role with a public relations consulting company. He is making a presentation to the interview team tomorrow, consisting of two marketing managers for a 2nd interview. 🙂
  4. Fourth, Jerry’s client N. received this email from a large online retailer:

“Congratulations! The team enjoyed speaking with you and would like to invite you to final round interviews.”

  1. Fifth, R. has followed Waffles’ advice on how to engender active interest with the major recruiting firms: one of them is presenting him to both an IT services and solutions company and a provider of digital platforms and enterprise software, and next week another one will be prepping him for two of their major public corporate clients.


  1. To begin, Paula’s client E. is meeting his future coworkers at a nonprofit organization in the Southwest, where he hopes to assume the role of Project Manager.
  2. Next, Lori’s client K. has an interview on Wednesday for a Sr. Strategic Program Manager at a cloud computing services provider.  🙂
  3. And, Anne’s client J. has an interview for VP of Sales this week.
  4. Then, Z. executed Julie’s phone follow-up coaching flawlessly, resulting in a first interview with an environmental services company! Excellent coaching, Julie!
5. Also, Vivek’s client M. has had his 1st interview with an IT networking company for Director of Training and Documentation. He is going for the next round this week. In addition, M. has the following interviews lined up for this week:
    1. A provider of on-demand training (start-up) for a VP Strategy role.
    2. A payments technology company – Sr. Director role hiring in October (he’s in the final three)
    3. The provider of an automotive research and shopping website – Sr. Director Learning Development & Employee Experience first interview
    4. A producer of software for searching, monitoring, and analyzing machine-generated big data – Sr. Director Education Ops – first interview
    5. An enterprise software provider – Training Director- first interview


6. Also, brand new client S. was contacted by a recruiter at an American bank holding company, who found him on LinkedIn. S. was just assigned to Vivek, who is assisting with his daughter’s wedding (congratulations, Vivek!) so Dan asked Waffles to again work with S. during his transition.

  1. First, Anne’s client M. has an interview for Marketing Director with a community outreach initiative. They are looking to expand their reach and be a resource of comfort.
  2. Second, More from Anne: A. has an interview for the role Marketing & Sales Manager at a large tobacco company on Monday.
  3. Third, Lori’s client A. had two interviews while traveling to the West Coast (where she would like to relocate!): 1) She met with a VP for a Senior Executive position. 2) She met with the CEO of a marine support services provider for a Director Position.

“A. launched discussions due to executing her Barrett training on networking skills! A. has the capacity and ability to step into both roles that are uniquely created for her based on her strong engineering, underwater technological and scientific background. 

I’m meeting with her next week to follow-up! 🙂

– Lori”

  1. Also Greg has news from the front: R. has an interview tomorrow with the HR person at a private equity company who is looking for a CEO to replace their current CEO to run two separate organizations in the Northwest. The two organizations have a few locations and 25 employees; the private equity company wants rocket ship type growth in the next five years. Greg says R.’s the guy for the job!
  2. Then, Dan’s client E. (TBG-Europe) has four interviews in one week, as Europe continues to emerge from the slump!
  3. And, H. had an interview with an online payroll and HR solutions provider for HR Generalist. Anne:

“We found this opportunity through utilizing his alum via LinkedIn!”

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