Frontline Report for the week of 09-01-21

The Hiring Line:

1. Julie Mathern was excited to hear S.’s news: written offer in hand! She pulled in Waffles Pi Natusch, our Client Concierge, for one of our C-Suite Premier client’s offer negotiation with his partners’ startup. Total earned comp exceeding $500K. The business plan is centered around reinventing medical services, but the exciting part is in the equity piece and the exit payout, which is, as in any startup, anybody’s guess. All this happened through S. taking Julie’s advice about his social capital. Congratulations, Julie, great client with a great result!

2. Isabelita Castilho updates us on clients R., T., and K.:

-R. accepted the offer from an airline company, which was developed through an active UNP1 activity that R. followed: one of his social capitals sent him a job post advertisement, knowing already what R. was after. It ran fluid as water. From Isabelita: “He’s relocating- initial contract of 2 years. R. was very diligent in the campaign and a pleasure to coach. Wife and child stay in current home for 6 months until he can feel it’s safe to relocate family with such a different country scenario.” The Role is General Manager and he changed industries from Financial Services to Aerospace. Total comp in the $400K USD range.

-T., Ph.D., MBA has made the jump to an information technology company and begins his role as Global Account Director! He’s working three assigned global accounts, accountable for developing relationships, senior executive engagement, margins, and “share-of-wallet”. Way to go, T.!

-K. shared this email from a hiring manager:

“We are pleased to inform you that you have been selected to join us for the position of Director of Marketing & Engagement for [nature conservation non-profit].” K. said, “I just signed the offer, like, literally. I had a long discussion with the Operations Director earlier today and she mentioned that they were limited in what they were able to do for the role especially as a [non-profit] and due to restrictions arising from COVID-19. But they did bump up the offer from, $9,529 per month to $10,754 per month, which is at least something. So with this, I have accepted the offer so that I can start being active and get back into the workforce. Then, later I can leverage myself and my achievements while working, either through this entity or any other organization, as opportunities arise and present themselves.” (See more in the “Appreciation” section.)

3. Barbara Limmer has an update on her client, Z.

-Z. received (and accepted!) his offer from a land completion company. Barbara tells us, “Initial contact came from 3rd party recruiter; he then talked with hiring manager, but then found out the new COO at the company is someone Z. used to work for. Z. initially wasn’t thrilled about talking with either the recruiter or hiring manager because he wanted to change industries, but I encouraged him to do so for social capital reasons. This offer is too good to pass up because in comp alone (not including benefits and possible other negotiation points including our EDP program), it represents a 76% increase over what he made in his last role. This also allows him to move from a manager level to a VP level, where he will get a great deal more exposure to C-level executives.”

4. Anne Lipsitz’s client N. received his offer from a private equity firm to be their Executive in Residence, assisting with market insight and direction on filtration companies to purchase. The plan is, as the companies are acquired, he will become CEO for the right opportunity. Waffles stepped in to go through the offer letter, finding interesting aspects about increased equity options.


1. Dan Resendes shares offers that clients L. and M. received:

-L. will be relocating. The Client Concierge pulled in Dan, Chief Consulting Officer, for the negotiations so this report could be assembled. Thanks, Dan! L. is excited about the specific roles, responsibilities, and challenges of the Executive Director position and working with the salt formation company team. L. called out Dan by name because of his excellent suggestions in the past.

-Dan said to M., “Gratz on the foodservice company opportunity. Love the entry via referrals. Congratulations on the verbal offer. Yippee! Congratulations on the offer and advancing the offer up five grand. Nice work.”

2. Lori Chevalier’s client, V., received his offer from the manufacturing company. Lori said, “Offer has not yet been accepted. Still negotiating offer details. I will update the system once negotiated and signed.”

Interviews Advance

1. M. had done a 3-month plan for the team she would be leading as Principal Learning & Development Consultant at a knowledge management company and needed review and editing, along with a mock interview. She also has two other potential opportunities in active play.

2. Anne Lipsitz had news to share on B., I., A., C., and R.:

-“B. is moving forward to interview with the CEO for a tool company’s CFO role, fingers crossed. He has also advanced with a storage locker company, to meet with partners next week.”

-I. is advancing with e-commerce company to Principal Program Manager: She is completing the leadership principles’ 14-page assessment and hoping to get in at a Level 7. She was recommended by her friend.

-A. is advancing with an engineering services company, CFO. Update on engineering services company competing with one other candidate: the other candidate has also international experience but is more junior. In the interview, the VP HR has mentioned they wanted to upgrade the profile to a more senior profile considering the expansion they expect in the region.

-C. tells Anne, “I have been contacting many recruiters and it’s been fruitful. Someone at [a management consulting company] has gotten me a second interview with an insurance company for a marketing director position. It’s remote. I’m continuing to utilize LinkedIn, and have been contacting people off of my list. Thanks, Anne!”

-R. is interviewing for Associate General Counsel at an eye surgery company.

3. Barbara stops by with the news: Z. has another interview! The company is a project and program management agency and it’s an operations opportunity.

4. Team Paula Nordhoff/Natusch share from client T.: “Thank you for your input. I countered on the salary for the short-term role with [a law firm], and I am going through further rounds of interviews this week. I agree with your observations and will go with the opportunity if it leads to an offer (and if I have not accepted another offer for a permanent or longer-term role). Also, I am interviewing with [a financial technology company] and [a bank], and for a GC role with a financial services company.”

5. Lori has two clients in advanced interview stages:

-“Y. is advancing in the interview process with a national company – he is meeting this week with the President of the company for interview #3! This is for the Director of Contact Center position.” Knock it out of the park, Y.!

-D. had an interview at a multinational professional services network for a Behavior Analytics role with HR. She had a friend that had referred her to a position a few weeks ago. She applied online, and they emailed her the next day! She’s already been scheduled for a panel interview! Woo hoo!

AND, C who is also advancing with a market research company. C. met with the President and said, “Conversation with [the market research company] went well! He told me that I have been a topic of conversation there, and they want to be able to find the right fit for me. He’s going to have me speak with a couple of members on his team next. He thinks he could have some openings that I’d be well suited for.”


1. Dan’s client B. has landed an interview for a remote Director of Sales position at an American fashion company.

2. Vivek Agarwal’s client R. scored an interview at an insurance company for a Director of IT opportunity! Already progressing to the next level. Nice one, Vivek!

3. Julie’s clients A. and P. relay their interview progress:

-A. continues progress towards the CFO spot at a logistics company- “Hi, Julie, a quick update. When we first started, I mentioned I had participated in some interviews for a CFO role at [logistics company]. It was late in the process and the position had already been filled. As it turns out the CFO they hired did not cut it, and the CEO, whom I met, asked the search firm to contact me again. A call is being setup with the CEO next week to discuss the opportunity again. We already met in person and I guess he liked me!”

-P. tells Julie, “Today I had a call from someone in my SC. A friend of her husband is the head of [an international merger company] and he is changing jobs. He asked her if she knew anybody with the right skills to replace him. She thought about me and asked me to send her a resume to make an intro.”

(8/12) “Yesterday I had an interview for [the international merger company] position. I think it went well. I discussed with the current Head of M&A who told me my profile matches well and he will have me speak with other people in the company. He asked me to send him my resume again and told me that he will respond to my email giving instructions for the next steps.”

(8/30) “Today I had my last interview with [the international merger company], which I think went well. Now I just have to take my test. Tomorrow morning the HR lady will call me to discuss the comp package. If the test goes well, they should send me an offer!”

4. E., Paula’s brand-new client, has four opportunities that are in 1st or 2nd stage interviews. She and Paula did some interview prep and we pulled research. E. is a highly qualified geriatric social worker. Interested organizations include a social services organization and a cultural center!

5. Isabelita’s very active client O. is now interviewing with a conversational commerce company for the VP of Sales spot! They are active in the Information Technology & Services space.

6. Lori’s overactive client W. is an interviewing machine! W. is advancing with a cell phone store. He is already scheduled for interview #2 for next week. He also has another interview on the calendar with an apartment building for a Regional Vice President position. W. has had additional interviews at home stores for Vice President and at variety store company for multiple Vice President roles.


1. “Hi Joe Martinez, Thanks so much for all of your work this week to get our updated program template and new automation processes in place! I’m very excited that we can go live today during our training meeting!!! Much appreciated!!” -Julie Mathern

2. “FANTASTIC Isabelita. Very helpful indeed. I will do additional research and share back with you as relevant.” This is appreciation for Christina Taylor’s tireless work in our Research Department!

3. R. says “I start tomorrow! So, wish me luck on my first day after a long hiatus away from ‘work life,’ which I sincerely need and miss so much. And finally, I want to extend my sincerest thanks to you, Isabelita, and to Anne for all of the valuable guidance, advice and coaching. You both, and the TBG program, was very beneficial in helping to navigate today’s challenging world of job hunting & recruitment. Kind Regards, R.”

Isabelita responded, “Hey R., Goosebumps here all over!!”

“You got it and you deserved it!” – Anne says to R.

4. Ramsey Penegar: “Staff, Please help me celebrate the 15th anniversary between Ralph J. Libsohn and The Barrett Group!!! Ralph brings a wealth of experience, talent, and skill in resume writing and legal consulting (as a former attorney) and more. He’s a really great guy and a true asset to the resume writing team and TBG!! Congratulations, Ralph on this remarkable milestone with TBG! Here’s to the next 15 years!” 

Ralph Libsohn – to Ramsey, Staff: “Thank you all and thank you TBG and especially Waffles for helping me so much since I was just another client 23 years ago. 

‘Here’s to the next 15 years!’ I would be 88 in fifteen years. My, my, y’all really are optimists.”

5. Ramsey announces: “All the active members of the writing team are trained to take on the Additional 4 Career Docs, with Anicia Hogan being the very first to complete one of these new tasks! I’m impressed to say that the competition within the team is fierce! Not one overdue project or any delays in draft delivery the entire month of August! Wooohooo!”


Our clients are making big career moves. And The Barrett Group is glad to be a part of their journey.

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