Frontline Report-139_BUILDING- 09-07-22

The Hiring Line Stats:

Offers Accepted: 8
Interviews Advanced: 5
1st Interviews: 12
1st Interviews with Recruiters: 2

Offers Accepted:

1. Rob Wicker’s client S. has landed at a manufacturing company. He will assume the role of Operations Manager. This was through a job posting, and S. is reportedly very happy with the job and the package, which ended up being $110K + $5K sign on bonus.

2. Ramesh Shivakumaran had four clients accept offers this week: J., M., C., and H.:
-First, J. at a health and security services firm for the Project Director position. He was swiftly placed in front of the hiring manager and was made an offer which he could not refuse. He is happy with the offer and his minimum expectation was USD $250K per annum. J. still wants to continue with the rest of TBG program in Phase 1 and beyond, as per his contract, so that he can continue to learn and explore any other interesting opportunities.

-Second, M. at a multinational company backed by a private equity firm with the new title of CEO. Comp of US $300K Per annum.

-Third, C. at a national bank with a promotion. C. was successful in getting an excellent review and has been promoted to C level role with an upgrade to his employment grade and increased compensation package. He wishes to continue with rest of the TBG program to leverage his recent internal success, so that he can benefit from the valuable resources and tools provided by TBG for landing his desired role.
-Fourth, H. at an advertising and marketing firm as Head of Strategy. Ramesh reported: “H. used her learnings and resources from TBG to nurture her social capital, improve networking and adapt communication skills to enable engagement with stakeholders by demonstrating her value proposition and vision for long term goals.”

3. Anne Lipsitz’s client D. has landed the Senior Director Product Research job at a multinational conglomerate company.

This is what she shared with Anne: “I accepted the verbal offer yesterday. I haven’t seen it in writing yet…that should happen in the next day or two. They offered $240K (up $10K from our initial discussion), with a $35K signing bonus. I’ll need to start by Sept 26th in order to receive a pro-rated bonus the following year.” This opportunity was courtesy of an executive recruiter.

4. Isabelita Castilho’s client A. accepted an offer from a gold production, exploration, and development company as a manager. He can work remotely from home [country] and visit each factory for 10 days every 6 weeks. Meanwhile, A. is proceeding with the consulting assignment in parallel (non-compete is not applicable) and will get paid 2.5x his previous full-time salary.

5. George Schulz’s client U. landed at a utilities company as Economic Development Lead Consultant. She has moved from the Restaurants, Food & Beverage industry to the Utilities, Energy, and Extraction sector. The initial offer of $125,000 saw ink at the $132,000.

Interviews Advanced:

1. Barbara Limmer had three clients advance in interviews this week: R., F., and W.:
-R. at an analytics company for VP of Space Weather from a job posting. Hiring manager called her directly after she applied. This is for the second interview.
-F. at a steel erector company for CFO from UNP1-Social Capital.
-W. a publishing company for CMO.

2. Paula Nordhoff had two clients advance this week: E. and O.:
-E. at a travel company for Strategic Initiatives Director or Leader from a job posting.
-O., with the help of Waffles Natusch, at a telecommunications provider for Head of Government Affairs/General Counsel from a job posting. Interview was with the CEO. Next step will be to meet with the Board Chair.


1. Lori Chevalier had four clients receive interviews this week: I., N., P., and Q.:
-First, I. received interviews at two companies. After 2 interviews with recruiters, I. is moving on to meet with the CEO for a Marketing Director role. The second interview is also for a Marketing Director at a manufacturing company.
-Second, N. at a non-profit organization for CDO Role from a job posting. He was pre-screened through a recruiter.
-Third, P. at a financial services company for Vice President.
-Fourth, Q. at a governmental organization for CDO.

2. Anne Lipsitz’s client T. interviewed at an education journalism initiative for Sales Development from UNP1-Social Capital. T. reports: “It’s a new role with the company as they grow. Salary/bonus around the $100,000 mark with a base pay around 70/75K.”

3. Barbara Limmer had three clients receive interviews this week: B., K., and V.:
-First, B. at a software company from UNP1-Social Capital.
-Second, K. received interviews from two companies: The first is a restaurant chain as Director of Finance. K notes “This would be a great position. $115MM company planning to grow 20% per year. I would be supporting the VP of Finance with all the data functions etc. It would be a great fit, paying about the same as [my previous] position but doing something I would be excited to do.” The second interview is a real estate development corporation for CFO. K. met with the COO.
-Third, V. at a health center for Manager of Decision Support from a third-party recruiter. Interview is with VP of Finance.

4. Julie Mathern’s client G. interviewed at a multinational conglomerate company for VP of Process and Technology from a job posting.

Interviews with Recruiters:

1. Julie Mathern’s client Z. interviewed at an electronics manufacturing services company for VP & GM of Fabrication Business.

2. Joan Sebring’s client Y. interviewed at a software company for Director of Software Engineering. This came from a third-party recruiter.


1. Lori Chevalier received a message from client L.: “Glad you’re my Career Coach!”

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