1. First, George is pleased to announce that his client B. has accepted the offer for Area Sales Manager, Mid-Atlantic. This is for a platform that provides digital solutions to help dealers sell more cars!
  2. Then Greg shared:

“[The provider of a platform for CRISPR applications] has extended an offer to K. The position is for Director of Quality. She has the verbal. Written coming later today. Monday her and I go through negotiation to boost the offer. She is excited. This opportunity came the old fashioned way: She sent them a resume, LOL! There were 70 other candidates that she beat out.”


  1. Paula tells us that C. hopes to have an offer from a large online retailer for Area Manager by the end of the week. She is meeting with him today. He started interviewing in June and they put the position on hold – told him they would get back to him in August, and they did.


  1. First one from Anne: D. is now a permanent employee and CRO at a software asset management firm after eight weeks, proved himself and the contract role was extended into a permanent offer.
  2. Second one from Anne: J. used our advice and, after a system generated thanks but no thanks via ATS for a staffing organization, she reached out to a 1st degree connection, who happened to also be the hiring manager, using the “take the high road” language content and got herself back into the interview pool–nice!
  3. Third one from Anne: J. is interviewing with a digital marketing e-commerce company
  4. And T., Lori’s client, had a 2nd interview with an American electric vehicle and clean energy company for a Regional Vice President position.


5. Next, M. has yet another interview at a supplier of manufacturing technology and services on Tuesday.  This time it is on the East Coast with the President of the paper processing solutions division. This is the fellow they want him to partner with that could potentially see this move as a threat. It should be an interesting meeting. Waffles reminds us that this unpublished opportunity happened as M. took his advice to turn down the President offer at a smaller company, whose CEO then introduced him to the Owner/CEO of this major conglomerate, Barrett at its best!

6. Also, N., Waffle’s TBG-E client, received an automated rejection notice from a Dutch zombie robot.

“Thanks to your input last week, I sent the mail to the CFO of the company. Their Exec Recruitment Business Partner reached out to me today, and I have a call with him September 2nd!”

👍Waffles was not surprised!

  1. Then, S., Paula’s European-based client, is busy interviewing with three companies at once for major media roles, including a pharmaceutical and life sciences company and a manufacturer and distributors of confectionery. Paula will help him decide which one wins the S. prize!
  2. And, Paula reports TBG-E client J.’s 2nd interview with a multinational brewing company in the UK, Paula’s strategy is working!


9. Then, Julie’s client K. is handling four opportunities:
    1. First, At a company that provides reusable container solutions – “It appears the PMAR (Published Market Action Request) worked! Although I did not speak with the COO directly after leaving my second message, I got an email from their ATS prompting me to complete an assessment. I then got an email to schedule a phone screen which I completed this morning. I will be interviewing with the hiring manager Monday morning!”
    2. Second, With a recruiting firm for an environmental services company – “I applied for a job [on the East Coast] and got a call back about interest in VP of Safety job in [the Midwest]. Told him I was not really interested in living in [the Midwest] (Before telling me about the opportunity he asked my interest in [the Midwest]). Then he said the compensation was $200-$275K. Ok, let’s talk, LOL!” 
    3. Third, At an environmental services company – “Spoke with [HR] on Monday. She said I was a top candidate and wanted to confirm my interest which I did. The next step is to meet with the owner.”
    4. Fourth, At an industrial field services company – “Very competitive pool. They were down to 4 candidates 2 of which were internal. The external candidates are a VP at a large industrial manufacturing company and an Ops Manager with 30 years global experience. The recruiter said that there were 650 applications! He said I was a strong candidate but the pool they had was very solid.”


  1. Anne tells us: J. has had tremendous success with his recruiter mailing, reaching back out to 30 recruiters with solid meaningful conversations, then asking how he can be of help is certainly resonating and funneling good people from his network to them and keeping him top of mind. He has nine calls over the next two weeks to continue the conversations! Fingers crossed.


  1. First one from Lori: A. has an interview this week at an insurance company for a Litigation Case Manager position 🙂
  2. Second one from Lori: M. had an interview on with a company that produces, designs and engineers connected products for automakers, consumers and enterprises worldwide for a Vice President position.
  3. Third one from Lori: H. has an interview with a public research university in the South for a Chair position on the Board. 💃
  4. Fourth one from Lori: J. had his first interview with a global marketing and fundraising firm for an Account Representative role. He is waiting for a follow-up call from the interviewer on next steps! 🙂


5. George is busy with D., who had a new first interview this week at a recruiting company, where he met with the CEO and the outgoing CFO.

6. George likes to keep his clients interviewing, M. this week at a global manufacturer:

“I’ve had a whirlwind week but am preparing now for my interview with the CHRO and the Senior Director, Talent Acquisition.”

Best of luck, M., George has prepped you for this!

  1. Anne’s client J. interviewed at a global manufacturer of electronic components and provider of manufacturing services for a Business Development Manager position, in the Aerospace sector!
  2. J., also Anne’s client, has an interview with an agricultural lending cooperative as Global Director of Talent and a nutrition company as COO/HR Consultant.


9. Paula’s client K. has an in-person interview with a shipping company for a sales position this afternoon.

10. S. is still in Clarity [TBG’s first step out of five], but Waffles was pulled in when he got called by a recruiting firm for a worldwide CTO opportunity at a new startup in the freight industry. The coaching paid off and he is progressing to the next level!

11. This one from Greg: D. has had an initial interview at a financial services organization outside of NYC for a position of AVP. Nice going, Greg!

12. Greg again: R., a TBG-E client, had an interview last week with a packaging company in the Netherlands for a Chief Commercial Officer position.

13. Mo to his client J.:

“It was great speaking with you today. Glad to hear about your interview with [an American multinational specialty biopharmaceutical company]. Please keep me posted on your progress.”


  1. M., still in Clarity needed emergency interview coaching – again!

“Hello Barrett Team,

Today’s interview with the [provider of on-demand cloud computing platforms] recruiter went great and I have a next interview that they are scheduling. I learned about the interview process and got comp figures on base salary mid-points for the level 6.

George – thank you so much for the coaching that you supported me with yesterday; what a help that was!

Justin – can’t wait to chat this evening about my Diamond map!

Waffles – I know you’re working on who might be my going-forward interview coach, so I look forward to that match. Thank you for circling the wagons yesterday to identify George!

Hope you have a good evening,


  1. Lori just had to share this feedback about H. who recently relocated from Nevada to Washington state for a Scheduler position with a construction company! 🙂 H. is loving it!!

“OMG Lori,

What an incredible couple of weeks! I can’t thank you and the team enough!

Sorry for taking so long to get back to you. I’ve been drinking from the fire hose that is [my new employer]. What a company! So much to do beside your regular work; it’s great.

I would love to talk if you have time.


  1. From our venture capital client, F.:

“Thank you Waffles.

Let me give this some thought, and I will send some criteria over regarding the types of businesses we are interested in.

I appreciate the offer and your valuable advice too.

Thanks again.

Best regards,


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