THE HIRING LINE for 08-19-20:

1. First, Julie helped D. with the offer for HSE Director at a manufacturer of offshore drilling and production equipment, which came in better than expected, with stock options, 401(k) and a gas card (which he received because he pointed out the extra commute!). The salary is more than he made before and the benefits cost less. He thinks that his resume had a big part of the good offer (plus – he was referred to the job by their HR Director who used to work with him – he called to check in and when they found out he was unemployed, fast-tracked him for their safety role). Awesome use of Social Capital, Julie! Everyone is cheering on this end!

2. Second, Anne shared M.’s latest offer with a global biopharmaceutical company with Dan and Waffles for comment. We’re more than pleased to see him employed!

3. Third, George was delighted to share the news:

“My client E., who went a long time with not much success, landed a consulting position with [an American management consulting firm]. His first assignment is with [a multinational banking and financial services institution] and he is currently working with them.”

Thanks for your dedication and stamina, George!

4. Fourth, Covid-19 Employment: Paula tells us her client S. was called by a recruiter out of the blue resulting in her full-time employment as a Contact Tracer for a state agency.


  1. M. received the offer for the General Counsel position at a private liberal arts college on the West Coast, her relocation of choice from DC! She is working through the deal with Waffles.
  2. George update on B.:

“He has passed the Business Presentation with [a large group of insurance companies]; we had several meetings to discuss it and they were quite happy with his presentation, so he is assuming he passes the insurance tests, he has been given a verbal assurance of a written order for a regional sales manager at [a platform that provides digital solutions to help dealers sell more cars] and expects the written offer momentarily. He also may get an offer from another company.”

Let the bidding war begin!


  1. C.’s latest business venture is through the roof, and he’s aggressively asking the TBG Consulting Team for candidates for his national sales team! His VP of Sales set a goal for 35 new hires this month, they are up to 17 as of today. Line up, sales talent!
  2. F., business investment tycoon, has handed Waffles this job order:

“Find me a CFO with an entrepreneurial streak who can help me put these deals together and run the corporate finance for the Private Equity component of our business.”

He and his talented wife handle everything from crypto-currency, music publishing and pharma patent litigation to diplomat dealings throughout Europe. We already submitted a Barrett client for consideration!


  1. M. has an interview with Chief HR Officer at one of the providers of mission critical flow control products and services for the Industrial and Aerospace & Defense markets. George is coaching for this important meeting.
  2. K. has an interview with HR at an industrial bank for an Associate General Counsel role. Paula will put him through the paces so he can ace this one. He is also interviewing for the Corporate Counsel Position at a firm that manages and services domestic and international consumer debt portfolios! You go, Paula! 
  3. Paula on a roll: J. has an interview for a Director of Communications role at a brewing company.
  4. Next on Paula’s bumper crop: TBG-E J. is in line for Head of Customer Success at a an apartment community application, he tells her:
“It is an interesting opportunity based on my multi-family housing experience and the technology aspect.” 
  1. M. is in second interviews with the worldwide distributor of medical and dental supplies’ HR department and will now meet with the hiring manager! She has a phone interview for the Orthodontic Sales position, the perfect demonstration of transferrable skills (she is an Orthodontist). She told Waffles:
“Thank you so much for all your help!”
  1. Waffles client J. is interviewing with a company that provides electronic content management services and a large online retailer this week, both senior operational roles.
  2. Rack ‘em up, George: V. had his first interview with an American multinational investment bank and financial services corporation for a VP of Risk. He made the connection through his social capital. V. has several other conversations going, all because of his Social Capital to include fellow alumni who, even though he’s not connected, they have been helpful to him.


8. He is now connecting with those who have helped him.

9. Paula pulled Dan in to help S. with his major interviews with a multinational pharmaceutical and life sciences company:

“To briefly update you – the interviews today went well, at least that’s what I like to believe 🙂 The discussion with the two procurement folks went well and so did the one with the hiring manager. He is in the process of building his team with three senior leads and this is one of them. The latter discussion went above the stipulated hour and he was keen to be available for a follow up chat if I wanted to – which sounds positive.”

10. D. told George:

“I had an initial discussion with the HR of [an American company distributing pharmaceuticals] (VP, Finance) today.  Went very well and the role is very similar to what I performed at [my current employer].”

11. And this one from Jerry:

“My client N. interviewed last Friday with [a large online retailer] of which I worked with him to prepare. He received a notification for a second interview next week. N. is from [Europe] and lives [on the West Coast]. His search has limited him to the [West Coast] due to his wife’s career.”

Excellent work, Jerry!

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