1. C. has (finally!) inked the deal and is President of a service provider, for a new division that will be marketing and selling the machine, patented fluid, and service to disinfect surfaces in schools and hospitals. In 20 minutes, his team can fully sterilize a large room, including every spec of any and all viruses! Further good news, C. plans on hiring 35 sales representatives nationwide by the end of the month and is up to 17 so far.
  2. Our brand-new client, I., is the husband of one of our successful clients from three years ago. We had helped him as a professional courtesy three years ago, and when his most recent executive telecom job was eliminated, he looked to The Barrett Group as a trusted career management partner. On the day he accepted his severance, his friend offered him a job with his startup and I. accepted. So, he can prepare for his job search now and execute it in two years, when his commitment to his buddy has been fulfilled. That is a good friendship all around!


  1. Anne is so pleased: J. received this offer for the Partner level position at a life insurance company! She is so excited and sees tremendous opportunity to learn, grow, and influence her income! 
  2. M. has received the initial offer for General Counsel (her first at that title!) from a nonprofit dedicated to expanding access to computer science! Location and title are perfect, Waffles just needs to pummel them into submission on the compensation package.
  3. B. has been keeping George busy with two offers in the same week! First is Partner with a large group of insurance companies throughout the United States, the second one info didn’t quite make it for press time this week, stay tuned!


  1. Note from V.:

“Hi Julie,

I reached out to my social capital connection [at an American multinational ride-hailing company] and she is happy to push my resume forward as reference. She feels it is in my strength area given she was part of my team and she knows the work we are doing.”

She submitted his resume and now he has got the first interview! He is interviewing for the role of Global Head – Business Experience, Community Operations.

  1. Julie’s client B. has just notified us of the two first interviews he has had since his program started on 3/25/20:
    1. A global technology and supply chain services provider – Sr. Manager of Depot/Repair Operations-Logistics (we created a custom resume for him on this one)
    2. A provider of coaching & leadership training – Project Manager
  2. Anne’s pleased with J. in embracing the program: she has an interview with a nonprofit organization that advocates for kids as Director of Talent!
  3. M. used Dan’s networking techniques to get referred by an inside contact to a senior-level position at a multinational financial services firm!
  4. Lori’s client K. has two interviews this week:
    1. A large online retailer – On Road Safety, Sr. Program Manager
      • Phone interview with the Regional Environmental Health Officer (EHS) Manager
    2. A developer and marketer of warehouse equipment and computer software – Project Director
      • Phone interview with the Director, Major Projects – Field Operations
  5. The weekly B. report from Lori: He also has two interviews this week:
    1. Thursday: Internal interview this morning with his current company for a Director Role.
    2. Friday: M&A Project Manager role at an American diversified multinational mass media conglomerate.
  6. Lori’s client T. interviewed for a VP role for an American electric vehicle and clean energy company. She saw the position posting, identified a contact connecting her to the role, requested a resume tailoring, and her contact provided the resume to HR and she got a phone screen then a video interview a few days later! 🙂


8. J., also Lori’s client, had an interview for a Regional Director role for a global intelligent virtual agent platform provider yesterday with the VP of Sales.  J. had a contact refer him for the role.  He has been scheduled for a second interview next week with two additional VP’s!

9. Anne stops in: J. had her interview as Head of Product with the provider of products and solutions that target the prevention of food waste. Fingers crossed, as J. is moving on to meet with the owner!

10. R., Waffles’ client, had interviews this week with both a large online retailer and a global consulting firm!


  1. Lori shares her Dancing Lady for this one: H. is networking!!! 🙂 Yay! 💃


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