1. Dan coached Paula’s client E. through the extensive negotiation process with a nutritional supplement manufacturer, and she ended up snagging a $5K sign on bonus and a $15K relocation bonus, which E. described as “huge!” considering she starts working remotely. You did it again, Dan!
  2. Anne to Dan:

“I just saw that R. landed at a large national retailer as District Manager. That’s great news!”

That was a hard-won campaign. Great teamwork during a historic drop in retail!

  1. B. wowed the principals over at an investment firm, including Waffles’ contact, their Head of Business Development. Julie, B.’s consultant:

“Looks like the deal went through! Executive Chairman at a telecommunications company is B.’s new position!”

  1. Julie pulled Waffles in for the complex negotiations for C.’s acceptance for the position of President for a service provider. C. has already installed his best guy for VP of Sales and Marketing. The service will come to your hospital or school. You clear the room and they bring in the machine with the patented atomized fluid that will disinfect every surface of the room in 40 minutes. The spray is micron-sized and is smaller than the Coronavirus, it’s 100% effective, biodegradable, and leaves no residue! Right place, right time: you go, C.!


  1. C. is working with Dan and Julie and recently entered the hiring process at an American worldwide banking and financial services company; they are preparing an offer as we speak.
  2. Paula’s client L.:

“Hi Paula (and Waffles) This is my week!

Great News #1: On Sunday, I received an (undefined) job offer from a former colleague who is now the CEO of the national office of [a nonprofit providing disability services] based here in [the Midwest]. I’ll have to interview with 2 or 3 of her other staff, but it should be a formality.

Great News #2: I just finished my third interview with [a family child care business on the West Coast]. The recruiting firm called me 30 minutes later to say I’m onto the next round.”


Lori clients in process:

  1. T. interviewed for a VP at a nonprofit organization and interviewed with the Director of Recruitment at a specialized professional services firm last week Thursday. She has another interview with an apparel shopping match platform tomorrow.
  2. B., Lori’s professional interviewer, had an interview with an IT services and premium tech support solutions company for a Project Manager Position, as well as one for a men’s grooming products company as Director of ERP Systems. 🙂
  3. M. had an interview with a digital transformation company for a VP, Mobile App Development Position.
  4. And J. is in training for a position for an Affiliate Partner with a provider of small business software for their National Division on a 6-month contract basis.
  5. J. had an interview with a global intelligent virtual agent platform provider for a Territory Sales Director position. He will have a 2nd interview this week.
  6. H. had an interview this Friday with a non-profit academic medical center, for a Clinical Research Director position. They already contacted him to request a PowerPoint presentation of his research findings for his 2nd interview! So exciting! 🙂
    H. also has opportunities at the School of Medicine for a state university. He has been asked by the Associate Dean for Clinical Research to “put together what we would need to do to make this work!” H. and Lori collaborated and created a three-page letter outlining the list of elements he would envision for the position.
  7. J., Sue’s previous client, has an interview with a medical giant that provides kidney dialysis services. Christina pulled the interview package for him in record time!

Many more interviews:

  1. Julie tells us E. has his first interview with a multinational energy services company, great start! In the meantime, the hiring process heats up at a renewable energy company, where he’s progressed to a third Zoom meeting with the Gatekeeper. Dan is assisting.
  2. J. took Paula’s networking advice to heart, resulting in two interviews so far at the developer of robotic-assisted technologies, tools and services for surgery! George and Waffles have both been helping him through the process.
  3. J. has a 2nd interview in a week at a life insurance company as a Partner. She found the opportunity by following Anne’s advice through her social network and following hiring hashtags. Good chance she will get an offer tomorrow. Her comments are in the Appreciation section below.
  4. Paula was pleased to announce that A. is interviewing with the President of a home organization company to open up multiple US locations – this is a franchise ownership company. Great coaching, Paula!
  5. D. received early interview coaching from George for his first with a research and advisory company this week. His resume hasn’t even been completed. Way to go, George!
  6. The Barrett Group Europe (TBG-E): TBG-E: Anne tells us A. (Switzerland) has an interview on Monday for the Brand Manager at a European manufacturing company!
  7. M. has had two interviews this week, finding them via remote hiring in LinkedIn search. The joint sessions with Anne and Waffles have been paying off: M. had great interviews at a corporate law firm (Marketing Director-remote) and an American retailer of accessories, (Senior Manager Customer Loyalty).
  8. Vivek tells us: R. had her first interview with a global nonprofit last week; excerpt from the email:

“Thank you for your interest in the Director, Global Volunteers position with [us].”


  1. C. had a conversation with the managing partner at various venture capital firms that Greg arranged. Both are VC guys.


  1. J., to Anne:

TBG methods take time but, crazy enough, they are working. 🙂   I hope I can continue these methods as I transition into a new career.

Thank you!”

  1. V. to Rick Gelber (Senior Career Consultant):

“Hi Rick,

I did want to drop you a thank you note for getting me started with The Barrett Group to help me find my next adventure. I did have a great coaching session with Kristin and now with Julie.

When this started, I was a little apprehensive about the slow start and different modules. After going through the Clarity coaching and now talking to Julie, I feel it is important to be patient and move forward with a good baseline that will help me find the next big step in my career.

Hoping to have a long-term relationship with The Barrett Group.



  1. George’s client V. shared his mentor’s critique on his new resume:

“In terms of feedback on the resume, honestly this is one of the best, most thorough resumes I’ve seen. You’ve clearly had an impact on the organizations you’ve worked with. Overall, quite impressive!!”

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