1. First, E. has inked the deal with one of the largest suppliers to the automotive market! Julie is glad to see her current employment on the resume update.
  2. Second, The Barrett Group Europe (TBG-E) landing: P. worked through the contract details with Paula and he is now officially the Chief Commercial Officer for a European medical devices manufacturer!
  3. Third, Vivek’s delighted: R. has landed as Data Engineer at a global business and technology services firm! He’ll start on 7/27. He had a rough journey in his job search as an American multinational technology company and other companies were close to making an offer but went on a holding pattern with him. So, he was pleased with the offer! He also got accepted to MIT for a business program, which he’ll start in the Fall, 2020. That’s not all from Vivek this week, see next!
  4. Fourth, Vivek reporting in:

“V. – our client in Canada – landed at [a company that centers on the development and licensing of intellectual property] as Director of IP. Although a long-term contract position, V. gladly accepted it given the constrained job environment. In my meeting with him this week he informed me that he has started already on July 6th.

Dan, if you remember, we did a Zoom call with him about 2 months back showing him how to navigate with LinkedIn. He had taken a pause in between as he was feeling a bit overwhelmed as his previous offer at an artificial intelligence and machine learning company was cancelled at the last minute.”

(As you see here and below, TBG clients aren’t immune to the Pandemic’s effect on the market, but by following our methods, they continue to break through the wall).
  1. Fifth, Turning Coronavirus on its head! Our resourceful entrepreneur C. has landed! He checked in yesterday with Julie, Dan and Waffles:

“Hey guys,

I am actively working with [a service provider] on the GTM strategy for service and sales of an FDA registered medical device that provides whole room disinfection

Of late we have come to terms on a 1099 payment per week of $1K and [bonuses] based on revenue goals. I have also attached my last employment agreement and unit awards agreement as I was looking to use these as the formal written agreement between us. Would love to set up a call with you guys to discuss the finalization of the agreement, your feedback on the “management” portion of it and the 100 other things I have not thought of.”

Waffles is putting a bow on this one Monday.

  1. Sixth, Greg’s client A. wrote:

“Greg –

Hope you are well and keeping safe. Last time we spoke, I was contemplating on taking an SVP, M&A role with a large public software company.  Due to COVID challenges, I did opt to start as a consultant and since then I had an opportunity with a [healthcare analytics] company in [the Southeast] in a President role.  After a series of conversations, I took this role and will start in August.”

Excellent coaching, Greg, in keeping him in the game while it plays out!
  1. Seventh, George is going to play tennis with world-class player A. to celebrate his landing at a clinical data analytics platform provider! No, really!

“The CEO is a friend of A.’s older brother and A. has known him since childhood.  The company received series C funding earlier this year and George suggested he reach out to him. They talked but nothing happened. Then about a week ago the CEO found out through LinkedIn that A. was looking for a position through the recruiter process on LinkedIn and approached him, resulting in the job offer. A. didn’t really want to negotiate because it is a good offer and because of his friendship with the CEO, but I convinced him that the $5K relocation package won’t even come close to covering the cost and that he should use our spreadsheet to figure out the actual estimated cost and ask for that at least and he did so, answers pending. With those options, this could be a big deal if the company succeeds, which it has so far. A. will be Director of Corporate Strategy & Business Development, a package totaling over $300K.” Great coaching as always, George!


  1. To begin, TBG-E: A., from Switzerland to Singapore!

“Hi Anne,

I have an exciting opportunity, though outside of Switzerland, it’s in Singapore, the only Asian country that my son agreed to move to, so I’m considering it.

An HR person found me on LinkedIn, thanks for your coaching!

For movements from one continent to another, how much salary increase can one expect? Assuming it’s not a promotion, just a lateral move to a similar role…

Anyway, here comes a new opportunity! I’m really happy about my LinkedIn branding, thanks again for your help! “

  1. And, New offer for R.:

“Life goes on in Indy. New job offer from a consulting firm. $325K W2 FT employee, 3 yr. funding commitment. Sept. 1 is the target start date.”

R. was the last of our 3-year clients and Waffles continues to provide after-contract support; this will be the fourth move R.’s made!


  1. First, Dan’s Client E.: This is with a nutritional supplement manufacturer.

“Yesterday went very well. It was an informal chat that helped frame the position and better understand my situation. I have my second interview today at 10!! Fingers crossed. This potentially could be a very good fit.”

She had a third interview with six people, a more formal setting on Zoom; the first was more of a meet ‘n’ greet.

  1. Second, L. let Paula and Waffles know she has progressed to the second round at a family childcare business on the West Coast. The next interview will be another panel, this time eight from senior management. Best of luck, L.!


  1. To start, As the virus winds its way through the recruiter community, Waffles launched a new recruiter mailing for M., with some excellent results:

A new opportunity at a Switzerland-based company that focuses on access solutions. The role would be for president of product for the Americas territory.

“Had two discussions with their recruiter.  He was trying to engage them before their 3-week summer shutdown (it’s a Swiss company), but it doesn’t appear that he was successful.  Likely next step in early/mid Aug.”

More results:

“Recruiters w/ Established Relationships: Re-engaged all recruiters late last week (~ 10 from major recruiting agencies), some common indications that the market is starting to pick up.  Will continue to follow up on a monthly basis with each.

Lots of activity with new networking coming from mass email distribution. Have had direct conversations with over 50 executive recruiters in the past several months, over 10 at the majors, who are poised to place me as the market opens up.

One recruiter indicated an opportunity at a newly opened Midwest office of a [provider of audit, tax and consulting services] and will make introductions.”


  1. And, Paula’s client A.:


I have an interview tomorrow at 2:00 PM for the CEO role for a [power generation systems service provider].  Let me know if you have time to talk before that. [My contact] is an investor and board member of [that firm]. He will participate in the hiring process for the new CEO. He is a managing partner with [a private equity investment firm]. They have partnered with [another private equity firm] in the purchase of the [power generation systems service provider].”

  1. Then, more from Paula: M. received a call from the owner of a manufacturer of heavy duty lifting equipment in the Midwest, based on his application for a General Manager role, which had been specifically tweaked by Senior Tweak Specialist Paula Nordhoff. He spoke with the president on Monday and Tuesday this week. Although the talks went great, the excellent research from Christina and Travis convinced Paula to call M. and advise him to pull the plug on this deal, there were too many red flags out there. Now that’s service, Team!
  2. Also, M. is finding success using hiring and remote filters on Indeed and LinkedIn: he has an interview Friday for Remote Marketing Director role. This was a cold lead, but when M. posted a recent article from the president, he responded immediately and suggested they reconnect, leading to the job interview! This was thanks to Anne’s excellent expert advice on how to work the LinkedIn angle to greatest advantage in the job search. Another win, Anne!    
  3. Then, K., scoring an interview on short notice with a Northeastern state: Paula provided coaching on Sunday morning. Today, she had the panel interview with the State for Associate Director, Diversity, Equity and Opportunity. Thanks for the dedication and flexibility as always, Paula!
  4. And, Paula was busy this week: C. reached out yesterday as he was found by a recruiter through LinkedIn regarding a District Manager role for a store chain. Paula did a customized resume last night and he has it. C. and Paula are scheduled to meet today at 1pm!


  1. And then there is E. to Julie:

“I was nervous about signing up with TBG. My position wasfurloughed because of Covid-19and I was scared of spending the money to partner with them.

However, I knew that covid-19 had created a very different and unusual job market. The traditional ways of looking for a job would not be effective, so I knew I had to do things different. That gave me comfort in making the decision to become a client because it was an investment in me!

From the beginning you get right to work creating your diamond map and career path and objectives. My coach, Ken Malouf, was great in forming my vision of my career.

Julie Mathern, my career consultant, was excellent in providing me the tools and coaching I needed to attack the job search with confidence and a detailed plan.

With the tools TBG provided I was able to have 2 offers within 60 days, and I am 1 of the final 3 candidates for 2 more opportunities!!

Best decision I ever made.” 


When you are ready to take the next step in your career search, contact The Barrett Group.

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