Frontline Report for the week of 07-21-21

The Hiring Line:

  1. Julie Mathern is thrilled for her client, E.:

    “E. has been an absolute gem to work with. She’s very motivated and focused and worked her social capital very well to gain referrals and introductions. She was highly successful in getting interviews through the published market – partly due to a very well aligned background and title (good match for job postings).”

    Congratulations to E. on her new job as Director of Patient Experience at a national health network!
  2. Sue Mitchell recently heard from I.:

    “I wanted to share some good news with you! This week I accepted a job offer from [a technology company] and I am starting with them [in August]! I am really glad that I did not rush into accepting the offer from [the media company] in April; not only was I able to collect my bonus last month, but the [technology company] job pays a significantly higher compensation, and I also really liked the hiring manager and the team!

    I also want to add that everything I learned from TBG helped, I found the opportunity through the ‘unpublished market’. My ex-manager from [a past employer] referred me to the [technology company] hiring manager. They did eventually post the job and had me compete with other candidates and had me go through three rounds of interviews. But I think the referral gave me an edge. I was also able to negotiate an additional $17K increase in compensation on top of an already good compensation package using the techniques I learned from TBG.

    Thank you for all your help! -I.”
  3. Paula Nordhoff heard good news from H.:

    “Hi Paula, I accepted the job with [the online retailer] and start [in] August. My last day with [my current company] will be next week. Thanks. -H.”


  1. Waffles Natusch received an update from A., regarding the planning of a cigar bar and full-service restaurant funded by a Southern California investor:

    “So, they CANCELLED their contract [at the planned location]! … I then said that, instead of hiring a full-time manager for their [existing] store, they can hire me for $50-75k as a consultant, part time. I can keep my job and go there 3x a week. It is a win/win. He loved the idea and said that he actually was thinking of asking me to join the board of directors there anyhow and that he likes this idea very much. To be continued… -A.”

  2. K. is up for a Vice President role at travel company, her sector passion. She has already worked with a key C-Suite executive some years ago and so she had strong social capital throughout the process. Total compensation is in the $200K range. Here’s her account of the negotiation process:

    “Just finished my offer call. She came with an additional $10k salary, already approved! Went well, rather quickly. As you suggested, using the Compensation Foundation Spreadsheet was helpful! She’s checking on whether equity or sign on bonus could close some of the ~$100k gap. But ‘no more salary,’ were her words (they had previously come up $15K). I feel like they will add something more, but we will see soon. Thanks for your help! -K.”

Interviews Advance:

  1. Anne Lipsitz is excited to share about her client C.’s recent interview success: “C. is moving to final interview at [a restaurant conglomerate].”

  2. After finishing her first week at an education technology company, Y. reached out to Waffles:

    “I’ve also gotten outreach from a recruiter who is looking for [an executive role at another education-based company]. I was very clear with the recruiter that I had just started at [the education technology company] and that they could have reached out to me anytime in the past year… anyways, she keeps talking me up, saying that I would be perfect for the role. Here’s the kicker – pay sounds about what I am currently getting but comes with 60,000 options that they estimate will be worth $500k in four years. I told her that it doesn’t hurt to have the conversation, but again was really clear about my current situation. I also referred a former colleague that I think would be a good fit as well. Would love your advice on this one!” -Y.

  3. Isabelita Castilho reports that M. had a productive week:

    1. Global Support Center Senior Consultant role- 2nd round planned for coming week – and a friend shared they contacted him – “he was positive and indicated they are keen on onboarding me. -M.”

    2. Global Executive role with a logistics company- 3rd round done – felt it went okay – pleasant conversations with boss and two key stakeholders – awaiting feedback and hope to bring this home.

    3. Headhunter reached out with a potential lead to a medical company.

    4. Lead on a Senior Director role at a diagnostic imaging company.

  4. Isabelita’s client J. also had news this week: While on the new job, J. has another interview for a management role, which was arranged by reaching out to social capital – J. gained introduction/ referral to headhunter.


  1. Dan Resendes’ client D. landed an interview at a university for a Legal Executive opportunity! The opportunity was a referral from a buddy and is perfect job for D. except the salary is a bit low. Dan coached D. for the interview with the potential boss.

  2. R. is interviewing at software company for a Technology and C Suite opportunity and needed emergency research. His consultant Anne enlisted the help of the Barrett Group’s Senior Research Associate, Christina Taylor. Christina’s help brought this comment from R.:
    “Thanks… I’ve been reviewing the documents already this morning. Excellent content once again.”

  3. Our client L. has relocated his family back to his native England and has already interviewed with a sports therapy company for a Marketing Manager position. L. had been running a brewery and series of pubs back in the U.S., and now has opened up talks with a large-name brewing company. Paula is working with L. to help him prepare for the opportunities that await.

  4. Barbara Limmer is helping her client S. advance in her career:
    “I heard from my client S. yesterday that she has interviews with 4 partners at [an accounting firm] (she got this through social capital activities), so she needed to move our meeting so that I can help her prepare.”
  5. Lori Chevalier has updates from three clients:

    1. “V. just notified me after applying for a role, she has a first interview with the Human Resources Director at the [a health information company for a [Vice President position] on Wednesday of next week! :)”

    2. A. was contacted by a recruiter that actually had 5 positions to discuss with A. She had an interview for a Senior Manager at a finance company last week. She has one scheduled for this week with a pharmacy company for a Senior Manager position 🙂 Go A.!

    3. S. been actively interviewing including Director positions for an online academy, document management company, and a payment processing company. Lori noted:
      “We met today to go through the job description, interview questions, compensation discussion, conflict resolution and remote global cross-functional team strategies – which I developed white pages for her use in preparation of the interview. Go S! :)”

      S. shared this in the response to their meeting:
      “Thank you. The meeting helped to get the initial jitters out of the way and got some great tips and do’s and don’ts.”

  6. In other interview news, C. interviewed at a cloud technology company for a Vice President role. T. has an interview for a CFO role at a storage equipment company. Paula’s client B. interviewed at a data connectivity company. Jerry Fronczak’s client J. has two interviews coming up this week.

  7. D. recently started working with George and his interview schedule is filling up.
    1. D. interviewed at an insurance company for a VP position and expects to hear about next steps soon.

    2. He also interviewed at a state retirement system for a Portfolio Manager role with a “one way” interview with a computer. The computer asked him the questions which he answered, and it was recorded. He was allowed to edit after he was done and before he submitted it. “Thought I answered questions well, but it was certainly a strange process,” noted D.

    3. He is in the late stages with a roadside assistance company. D. had an HR interview followed by one with an Investment Director and two calls with another C-Suite Executive. He expects to have an in- person interview next with the staff.

    4. D. is most excited about a position with a financial group where he had several preliminary discussions with his social capital there last year. He has learned that a position he is hoping for might be available soon due to retirement. He has the recommendation (he believes) from the incumbent.

  8. S.’s consultant Julie Mathern is guiding her through the interview process at a remote sales company a Global Director opportunity. She has her second-round interviews set. “I think I am prepared for all. I’ll continue to interview prep,” she noted.

  9. H., who is also one of Julie’s clients, interviewed at a sustainable energy company for a manager position. He leveraged social capital and reported the following result:
    “I had a phone screen with the hiring manager. [The hiring manager] was excellent and I felt very comfortable asking questions. He thinks I’m overqualified, so I asked about other opportunities. He said he will discuss with his manager. We will continue the interview process regardless. The next step is a presentation. I will present in front of [the hiring manager], his manager, HR, and some of my peers. If I pass, they will invite into the facilities for a some 1:1 interviews.”

    H. is also meeting with a research company for a Business Development Manager role. He connected to this opportunity through a contact at a related company:
    “I reached out via LinkedIn and got connected with [a contact] who is now setting up a phone interview with the hiring manager. Interestingly, I have not submitted my resume yet but I’m ready to send it right away. They would like to talk with me this week, so I gave them some time slots.”


  1. Anne received this note from a former client:

    “I hope that things are going well for you this summer and for those at Barrett. This past year I have grown immensely and am very happy with where I am. Effective next month I will be a Partner at [an insurance company]. Utilizing their training programs and systems, I not only built a practice helping clients, but earned [executive] status and was promoted to Partner and will be running a unit.

    I am also hiring for the professionals in financial services and insurance industry. If you are working with clients in the DC – Baltimore area who are in sales or want to make a career transition to a company that has the training systems to help built a practice, please help me make a connect.
    Thanks! -J.”

  2. Paula’s client M. is having tremendous success via networking and implementing Barrett Group processes. He had this to share:

    “I would not have ever been able to do this on my own. Hiring TBG was a very good decision. No way an executive can navigate TBG without professional help. TBG is on the cutting edge of everything that is going on.”

  3. N. had this to say about her consultant Lori:

    “Thank you very much Lori for your unwavering support and encouragement along the way.”

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