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The Hiring Line:

  1. A. has several options opening up to him with Julie’s guidance, as evidenced in this letter [edited for length and privacy]:

    “It has been a crazy few weeks and lots of twists. First, [an insurance company] offered me the job I applied for… I am going to be [a] Senior Manager! I wasn’t sure on the salary when they asked so I asked for more than what I was making the hiring manager came back and even went higher, said it was fair. And, I get to work from home, so no office or commute either.

    Through all of this, I received back some calls for applications I sent in and also with the networking of connecting with older recruiters (from 10 years ago) over a post for a role she was working. I submitted my resume to her to send in on my behalf; [their location] is not ideal, but the pay was crazy and there’s flexibility for some work from home. But, I am waiting still to hear back if there’s interest.

    I received a call from [a] University about an IT Executive Director role, met with the Director of HR and it went well. She called and said I made the cut, so I have an interview next week and another [scheduled]. I realize I accepted a role but if I were to get this, this would be a massive role and a massive compensation package too.

    I also had a preset interview with the head recruiter at [a] Hospital for a Sr. Director position and that went well too. He is running the feedback to the hiring manager to see if there’s going to be a next step, but he asked for compensation and since I have a position in hand and the role that is being asked to perform here, I shot it high, and he said it was fair to ask for it so that’s in play.

    Thanks, and I wanted to share some positive news.” – A.

    Julie replied: “You are doing the right thing in following up with the other opportunities. If you get a better offer… then, you have to make the best decision for you and your family. I am so happy for you! Keep me posted on what happens.”

  2. Lori’s client T. has been offered a promotion and she is currently in negotiations on the details! So far, she was offered a $300k salary for the COO position and a Training Program sponsorship valued at $20k. We have already increased the base $20k more and are negotiating on bonus options! Results TBD! Yay, T.!

    T. indicated she realizes the value of this program: through networking, she has been introduced to individuals within the Fintech space, which is where she originally wanted to land.

    In doing so, she received guidance and action items from her new networking partners, to leverage her Business School network (as recommended through the Barrett Group Methodologies), to seek Board Training, and one woman is serving as an advocate for T. by having a virtual wine tasting to introduce her to her network for additional connections and to further her pursuit in the C-Suite space!

Interviews Advance:

  1. Paula and Waffles were excited to hear from M. that joining a private membership network focused on connecting and supporting women executive leaders has paid off! She is in third round interviews for a General Counsel position.
  2. J. told Waffles this great news: “I have a meeting with an agency CEO partnering with a university for Name Image License Reputation. They help the students with branding and business aspects of setting up a team of professionals. The agency has 3 principals, strong BOD layered in pro and collegiate areas.” This is J.’s dream job!
  3. Anne has encouraging updates from two of her clients:

    • “Just a quick update to let you know that my third interview with [a technology company] today went very well, thanks for all your prep help even from way back! I feel like such a pro now with interviews 🙂 The 2 interviewers said they will get back to me with an offer in about a week. I’ll keep you posted! Warm regards, A.”
    • “Hi Anne, The Chairman of the Board for [a restaurant conglomerate] is flying me out for an interview next week for a CEO position for 130 plus restaurants!” -C.
  4. George’s client K. has a phone screen at a large company next week for a Senior Marketing Manager position. If he does well on this, he’ll then have a video interview with five team members.

  5. Lori’s clients have had an active and successful week:
    • S. had a phone interview with a Global Head for a VP Role at an IT services company. It happened quickly and individuals from the company, after the first interview, have been checking out his LinkedIn profile! Good sign! He has already been contacted for a second interview with another VP for next week! Go S.!
    • J. has an interview for a VP of Marketing at an online job search company!
    • M. interviewed for the VP of Operations for a sustainable products company. Last week he spoke with the COO and is now in the final phase of the process. Next week he is on the schedule for five meetings/interviews with the CFO, CIO and others. M. says, “So far it looks good!” Next up – second interview is for a VP of Supply Chain with a wine company. He stated he’s a perfect match for the job, same industry. It’s local and potentially his #1 choice. Next week he has a second interview scheduled with the COO.
  6. Anne shares big wins reported by H. and S.:

    • “Since we spoke last time, I’ve been quite busy working my way through two recruitment processes at the same time, both reaching the stage of interview. One of them is still the Regional Sales Manager, Europe position with a multinational I can’t name, where I went as far as having a Teams talk with my ‘future boss’ (a VP).
    • “The other one is a Manager position with a [European maintenance company] with several hundred employees spread over [15] locations. Note that this position was not the actual position that was the subject of my original job application. So, after that first video interview with the company’s HR [Representative], she proposed me this second position they’re trying to create and which hadn’t been published yet. I was invited to meet the Group Sales VP in person. The [extensive] interview went well but the conclusion was that I didn’t quite have the right profile for the job. Anyway, at the end of the interview the guy told me he had another idea for me, something with business development in [another region] (thanks to my full command of the language).” -H.
    • S. interviewed for HR Generalist at a robotics company. This is a six-month contract and going permanent after, fingers crossed we did a lot of work with interviews last week!
  7. S. is preparing a 30/60/90 day action plan as the next step in the hiring process for the Senior Account Manager opening at a marketing technology firm! That’s a very good sign, S.!
  8. M. has been active with the guidance of Isabelita!
    • VP Demand planning – still on hold – recruiter gave update;
    • A Global Support Center Senior Consultant – Had first round conversation, awaiting reply.
    • Global Executive role with a logistics company- confirmed for final and 3rd round with – being planned, no concrete date yet.
    • BU Planning Lead with a semiconductor company- reached out via Isabelita’s huge network – 1st round conversation today – potentially interesting.
    • Headhunter reached out – they meet this coming Monday.


    1. Dan’s client A. just picked up an interview for a Regulatory Affairs Manager role!
    2. Julie’s client B. had an interview at a sustainable energy company for a VP opportunity, and he also interviewed at a technology company for Senior Sales Manager role.
    3. H., who has been working with Anne, is interviewing at a tech communications company for Chief Business Officer/Director of Marketing!
    4. Jerry’s client J. has a busy schedule with interviews. J. is at a data company this week, interviewing for a Director of Product Strategy role. He is also interviewing with an insurance company for Insurance Operations Manager!
    5. George’s client B. has an interview at an aerospace company for a Director slot! They called him, and George believes they did a keyword search on LinkedIn. “That’s the second time B. has been called due to a keyword search.” And that’s how George primes his clients for success!

    6. Isabelita brings news of two clients with big interview wins.

      • E. had an interview and is waiting for the next steps. He already spoke to the CEO who gave great feedback and he’s waiting for the next round on package, etc.

      • R. reports: “All is good… moving ahead” – R. is expecting an offer from an international airline.


      1. A. is working out the details with his billionaire friend in Southern California to open a cigar bar and full-service restaurant in the United States. A. will be Impresario, perhaps a new job title for a Barrett Group client! He shares his appreciation:

        “Dear Waffles: You beat me to the punch! I much appreciated your candor and open mindedness during our meeting last week. Your assuredness and standing by the word of your organization made me feel not only heard, but valued.

        It is very comforting to know you are there for me and I can’t thank you enough. Your notes on our meeting seem right in line with what we discussed. I should know within a few weeks whether this opportunity for me is a go forward, or a bust. Either way, I will stay in touch.

        Many thanks again. I really appreciate you!”


      2. Isabelita’s client M. experienced big interview wins:

      “I used to get really nervous during job interviews and this time I didn’t feel as much while having to speak to eight people from the same company and I believe it’s due to the support received from you guys (TBG), thank you, it really helped me!” -M.

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