Hiring Line Stats:

Offers Accepted: 6
Offers Received: 3
Interviews Advanced: 2
1st Interviews: 15


Offers Accepted:

1. Anne Lipsitz and Waffles Natusch:
-First, Client J. lands a new deal as VP-HR in the Hospitals, Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals sector. She was pulling down $220K. The new initial offer came in at $235K and was signed off at $240K + $26K bonus.
-Second, Client A. accepts the offer from a consulting company six weeks into her Barrett Group program. She transitions from IT to Management Consulting.
2. Ramesh Shivakumaran: Client W. makes a big decision to leave a full-time position to start on an entrepreneurial journey in consulting and event management.
3. Larry DiBoni: Client D. accepts the new role of Director of Marketing & Communications. Her previous role was director of a research university but has now transitioned to the Healthcare industry. She had been pulling $130K, the new deal comes in at $150K with an additional 10% bonus.
4. Julie Mathern: Client F. takes over as HR Director in the Media & Entertainment industry. The comp will be $175K and a 15% bonus.
5. Rob Wicker: Client P. jumps on board with an investment company in the financial industry. She had been self-employed as a director and consultant to a wellness product company. The offer came in at $145K + bonuses and equity.

Offers Received

1. Vivek Agarwal: Client V. receives an offer from a lobbyist in the government sector. Former position was Executive Coordinator in the Hospitals, Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals industries. The initial offer came in at $145K + benefits.
2. Ramesh Shivakumaran: Client M. from an insurance company as an executive consultant. M. had an initial offer of $360K with a possibility for further extension or a permanent role, based on his performance during the interim period. The initial offer is under review for finalization.
3. Isabelita Castilho: Client R. from an IT company for Managing Partner – Communications & PR.


Interviews Advance

1. Joan Sebring: Client M. advances at a Healthcare company for Sr. Manager, Learning and Development.
2. Julie Mathern: Client W. at a search engine company for Creator Policy Experience Lead from UNP1-Social Capital.



1. Asli Bilgin: Client G. and L. interview.
-Client G. at a wind company for an international HR position.
-Client L. at an industrial company for Head of Business Unit.
2.Julie Mathern: Client I. has two interviews.
-At an energy company for Director of External Affairs.
-At an environmental foundation for Industry Initiative Director.
3. Julie Mathern: Client H., S., D., and W. interview.
-Client H. at a law firm for Chief of Legal Operations from a 3rd party recruiter.
-Client S. at a research company for Managing Director. Learned about the position from a reference. Met with the hiring manager and has decided not to proceed as there is too much travel.
-Client D. at an amusement company for Director of Finance & Administration.
-Client W. at a gaming company for VP.

4. Pattie Vargas: Client R. at an advertising company COO.

5. Vivek Agarwal: Client L. at a real estate agency for Director of Strategic Initiatives.
6. Ramesh Shivakumaran: Client A. at a business consulting company for Trainer & Consultant.
7. Lori Chevalier: Client C. has two interviews.
-At an interview for Chief of Membership to a female executive network.
-At a startup company in a healthcare talent acquisition company.
8. Larry DiBoni: Client M. for Director of Acquisitions.
9. Isabelita Castilho: Client K. at a steel company for Group CFO.


-To Barbara Limmer and Waffles Natusch
“I got a note from the [company’s] 3rd party recruiter yesterday letting me know they had moved with another candidate. I am still so grateful for your help with this process, you clearly did not have to and still put all your team and energy into helping me. Thanks a ton again and hope you have a wonderful summer,”
-Client M.

-To Lori Chevalier
“I am much more excited about this position as it seems there is good team chemistry. I appreciate all the preparation assistance and coaching that you gave me as it helped focus my attention on what mattered in this interview.” -Client J.

-Review left by M.
“Five Stars
TBG team is very professional and connected across the globe.
Very well satisfied with the services rendered, I strongly recommend.”

-To Isabelita Castilho
“Many thanks for your time, advice, and patience in working through my current situation and discussing the next steps. I am very excited to start, and my commitment is to follow to the letter what you think is the best approach.” -Client K.


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