1. H. accepted the offer from a reputable Colorado construction company! As the offer came in while Lori was on vacation, Waffles jumped in to help with the negotiations. She will be moving the family from Las Vegas to the Pacific Coast and her title will be Scheduling Executive. $175K base, $15K sign on bonus and guaranteed first year bonus of $25K. H. was told there would be a raise each year depending on performance; she was floored because her current company only gives cost-of-living adjustments, like Social Security! She had to ask Waffles what “11 paid holidays” meant – because she has never had one. Welcome to a real company, H.!
  2. We never give up on our clients! M. has landed at a Midwest psychiatric hospital and clinic as CFO! He had started with Paula, moved to Sue, and continued with Dan. Orientation was on April 11th, 2019 and he was unemployed. On May 16th, 2019, he obtained an offer with a $100K base after the HR stated range was $75-85K, and we helped M. negotiate up another $10K, plus another $5K at performance review and a 4% moving bonus. This was an interim role so he would be employed. M. then proceeded to obtain additional interviews at other companies. Three different opportunities in three different locations for a multinational healthcare provider; one opportunity each at the psychiatric hospital and clinic, a behavioral health provider, an orthopedic care provider, and a health care provider. Mark received a few offers… one from the multinational healthcare provider as well as the psychiatric hospital and clinic but chose the offer from the latter for the CFO position with a $140K base – but we pulled it up to $150K, plus 2 months of Cobra, plus relocation.
  3. The Barrett Group Europe

     (TBG-E): Right from TBG-E in the U.S. central herself, Paula Nordhoff: heavy negotiations between the CEO of an European medical devices manufacturer and P., who will start August 1st as Chief Commercial Officer! They are bringing in the lawyers because we are writing the agreement across country lines, and the Dutch have some interesting rules for employment agreements in the COVID-19 world.


  1. J. reached out after a long medical recess:

“Good morning Waffles,

It’s been some time since we last spoke. I just wanted to let you know that I’ve been doing really well! I am fully recovered! I’ve been pursuing several opportunities. In fact, late last Thursday, I was selected to interview for an Executive Director role with [a private nonprofit educational testing and assessment organization]. I had to give a presentation on how I would create and launch a brand-new Client Engagement team. I think it went really well. They plan on making a decision this Wednesday.

After the interview, I wrote a personalized thank you note to each of the panelists. 🙂 I’m so very excited about the position – I’ll know soon!”

  1. G. is moving to the offer and negotiations phase with an American corrugated packaging company, and Paula is doing the setup for the strategy!
  2. Julie’s client E. received this offer from a recruiter:

“Once you complete their online application, the written offer will be sent. You have reached out to Jason to find out about the commission plan. I have populated the worksheet with what we have so far on the offer. “


  1. Vivek’s client C. interviewed for Enterprise Architect role at an American cloud-based software company. He met with four executives in that company. Our mock session to prepare him was good. He felt confident with his interviewing abilities since he had not done this for a long time. Way to go, Vivek!


These three from Vivek:

“Some good progress with some of the clients I am handling!”

  1. V. had an interview with an American software company on July 10th for the Director of Sales position. He spoke with the Head of Recruitment in that company.
  2. K. had an interview with a venture capital firm for COO position on July 6th. He interviewed with their executive. We prepared with a mock session prior to the interview. K.’s note after the interview:

“The interview went really well. A very friendly open discussion. I feel like we connected. It was only [the executive] on the call, he liked my international experience as the supply chain starts in India and he wants to make some changes. I should know next week if I will be invited to the next stage.”

  1. C. had 3 interviews last week a) a consulting firm b) a medical technology, services, and solutions company and c) a financial software company. All have gone well and he is moving to the next round. Chris started only 2 weeks ago with the orientation on July 6th!
  2. Greg was edified with J. having three interviews yesterday. He is starting to become a believer in THE UNPUBLISHED MARKET!!”
“Good Morning Greg:

I have to say, yesterday was a good day.  After my call with [a potential employer], [a lady], from [a beverage distributor for world-class wines and leading spirits brands] called me (as a result of one of my 1st contacts connecting me to her) to discuss the Senior Manager, Change Management position.  We had a very good conversation, about 30 minutes, discussing the role and my background. Turns out [this lady] also worked at [one of my earlier employers] years ago and her best friend is another ex-colleague [at that earlier employer] of mine who I worked with on a few projects. She will no doubt reach out to [him] for reference on me. He and I had a great working relationship, so I expect nothing but positive words.

[The lady] has my resume that I sent her on Friday and she is going to share it with her leader and a colleague as the three of them are the decision makers on hiring for this role.  The lady, I believe is the actual hiring manager and therefore would be the leader for this position.  Needless to say, great contact and rewarding use of the techniques you have taught me — thank you!

We left things that she will discuss with the team and will get back to me by Wednesday.  She said that if I don’t hear from her, as things are crazy with her working from home, I am to text her on her cell phone.  She also requested that I go ahead and apply online to initiate my resume in the system, but she was going to let the recruiter know to pull my application. So, I completed the online application yesterday after my call with her.


And this:


Just had my phone interview with a biopharmaceutical company.  Conversation went well and they are clearly looking for someone with global reach experience which I talked to greatly.

I will keep you posted on updates.  Sending a thank you note in a bit.



  1. Anne’s excited: H. is interviewing for VP Human Resources at a premier agricultural dealer in the Midwest as well as CFO for a dealership for used cars, trucks and SUVs.
  2. C. has a first interview with a medical technology company this week, and Julie will be prepping him for the big day!
  3. R. met with the founder of a maritime survey software company. It sounds like some interesting technology, Greg is intrigued. Let’s hope this goes to the next level!
  4. Paula’s client S. applied to an internal medicine practice for the role of Administrator. Talked to recruiter 2x, got a call this morning for a face-to-face interview at 3pm today with five of the physicians.
  5. J. will be scheduling her first interview with cloud commerce solutions provider in the next few days.  It’s for a Director of PMO position. Julie’s helping her prepare.
  6. Again from Julie: L. is flying to the Midwest to tour the facility and have a face-to-face interview with a provider of public and military engineering services!
  7. Greg Emslie wrote to R. (TBG-E client):

“Just wanted to say congratulations on landing an interview with the owner of [a company]. This is now the 2nd 1st interview you have landed since joining TBG. You are rocking and rolling. Well Done!!!”

  1. From Julie, the continuing story of E., the Job Seeker Who Never Sleeps:
    1. Interviews
      1. A technology and manufacturing company – would require a move and is a step down (hiring manager is concerned that you won’t be happy). E. plans to call him and let him know that he is not interested in moving forward.
      2. 7/6, E. met with a medical technology company (UNP1); they are speaking with the final candidates. Only concern on paper is that the other two candidates have 20 years of PPE experience, and E. has 12. But they are also looking for the right fit. E. got along well with the other people he has spoken to, including the owner.
      3. 7/8, manufacturer: E. spoke with the hiring manager yesterday. Trying to get a hold of their HR team to find out what he needs to do to move the process forward.
      4. 7/8, E. interviewed with a home products manufacturer for a Distribution Sales Manager (Western Region). Spoke with HR yesterday. The lady thought E. would be a great culture fit. They aren’t concerned about lack of HVAC. She was going to fast track you to the hiring manager.
      5. Three more opportunities in play.
      6. Two new opportunities: one at a construction supply company that is looking for a regional manager; call on (7/10) at 9:00 am. And another with a shipping supplier for a regional manager position. Set up call for Monday (7/13) with hiring manager.
  1. Dan is helping Paula’s client E. after hours to prepare for her interview with a nutritional supplement manufacturer.
  2. G., Paula’s TBG-E client: 1st interview on 7/19 with HR at a company that manufactures and supplies cat and dog food in France for a Finance Program Director. He is being advanced to the CFO to see if he makes it to round 2.
  3. Another from Paula: L. is successfully competing for a C-Suite role with a national nonprofit based in California. She had two rigorous interviews with the recruiting firm and was presented to their client by video conference – the client had eight senior executives in the room for the meeting. Paula pulled Waffles in to help and they each coached L. through. L. is very astute and navigated through areas of the job that she had experience, but not exactly in the way the client had expressed their needs. L. has done a great job and we enjoy partnering with her in preparation and research. L. has been in a senior role with the national headquarters of a worldwide youth organization for the last several years. She is expecting to know what the next step(s) will be by next week. It will be with part of the client leadership team for round 2.
  4. J. has her first interview with an organization that promotes access to telecommunications services – for Manager of Program Management. Anne says:

“WOOHOO! Only takes one, nicely done. Keep me posted on how I can support you!”


  1. From V. to George:


Have a safe trip. Thanks for listening to a lot of my concerns early on in this process.

Not sure if it’s been implied or not, but I have been on this search for the last seven months and a lot of the results have been frustrating especially with COVID-19 coming from out of nowhere. I’ve had to learn how this process works from scratch and I have to remind myself to not get desperate and that the results will come with time and practice.

I really feel like the lessons I’m learning during this process will serve me well down the road. I almost feel like the microwave/Crock-Pot metaphors could work well here. If you want food prepared quickly, use a microwave. But it will never be as flavorful as a Crock-Pot. The Crock-Pot takes a little more time, but the results are always worth it. Will let you know as questions come up.


  1. From Dr. J. to Greg:

“Hi Greg –

I hope you have been well.  I wanted to update you that earlier this week I successfully defended my final dissertation, and officially I am now Dr. J.  Thought you would like the update.  Also, my work and career are going well.  Again, thank you for your help and support, and I’ll continue to check in from time to time.”

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