1. D. has landed; George is so pleased! It’s a three-year old company that sells software (of course) to auto dealerships which streamlines the sales process so that all the sales, financing, insurance, title etc. can be handled by the sales rep. This makes the customer happier due to less hassle and the client (dealership) happier because they can reduce headcount and offer a selling point.  D. will be Director of Training, with a promise of moving into Business Development and taking it national!
  2. Greg’s client A. has accepted the offer from an international organization and is now working in Afghanistan. He is the third TBG client to find work in that interesting country!


  1. UNP Part One networking has paid off in record time for N. and S. (two of Waffles’ TBG-E clients): they both landed multiple consulting jobs! They also both realize they will never have to be in a job search again because the jobs will come to them. This is how the Knowledge Transfer from The Barrett Group brings our clients’ job search to new levels.
  1. Lori’s client A. has had a lot of success this week. She had two interviews from referrals within her network, and a landing:
    • At a high-tech commercial bank for an Agile Scrum Master/Program Manager
    • With a recruiter at an American multinational online retailer for a Technical Program Manager
    • She has accepted a 1099 contract position (with hopes to land her perfect job upon executing TBG campaign elements) for an American multinational financial services corporation as a Director in the Compliance Area!
  1. Paula’s client S.: A colleague he met at a conference last year is in Marketing for a Japanese multinational automaker. She reached out to him, after locating him on LinkedIn, which was easy because his profile had received the Barrett Polish. He has a call with her this week, which may lead to a meeting with her boss. Subject: they are looking at shaking up their marketing function along the lines of what S. has already mastered. Most likely this will be a short-term consulting gig, but activity, nonetheless. Way to go, Paula!


  1. A. is advancing through the recruiter email program to be presented by recruiters to their corporate clients for different positions – one, as a CEO of a company owned by a private equity firm; and two, as a GM for a family owned national company. He should know more about both next week. Paula is closely monitoring and advising him on the politics of dealing with 3rd party recruiters.


  1. Lori: H. has an interview on Monday for a Director of Clinical Research position for the a non-profit academic medical center.

“I prepped him today for the interview in his orientation meeting on TBG nuances! 🙂” 

Greg Emslie’s been busy with numerous interviews lately:

  1. Y. had an interview with the CEO of a virtual care platform.
  2. A. had a 1st interview with a European transit-packaging provider last week, with a 2nd interview scheduled this coming week.
  3. P. had a 1st interview for a CEO role at a value-added distributor.
  4. D. landed a 1st interview on April 28th for a CEO role at an exterior facilities management company. D. also had an interview earlier with a friend who is the owner of a distributor of shipping, industrial and packaging materials, all by following Greg and Waffles’ advice to utilize D.’s extensive network, as a former State Senator.
  5. C. landed 3 interviews in 1 week! Greg:

“Congratulations on getting interviews (formal and informal) with three different organizations and people over the last week!”

  1. C. landed a first interview with the CEO of a venture capital firm.

These are all from Anne Lipsitz:

  1. Anne was happy to let us know that her client J. had a great interview with an automotive group for VP of Talent, and she will be moving onto the 2nd interview.
  2. K. had great interview at a cloud-based insurance technology solutions provider for Quality Assurance Director. He also interviewed at mathematical computing software company for a VP of Quality.
  3. J. had an interview at one of the Big Four accounting organizations.
  4. M. has had three meetings with the CEO of a marketing company, inventing the position of VP Customer Loyalty.
  5. A. had in interview for VP Business Development; she interviewed with three managing partners of an investment bank and consultancy. Her son, A., was our successful client from last year and he recommended his mom to us!


  1. Waffles’ client C. used the package we prepared for him and scored an interview with a German chemical and consumer goods company for a Global Project Manager. They responded in one day!


  1. Anne’s client J. needed immediate attention for a networking opportunity at a semiconductor manufacturer, so she pulled Waffles in to help. It’s looking really promising!


  1. Lori just had to share part of R.’s email to her today:

“Thanks a lot for your help and also for always boosting the morale.

You have been doing a great job in putting me on track in hunting for an opportunity. Great efforts.  Still a lot to learn and catch up from my side. 

Thanks to Dan for all his help and advice.”

  1. From S. to Paula:

“Great meeting with you today! Thank you.  Also had a great meeting with Waffles!  Everyone who works at Barrett is very cheerful and happy!  Yes, he set my mind at ease, taught me all about Indeed and how it’s a “crawly spider algorithm” and helped me stop worrying about finding a great position. It will happen, just may take a little time. I am good with that and I am so grateful to have such a great team of experts helping me out!

Most sincerely,


  1. From T. to Greg Emslie:

“I really appreciate your coaching and guidance over the past few months and feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with you, learning skills that will absolutely help as I pursue this next phase in my career.

Without a doubt, you are a credit to TBG and awesome at your job!

I hope you and your family stay safe and healthy.

Talk soon,


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