Frontline Report for 07-08-21

The Hiring Line:

  1. Julie is delighted to announce D.’s landing! 

    “I did accept the offer from [a marketing firm]! We agreed on $150K for the first 4 months with a re-evaluation with potential to increase to $175K. 12 days of vacation and paid holidays. I have an office with a window and my own parking space. I couldn’t be more happy! The job is everything I found in my Clarity journey and got the title and responsibilities I wanted. It’s a small company but they have very deep pockets. They even tweeted about me when I accepted the role. They didn’t say my name, but I know who they were talking about.

    I will definitely need your help when we renegotiate if I don’t get what I want. I’m kicking butt and need to be compensated. I hope you’re doing well. You now have another success story you can put under your belt!!”

  2. Isabelita’s client G. accepted an invite to work as a Board Director on a non-executive level. While it is not yet a full-time position it helps him gain more confidence and grow his brand. Isabelita’s skill at chess comes in handy once again!

  3. M. has finally officially accepted to work with the start-up medical device company on a daily fee model / consultancy basis until further notice. He enjoys the challenge, daily income, travels, and the new COO title. “It feels good to know again that I am active, and the business travels are a good change for me!” Isabelita and Waffles did double duty on this one!

  4. R. is in the process of closing a buy-in of a company in which he will become major shareholder and CEO of a nursing outsourcing business in Europe. To be confirmed end of the week / next week. Another strike for Isabelita!


  1. Julie’s client S.:

    “I have a verbal prelim verbal offer from [a resource company] and sent a client service request for contract negotiations. I am vetting the pro forma in more detail to gauge the probabilities in the bonus aspect of the offer.”

    At this point, Julie tugged Waffles’ coat for a 7 PM meeting today.

    She paints the picture:

    “This opportunity is with [a medical company] – one of S.’s references is on the board and he has had several discussions with them. He has also drafted a first 3-month plan, which I shared some resources for.”

    Stay tuned!

  2. Lori shares good news: J. began working part-time at a position and is in negotiations for a full time offer with a salary! 🙂 Yay J.! 🙂 She is waiting to receive the Offer so we can review and provide feedback on the Offer and salary!

  3. C. is reviewing the offer from a tobacco company for the VP Operations Excellence role. She will be working in Europe. The offer is about 20% more than she’s currently making.

    This was just the first from Ms. Gelencser.

    Rebeca shared the other offers she has been assisting her clients with the past few weeks:

  4. N. – CTO – a cloud communication platform provider (in partnership with Jayson Searle)

  5. F. – Business Development Lead – an analytics and advice firm

  6. S. – Director – a technology company

  7. M. – COO – an automotive company

Interviews Advance:

  1. George sent this update:

    “R. had a second interview at [a data platform]. This one was with the hiring manager. His first interviewer was an HR person who summarized by saying he did a great job but was overqualified. They proved that he did a great job by calling him back for this interview for a position for which they felt he was better suited, and that was the one with the hiring manager. He believes he will be called back again.”

    Well played, George!

  2. Sue’s client J. has an interview with a technology platform’s CEO on Friday!

  3. Lori send this memo: J. has a third panel interview with an integrated solutions provider on Monday for the COO position – ongoing interviews since May! 🙂

  4. Paula’s crossing fingers: F. is heading into final interviews with a holding company for a Sr. Director role!

  5. Isabelita: M. just got off a call with a recruitment firm to share that also round two was positive and they are going to a two hours final round end of next week with the hiring manager and two of the main stakeholders.

  6. Isabelita keeps the momentum flowing! R. tells her:

    “Hi Isabelita, Just to let you know that the opportunity is advancing. According to the headhunter working with them, HR will be in contact this week on some checks etc. and an offer will ensue, hopefully this week and he said then the parties would negotiate.”


  1. Lori’s client M. is interviewing with a clothing and accessory retailer for a VP Supply Chain.

    Lori is just getting the conversation started! A volley of three more:
  2. J. is interviewing with a media company for a Director, Marketing Data Strategy & Management position!

  3. M. is interviewing at a European manufacturer of home goods for a Chief Marketing & Innovation Officer position. The panel includes: COO, CEO, International HR Manager and CCO. Hey, no pressure, M.!

  4. C. has an interview for a CFO role at a solutions in process technology provider in Europe! 🙂

  5. S. sent this to Waffles:

    “Waffles, I had this interview today. This was one which I went in through the backdoor with someone I know working there who is the Director of Production Operations. The interview was phenomenal, and [this individual] told me he was going to move quick on this one!”

  6. S. continues:

    “Dear Mr. [Hiring Manager]: Thank you for the interview, which provided me with insight into [your marketing technology consultancy]. I enjoyed the detailed discussion you presented at the beginning of the interview, outlining the challenges facing the Senior Account Management department.”

    Anne jumps for two points:
  7. T. has an interview for VP, Commercial & Specialty Marketing at a pharmacy retailer.

  8. R. has an interview at a consulting, services and software company as Technical Solutions Manager.

    And from Isabelita’s corner of the world:
  9. E. has an interview at a telecommunications company in Montreal for an opportunity as VP Middle East. The meeting will be with the CEO.

  10. R. has an interview with a non-profit organization – Marketing & Engagement Director

  11. A. landed a dinner / interview with a Global CFO through an introduction to an acquaintance for networking.

  12. A. will interview with the CEO at a payment platform.

  13. A also has an interview at a logistics company: “Their CEO wants to meet me!”

    Rebeca sends these updates on recent interviews:
  14. B. interviewed at a European technology company for the GM role and also had an interview at a Middle Eastern technology company as GM.

  15. S. had an interview at a European chocolate manufacturer for the CMO role.

  16. H. interviewed at an IT company in Europe for the CEO role.

  17. N. interviewed at a European cloud communication platform provider as CTO.

  18. M. had two interviews as GM, one for an automotive company, the other for a company that diversifies in Automotive, Real Estate, Retail, Logistics, Lighting and Investments.

  19. T. interviewed at a provider of thermal systems as well as a at a technology firm for Director roles.


  1. M. to Rebeca:

    “I’d just also like to add my sincere gratitude to you on the journey we have both been on to date. It has been immensely beneficial to me and the support framework that The Barrett Group has constructed around my career management is to be commended. Thank you!”

    Indeed, thank you for all you do, Rebeca!

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