Frontline Report for 06-30-21

The Hiring Line:

  1. Jerry’s client N. will be the new Enterprise Architect Director at a biotechnology company!

    “Hi, Jerry,

    I started working at [the biotechnology company]. As you may imagine, I am more than happy and excited! [My previous employer] wanted to promote me, and they told me that they would find a different project for me if I stayed. Still, I told them that I was not running away from them, I was pursuing something that I thought is totally related to my Ph.D. thesis.

    Thank you for your commitment and for never having given up on motivating me and giving suggestions to continue. Thanks, Jerry!


  2. Celebrating Jayson’s client landing!

    “Hi, Tomasz, I just had a conversation with K. where she outlined her landing package (below). This is the role where I coached her through 7 interviews + numerous calls, but she then wanted to pull out from the process as she hadn’t liked the tone of HR’s last email (felt they were going to tell her she had been unsuccessful, so she didn’t want to give them the satisfaction). However, after a long call I persuaded her to reach out to HR and ask, ‘Is the process going to move forward to an offer?’ which she confirmed, and the rest is history.

    Company: molecular diagnostics
    Title: Senior Manager / International Compliance
    Package: 185k + 15% bonus (+ RSU’s + benefits)”

    Hard fought and hard won, Jayson!


Paula’s expecting three to fly by this week:

  1. M. – financial institution – Strategic Account role

  2. C. – electric car company – senior role

  3. H. – Communications Mgr/Dir. Role

  4. Waffles was going on vacation when S.’s offer finally came in. Barbara was a champ and jumped right in, meeting with him on Sunday for a strategy meeting! Thanks to Barbara’s excellent coaching, the meeting did not lead to them rejecting the offer, as Sven was hell bent on a number that wasn’t going to play politically.

    Update after the second meeting with HR:
    HR to “reimagine” the role, as they “feel it is time to get some high-end people at [a building component company] if they want to turn things around and make future progress”. They meet again on Friday.

    Great job, Barbara, thank you so much!

Interviews Advance:

  1. From B. to Anne:

    “So, when it rains jobs – it sure does rain jobs!

    So, I have call with [a cosmetic manufacturing company] tomorrow AM, follow up for VP Supply Chain, interview 3.

    [A food delivery platform] contacted me from my application, and I have an HR interview tomorrow afternoon

    [A startup company] contacted me an hour ago about my application, talk with them Wed or Thurs.

    This process is a roller-coaster!”

    Anne’s professional advice: “HOLD ON B.!! Wheee!!”


Anne’s on a roll with these three:

  1. A. has a 2nd interview as Brand Manager; she has already met with the CEO, now he is bringing her into speak with CEO & Co-Founder focused on product. This is a startup in health monitoring textiles, looking to expand to B2C. Nice one for you, A.!

  2. J. has an interview with a consulting company as a Consultant. This opportunity would be a great use of his Lean/Six Sigma skill set and he has former colleagues who are helping elevate his brand internally. And that’s how we do it!

  3. C. had a great interview with a hospitality provider, it was a referral from a friend in an equity group looking for a high-powered exec. He met with CEO who owns many franchises of a fast-food chain. Moving quickly, interview #2 is Friday! By the way, we heartily recommend making friends in equity groups looking for high-powered execs!

    Now it’s Lori’s turn with the following four:
  4. A. has been referred by a former colleague for a position and introduced to the internal recruiter for a Senior Manager – Enterprise Risk Management L&D at a financial corporation.

  5. B. applied to a position at a packaging solutions company and was contacted a day later for an interview for a VP of Market Intelligence & Insights role. Lori squeezed in an interview prep with her late in the day to ensure she was equipped for the interview. Thank you for your professionalism as always, Lori!

  6. V. has an interview on Monday for the Executive Director position at a nonprofit association 😊

  7. M. has had four interviews in the past two weeks, all of them are moving forward! The dam is finally cracking! A notable one is at a tobacco company, for a VP Supply Chain & Operation position! 🙂

  8. Julie’s client E. is interviewing at a building solutions company for a VP – General Manager.

  9. Paula’s client K. is in discussions with a healthcare services provider at their HQ in the Midwest.

  10. Anne is coaching her client B. for her upcoming interview at an organization in Europe for VP Climate Change. You go, girl, we’ve already had enough of these heat waves!

    Isabelita cashes in her chips and buys another round with these three:
  11. M. had a positive feedback on the interview for a Project Manager role at a provider of secure software solutions!

    “Good afternoon and good evening, I got great feedback from Our CTO from your video chat today. He is very impressed with your experience and wants us to move forward with introducing you to some of the technical managers leading our engineers, AI/ML and data science teams. I would also like to talk a bit about compensation and a few other HR topics. Let me know when you have some time next week one morning if you like we could have a video chat and get you up to speed on where we are at. I hope you are doing well and enjoyed the conversation you had today. I look forward to connecting with you again and hopefully getting us close to the finish line on this opportunity.”

    New interview gained through LinkedIn approach and social capital with a fintech in Europe.

  12. M. had his second company meeting with a material handling and logistics automation company – this time meeting the team who will report to him. Feeling optimistic. Final round to be confirmed with CEO this week.

  13. C. nailed a new interview with a major player aerospace company after bypassing the HR and going directly to the hiring manager on LinkedIn using our management letter suggestions.


  1. From Dan to Jayson, regarding K.’s landing:

    “Hi Jayson,

    You are an amazing coach, and she is blessed to have you assisting with her career potential!

    You delivered full return on K.’s investment in record breaking time.

    Thanks for jumping right in there, even using your personal time to assist her with seizing this opportunity… with patience, amazing coaching, and commitment to excellence.

    Now we need to ensure she has an outstanding onboarding, first 100 days, and lay the foundation of obtaining constant social capital referrals and hiring process opportunities, so she is never in a position of weakness again.”

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