1. C., Paula’s client, has accepted the offer to become the Plant Manager at a multinational electronics and semiconductor manufacturer in France. Paula was so pleased for him!
  2. George and Waffles sweated through some last-minute kerfuffle’s, but it all worked out for B.! George to Waffles:

“Thank God! I don’t know if you remember but, B. has been fighting [a serious illness] through all this and has seven kids to support. He has been through hell, but he never stopped fighting and it has paid off: Credit Risk, Senior Associate at a global financial services company!”

B. to George:

“Hi George, please see the attached. I was expecting an offer of $105 – $110K and it came in at $115,000! Based on conversations with the recruiter, they gave me the highest offer they can for this position!”

  1. From Lori:

“Hi – B. accepted the position [at an American real estate company]! Woo hoo!  So excited for her!! :)”

  1. Greg and Waffles walked M. through his offer from an industrial and commercial paint and coating applications company, which he has accepted! This career opportunity fell into his lap Barrett-style: the owner saw M.’s LinkedIn profile and recognized his business needs to go to the next level. He already knew M. but hadn’t put the picture together until he saw the LinkedIn profile Greg had written (way to go, Greg!). So, he starts as a Field Manager in the one of their Florida offices, which needs leadership. In eight months, the company will move M. and his family to where the corporate office is; he will be Director of Operations for the whole $18 million company, with a fast track into senior management!
  2. D., Waffles’ client, had landed in December at a Director level with an American e-commerce company. Due to a company slowdown related to the pandemic, his position was eliminated in May. This was a serious problem because he lost his H1-B sponsorship along with his job. He followed the Barrett philosophy he had originally learned from Sue Mitchell (welcome back, Sue!), and connected with a contact who was able to hire him as an M&A Consultant for a current merger. This is a full-time consulting role that will later include a Senior Director Solution Architect position. He’s unpacked his deportation suitcase. Yay, D.!


  1. George:

“My relatively new client M. had her first and second interview with the president of a compensation and HR consulting services firm.  He has offered her to be part of his team on their website. She already knows three of his consultants and they are doing this as a full-time job. The company’s president is a highly respected professional in the field, so it’s prestigious to be on his website. They have known each other for many years.  If this works for her, she will make this her full-time job. She is a Navy retiree, so she doesn’t need health insurance. It’s kind of sweet!


  1. P. has a first interview with a medical devices and software solutions company tomorrow for a biz dev role EMEA. He already has a verbal offer from a long-time associate in Italy, but his people haven’t written it up yet. He also is interviewing outside of medical devices – in the oil & gas space. Here’s further proof that our career change advice to our clients continues to bear fruit! Thanks, Paula, our Barrett Queen of Europe!


  1. E. to Julie:

“Hi Julie,

Thank you for the recap.

The title for the interview at [a government-owned multi-program national laboratory] was Director – Capital Projects, Project Management Office.

The other is at [a comprehensive motor manufacturer], a recruiter is driving it.

The next is [at a company] that decommissions nuclear plants.

[Furthermore, at a registrar and classification society] via a discussion with the Head of Department Energy Storage; referred by the Vice President and Head of Department. [The former] is impressed with my credentials and will engage his management for my consideration in the new role of Head of Department M&A.

I have two contacts at [an electricity supply company] – one known and other is new (Sr. VP). As discussed, will take a networking partnership approach. Will get to know each other, offer to share expertise, introductions.

Best regards,


  1. Paula tells us G. is having three interviews with an American corrugated packaging company in 10 days! We should know next week.
  2. This one from Vivek:

“C. has had his first interview with [a cloud-based software company] for a Solutions Architect position. He had a direct interview with four executives at [this cloud-based software company] and based on the feedback, he’s proceeding to the next round this week. We had a mock session last week to prepare him. So far, so good.”

  1. Lori:

“B., my professional interviewer, had an interview on Monday for a Strategic Partnership Program Manager position at [the provider of a digital lending platform for mortgages and consumer banking]! 🙂

B. has another interview tomorrow for a Project Manager II position at [the provider of a platform for mortgage securities]! :)”

  1. Another one from Lori:

“A. had an interview yesterday for an Agile Scrum Master/Program Manager at [a high-tech commercial bank].”

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