1. J. is inking the deal as Co-Founder, Investor Relations and serving as the face of the organization to horse-flipping investors. Julie pulled Waffles in for this one!


  1. M. received the desired CFO offer from a large hospital in the Midwest! Dan is providing negotiation advice.
  2. C. is working with his team (Paula and Waffles) to be installed as President of a startup division of a forensic engineering firm that figures out why a factory or house collapsed. The new division is going to offer the repairs to fix the factory roof (and correct the faulty construction). C. is walking into the easiest sales job ever! He found this opportunity by building his human capital network, of course!


  1. S. took Paula’s advice to heart and cultivated relationships with private equity firms in Switzerland and Italy. Results: he already has one consulting agreement bird in hand, and he has another in the bush, negotiations on the second next week. His job will be to review potential investments and buy outs, so this means he will be paid to interview with CEO’s and Presidents. Now, that’s how to do a job search!


Anne does at least three interview coaching sessions a week:

  1. K. had an initial interview with a West Coast health provider for Quality Engineer/Practice Lead.
  2. Good news on the M. front. He told Anne:

“I had round 3 with [a global pharmaceutical company], which included an hour with a VP and an hour with that VP’s SVP, this is for role as Senior Clinical Researcher. 

I have round 3 with [another global pharmaceutical business] on Monday with their VP level people for Clinical Pharmacology.”

We’ll be looking at multiple offers next week!

  1. A. had landed at a communications satellite services provider last year, but the corporate culture isn’t a good fit. She had applied at a consulting firm before landing but didn’t get an interview. Apparently, the woman who got the job was offered a position in a startup with a previous co-worker, at twice the salary. The consulting firm called A. back and she has had four top level interviews for the Chief People Officer open position. Waffles is coaching her through. You go, A.!


  1. B. is keeping George busy with interviews generated from using the human capital techniques George taught him. B.s contact at a commercial and contract surety bonds provider ushered him into an interview with the hiring manager. The position will top out at around $200k and is remote based. He also followed George’s advice about LinkedIn and secured an interview with a healthcare partner from a large East Coast law firm!
  2. Anne reports progress: a good conversation as a result of commenting/engaging on LinkedIn from M.      

“After my emails to you today, I had a great (and interesting) conversation with the Co-Founder of [a marketing company]. I messaged him based on one of his LI posts and the IM chat led to a phone call. He said his company is growing and would be interested in discussing how I can join [his firm]. He was familiar with my program and had very positive comments. He asked me to check out their website and put together my thoughts and an agenda, send it to him on ‘how I can come work with him’.”

  1. Anne racks ‘em up: A. had an interview with a startup for a Technology Advisor/Future VP Corporate Business Development & Strategy position
  2. Anne just keeps sending them out: D. is interviewing for CRO at a B2B software and services company.
  3. The redoubtable M. brought Waffles up to date on his activities:
    • COO at a natural and architectural stone supplier: flying out to Cape Cod to meet the founder/owner, who wants to triple the size of the company in two years.
    • COO at a spring manufacturer: closed, agreed not a good fit (company too small)…but the interview led to an introduction to the Chairman & CEO at Bob Chapman at a capital equipment and engineering consulting firm.
    • Bespoke capital equipment and engineering consulting firm: Exciting opportunity! Had an initial call with the Chairman & CEO on 6/4.  He seems open to inventing a position. Follow up scheduled for 6/18. Very unique company culture and 75-year old spitfire Chairman & CEO.
    • CEO at a company that develops energy storage technology:  had a panel interview with the Board of Directors and Private Equity members. Went well, key question is lack of industry experience.
    • CFO at a company that coaches financial advisors:  ongoing, two interviews with recruiter, one interview with Director of Talent Acquisition, next interview with President of one of their Divisions.
    • A technology company that designs and manufactures connectivity and sensor products:  introduced by a partner at an executive search firm.  Meeting with the company’s VP of HR later today.
  1. This one popped in from Greg’s client J.:

“I just finished my call/interview with my HR contact at [a company within the Merchant Cash Advance industry] for the Chief of Staff position. I’m never good at guessing how these calls go but I took your advice, Greg, and answered his questions with specific examples and handled the salary question as you instructed so he divulged the range that they are thinking about. On a negative note, as is often the case, I think I talked too much, which isn’t what you coached me. When I thought about it, I was brief but then he’d ask a question and off I went. At least he knows I’m a good communicator!”

  1. L. was invited to interview for a Transactional Commercial Real Estate Counsel opportunity with commercial real estate company. Dan jumped in to help our new client prepare for the early interview. Best of luck, L.!


  1. S. to Paula:

“Thank you so much for this morning’s meeting! I am starting to get excited about the opportunities that could lead to my next ‘gig’! I hope your weather stays pretty! Looking forward to speaking with you next week.  Have a great weekend.”


  1. R. (Waffles’ client) keeps the activity up with active networking meetings at the senior executive level in Texas: a healthcare company, TWO financial services companies, an American multinational oil and gas corporation, and no less than three high level interviews at a commercial real estate firm! He also speaks to a growing number of recruiters each week.
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