1. Yet another Barrett Group client landing at a large online retailer as an Area Rep! Paula’s client J. had landed during his program back in ‘17, but he made a big step up by snagging the AR post in Tampa. Like our other clients, they offered him a generous sign on bonus, and he gets a second one in year two.
  2. B. followed Waffles’ advice and used the research Christina had provided and identified a reforestation project as a great target for her desire to get involved in a not-for-profit she could believe in. Waffles crafted a customized introductory email and B. sent it to the CEO. He responded in two hours and explained that he was currently in the Caribbean on business, but his assistant would set up time for them to meet when he returned to the U.S. Her first interview was a love fest, he introduced B. to every person in the organization. He hired her the next day, but COVID-19 delayed her start as they shut down. B. is now working part time as COO and is loving it! She’s scheduled to go full-time in July.
  3. Mo scored an Early Landing! S. had his orientation on March 24th and accepted an offer this week for the position of Senior Analyst from a management consulting firm that offers engineering, strategic, and environmental consultancy services. In order to protect his intellectual property (he has five patents under review and has copyrighted two computer programs, no slouch!), he asked Barrett to refer licensed IP attorneys. Reaching out to the Barrett Brain Trust, Mo was able to provide him with two recommended ones. Thanks, Alay!
  4. And another Early Landing client here in the midst of the shut down! H., George’s client, landed at an American aerospace company. George:

“Here’s some good news: H. was a natural. When he retired from the Air Force, he wanted to move to Fort Worth and work for [either one of two American aerospace companies]. I said, “You are very much limiting yourself with one geographic location and only two companies, but it definitely fits your background. The next thing is to use all your Air Force connections to get you in for interviews.” He started making phone calls to lots of Generals, Colonels, etc., got interviews at both companies, and [one of the American aerospace companies] won the duel with a test pilot offer. I was able to learn a lot of weird nicknames along the way!”


  1. Dan’s client M. has been lighting up this report lately. He received FIVE OFFERS THIS WEEK!!!
  • These are all CFO positions across the upper and lower Midwest (seven possible opportunities) at:
    • A psychiatric hospital
    • A multinational healthcare provider: three different opportunities in three different locations
    • A behavioral health provider
    • An orthopedic care provider
    • A health care provider


  1. This note from H. to Lori, regarding the ongoing interviews with a reputable company in Colorado:

“Hey [Lori],

I’m traveling to [the company’s Northwest location next week]. I also have a call with [the hiring manager] and [my counterpart in another territory] tomorrow afternoon. Do you have a moment for a 10-minute call sometime tomorrow for a mic and camera check? Also to talk offer discussion; I think this call will start the $ discussions.

Big Hugs,



  1. Paula’s client L. interviewed at a family child care business:

“The interview went really well. I would be shocked if I didn’t move to the next stage.”

Another record setting incident: L. send the longest and most detailed interview recap in the history of The Barrett Group.

  1. Greg’s client B. snagged an interview with a reinsurance services provider.
  2. Paula’s client M. is having a zoom interview today with a capital management firm. M. is currently living in New York but would gladly move to London for this opportunity.
  3. Julie’s client is meeting with a science and technology company in Europe:

“I’ll be interviewing with the hiring manager (checked his profile on LinkedIn). It’s only a 30-min interview though, let’s see how I can make an impression fast 😅

Wish you a nice day,


  1. Lori’s client M. says, “The rubber is starting to hit the road!” He has an interview with a plastic packaging and protective solutions company.
  2. One more from Lori:

“I just got off the phone with B. I tailored a resume for her for a Regional VP Position at [American real estate franchise in the Midwest] last week. She had a contact who knew the owner and connected her. She was called and went to an ‘in person’ interview and got an offer on the spot! She has a second interview on Tuesday of next week – the owner is trying to ‘create other opportunities’ within the company to expand the role to possibly include other territories.”

Way to go, Lori!

  1. Greg, to his client O.:

“We spent time reviewing your different successes under the three different parts of The Unpublished Market 1,2,3 You are rockin’, keep it up!

1. Interview with [an energy company] for an SVP position, Word on second interview coming today.

2. Interview with [an American corporation operating a chain of retail gas stations] for Dir of Ops position. Round 2 of interviews scheduled for Monday.

3. [An operator of travel centers and travel plazas], recommended by your old friend at Walmart. Waiting to hear from the owner for an interview next week.

4. [An American multinational chain of coffeehouses], recommended by a woman you used to work with. APPLICATION IS IN SHE HAS “RECOMMENDED YOU” Waiting for the interview.

5. [An American multinational food, snack and beverage corporation]: Interview coming up for VP of Ops position based on conversation with someone there that you used to work with.”


  1. Paula’s and Waffles’ client S. has an interview at a global home comfort and security solutions provider. The job is located in Switzerland. He leveraged social capital through LinkedIn to bolster his credentials with an advocate who recommended him for the role. The interview will take place sometime next week with the Managing Director of EMEA.
  2. C., Paula’s client, had a series of onsite interviews in France at the plant of a multinational electronics and semiconductor manufacturer. We’re expecting an offer this week.


  1. George shared M.’s compliments:

“Oh, I went over the docs that you sent and they are better, tighter…more focused. Thx. and tell Dan R. I really appreciate the editing.”

They don’t come any more focused than Mr. Resendes!

  1. D. to Paula:

“As for me, I am very confident that, thanks to the Barrett process, I will get a great job offer early next year. The skills that I collected from you have helped me tremendously – things I took for granted regarding my networking potential, but not anymore. Early next year just feels right in timing and patience from me is a virtue.”

  1. This one for George, from the landing story above:

“George, I just accepted an offer with [an American aerospace company]!!  I am very excited to be able to tell you the great news.  Thanks for all your help.  It has been wonderful working with you.

Very Respectfully,


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