1. George’s client K. started with us in March. He has been working in the newspaper industry for over 30 years and landed the perfect role at a company in the container manufacturing industry, just 15 minutes from his home. K told George and Dan:

“I did it just like you guys say to do it. I called up an old friend who put me in touch with the owner of the company who was looking for someone to fill the position. The hiring role is great and will even expand to a more senior opportunity after I’ve been with the company for a while, as that position is expected to open within a year or two.”

  1. Julie’s client S. received an offer from a company that required some special negotiations, so Julie pulled Waffles in. Employing advanced TV show watching to great advantage, Waffles based the approach on “Say Yes To The Dress” – you say “Yes” to the great job, you just reject the offer, that’s all. The two other wrinkles were that S.’s job ends in August, but the sooner she leaves, the more money she gets: hey, that’s how they do business in pre-IPO San Francisco companies. The team helped negotiate that side as well. In true Barrett methodology, she’ll be on a second interview with another company next week. Well – that’s something! S. updated Julie:

“I just approved the offer. Got a $15k sign on bonus. Beats a poke in the eye. 🤷🏼‍♂️  Still have interviews on Monday and Tuesday next week.”

Life is good for S.!

  1. Anne reported a message from D:

“Had a great meeting with the CEO/Founder of [the company] yesterday. He is hiring me as a full-time consultant for 12 weeks to build out his Sales Playbook. It’s a trial to make sure we have good chemistry. He will hire me as the CRO should it all work out. Looks like I may be starting on Monday. The company is a $50M tech company focused on the automation of Oracle licensing. Their new application is designed to help DBAs manage their DB licenses and save money with regards to compliance.”


  1. Lori’s client R. received an offer from a company in Maryland on Monday. On Tuesday, R., Dan and Lori met to discuss his offer. Dan coached R. through the offer, crunching the details into the compensation spreadsheet, and provided additional salary information which showed the variables and costs of moving to Maryland – up 25.5%. R. went back to the table with the information, and because of Dan’s fine coaching, was able to negotiate $5,000 more for base salary, an additional $2,000 in bonus, and $4,000 in settlement for moving expenses! He is also lined up for an additional $57,000+ annual bonus based on company profits! R. shared these kinds words with Lori:

“I can’t tell you how much impact you made on my search and my preparation. While I was hoping to interview with numerous organizations, given the current condition, I am pleased with the opportunity.”

  1. George shared exciting news from his client B., who received this message:

“Hi B.

Just a quick FYI that we have an offer in the approval process for you.  I’ll give you a call as soon as it’s approved to discuss the details.

Best Regards,


  1. On Monday, C. wrote to Paula:

Hi Paula,

Just spoke to [the HR manager]. As anticipated, she explained their “total cash” approach, insisting on the fact that with unvested stock awards and 30% bonus, my yearly package would be quite significant (and in the top quartile of the grade). I did not formally accept and explained that from my point of view, I was paying more attention to the guaranteed minimum, as bonuses were often quite low [historically]; but I doubt that they will increase it significantly.

The good news is that:

1. I am hired as an executive despite the title “Director” – this brings the substantial benefits mentioned above, for example a few thousand performance shares every year, which can translate in more than 100K Euros per year if targets are met.

2. Transition and relocation costs meet my expectations

3. The company car meets my expectations.

I have asked for an installation compensation package as discussed; the starting date was also mentioned. The conversation was open and went well. She will share with other stakeholders and revert asap.

I will keep you posted.

Best regards,


  1. Lori shares:

“B. received a verbal offer for a Regional VP position on Monday and is waiting to receive the written offer within the next few days! 😊”


  1. R. was excited when Jerry told him his recruiting emails would go out on Tuesday. On the subsequent zoom meeting with his team, he amazed Waffles with the numbers: over 70 positive replies, and back to back scheduled interviews all week, over 30 booked!


  1. L. forwarded a message to Paula that he now is “officially a candidate”:

“Dear L., 

Thank you so much for your kind note. I truly enjoyed our conversation and believe you would be an excellent addition to the Leadership Team. I’ve spoken with my team and we’d like to present you as a finalist for this search. We’ll be meeting with [the company] next week to discuss our recommended finalists and they will then make a decision about which candidates they would like to speak with.

We will be in touch as soon as we learn about next steps.

Please let me know if you have any questions,



  1. George’s email from B. reads:

“I received a response from the VP of Marketing for a phone interview on Monday. The job was just posted yesterday on LinkedIn – I used your coaching to leverage social capital… looks like it worked. Can I have research back on Friday PLEASE. All info is attached.”

  1. M. to Greg and Waffles:

“Two interviews tomorrow and early next week is fabulous news. The interview tomorrow with sounds really good as they are into construction painting and historical renovations across a multi-state area. In addition, scheduling a face-to-face interview with the owner of [a company] regarding a potential opportunity to head up the regional operation, which has gone from 0-$6M in 4 years.”

  1. Anne’s client A:

“Interviewed at a startup for VP Business Strategy & Operations. Thank you again and again! I had a wonderful conversation, after talking with you. I am going to meet the other two managing partners next week. Could be fascinating!?!?”

  1. From Lori:

“H’s journey continues. She is flying to the West Coast today for an unpublished position to meet with two senior level executives and one scheduler. She is going to meet the staff, tour the office, will be in discussions to formalize the details, and expects an offer while she is there or soon after she returns home on Saturday! 😊”

  1. Also from Lori:

“M. was contacted by a recruiter for a screening after we tailored her resume and she reached out to a 1st degree connection who works there. She cinched the pre-screen on Thursday and has been asked to move onto Round 2 of the interview process! I reached out to Paula who kindly accepted the invitation to assist with a download of the interview data with me on Monday. 😊 

Thank you Paula!”

  1. G. tells Paula regarding his interview:

“Hey Paula,

Yes it went very well, they were pretty much sold on me out the door. I did a 5 min pitch and they said I hit every high note they were looking for. They wanted to keep it brief, and I have an interview with a guy who currently holds the role tomorrow. Per the HR chat today, that guy took the role so far but was unable to convert opportunities into anything that business units could leverage. “

  1. J. writes to George on Tuesday:

“I just booked an interview for next Tuesday and will be out of town for 3 days. Any interview techniques I need to know we can talk on Monday while traveling. J.”

  1. Waffles client C. wrote to Dan:


Let me know if you have some time tomorrow morning to talk.  I have another interesting opportunity but need your advice. 

As a quick pre-read, an old friend that I helped start a company ten years ago reached out regarding a product he purchased that was designed for [a specific] industry and is trying to pivot to multi-uses. The manufacturer has a mediocre production and supply chain at best. They have a local rep and a distributor. They need some serious help and are looking for me to create the scope and organize this Go-To-Market strategy and overall execution. 




  1. R. received six requests from recruiters for a bio. Jerry and Waffles sent it to him two hours later:

“WOW, you guys are ninjas; thank you!  I have it from here …. thanks again, R.”

  1. Lori to The Barrett Group team:

“Thank you to everyone for your support. Grateful to be working with a supportive team that coaches and mentors each other. It is gratifying to be part of the journey to assisting clients’ with achieving their goals and happiness! 😊”

  1. Anne checked in to see how L was acclimating to her new California position:

“Nicest people, very dedicated and earnest, and on the verge of their (virtual) accreditation visit in the fall. I’m glad to be here: what an interesting opportunity!  They are among the inaugural thematic accreditation group –their report will end up being a template for future cohorts! It’s my belief that having the clarity and confidence from working with you has really helped me to get a post in a time of hiring reluctance!”

  1. Greg told Dan how great it was to see a client achieve success. J.’s message to Greg:

“Hi Greg! 

Doing well. Just very busy. I am supporting two major health plans with my company simultaneously – a lot of hours but it pays very well (and, even better: no travel!). My doctorate will be conferred very soon, too. I am scheduled for my final defense in less than two weeks, and everything looks very good and I applied for graduation next month to obtain my diploma. 

Hope you are well, too, my friend. 

Thanks for checking in!


  1. W. wrote Dan and Greg on Monday:

“I am enjoying the new position.  I am also getting recruited by [a British multinational investment bank and financial services company]. LOL Thank you. I am trying to find the receipts for payments in 2019.  I can’t find them.  My accountant wants them.  Would one of you be able to help me get those receipts? Apparently, they are tax deductible. 


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