1. Message from L., Anne’s client:

“Anne, Are you sitting down?

Negotiated, got all I asked for and then a bit more.  Signed.

Start the 26th.  Leaving here Saturday or Sunday to drive over.

Found a splendid studio at a price that only raises my blood pressure alittle.  Large well-lit space, .4 miles from work, big patio.

All-in-all, your support has resulted in yet another delighted success story, even in the face of a very unusual market!”

Congratulations, Anne! L. has landed at a private university focused on health sciences on the West Coast, following Anne’s negotiation strategy superbly. She is now Director Institutional Effectiveness & Accreditation Liaison Officer.


  1. D. to Greg:

“FYI – The recruiter email went out today and Waffles’ email text was spot on! It generated a lot of responses so far. I have already set up a few recruiter calls and am very excited to see all of this activity.”

  1. Mo was excited to hear his client J. had no less than nine meetings with recruiters this week!


  1. D. reported back to George:

“The call with a public transit agency on the West Coast went very well; [my contact] is the lead on the Executive Director of Operations search. She spent about 45 minutes asking me various questions…almost all were similar or identical to what we went over, so I was very prepared and felt really good about the conversation.”

Way to go, George!

  1. B. told George he has progressed to a second zoom interview at a medical provider with multiple hospitals in the Southeastern states.
  2. Paula tells us: J. has completed his second interview with a large online retailer and they’re thinking of placing him in either Miami or Tampa.
  3. M. has now had four interviews with a not-for-profit hospital on the East Coast, Dan tells us.
  4. Vivek’s client S. has made it through the phone screen with an American multinational transportation and contract logistics company for a Director of Terminal Operations position. He’s meeting with the Regional Manager next.
  5. High Five to George: H. had a first interview on 5/14 with the Director, Armed Reconnaissance Operating Unit at an American global technology company. They said that position was not the right one but are looking for the right position for him and expect to be bringing him back shortly.


  1. The startup backed up by the biggest retailer in Switzerland has fast-tracked Paula’s client G. with two interviews in a week, and he is being scheduled to meet with the CEO this week!

    He has been making his outreach calls, especially to contacts in Africa, which is one of his career goals. In a call with a former Managing Director at one of his former companies, he learned that there may be an opportunity with this company. He is reaching out to the regional VP this week, who is a casual acquaintance.


  1. S. shared the email from the internal recruiter with Julie: he has another first interview, this time with Open Market!
  2. R. has two phone interviews scheduled with Hiring Managers for: on 5/19 for a Plant Manager position in Baltimore, MD, and on 5/20 for a Plant Manager in Somerset, NJ. Both are subsidiaries of an American multinational company.
  3. Lori’s enthusiasm brings good luck once again:

“B. informed me he has a panel interview with five interviewers on 5/26/20 with an American global technology company for a: Programs Manager, Level 2 for the a portion of the Emerging Systems and Strategic Initiative Business Unit. He’s super excited about it! :)”

  1. R. is interviewing with the Managing Director, Digital Services Analytics at an American multinational financial services company.
  2. Vivek’s client S. had his first interview with the VP of Quality at a high-tech filter solutions company. S is targeting an Engineering Manager position in that company.


  1. Julie’s client B. is moving forward with Waffles’ contact at a New York based Private Equity firm! This from Waffles’ contact:

“Separately, my partner connected with B. earlier this week and they had a very productive call.  We’re going to put a mutual NDA/non-circ in place because we already have a deal for him to look at with us.  We appreciate the introduction!”


  1. H. acknowledges Anne’s Barrettizations:

“Okay YOU really know what you are doing. I really need to take you more literally. I just finally took your advice and commented on a random LinkedIn new employee hire announcement by a friend of mine who owns her own PR company. In turn, she texted me thanking me for the public compliment to her company. I then asked her if she knows anyone at [an American image sharing and social media service].  She said, ‘Yes I’m working for the CEO and Comms director right now.’ Ha! So now she’s going to facilitate some introductions.”


  1. Greg’s client J. has identified an opportunity at an American for-profit managed health care company. In looking through his social capital he found W., who is connected to many of us at TBG. He asked the Brain Trust, “Would W. be willing to do some networking with J.?” Julie jumped right in: “W. is my client and I’m happy to assist with any introductions. He’s a great guy and currently in phase 2.”
  2. Julie’s client J. has a public/private multifamily real estate deal he’s working on. Waffles introduced him to Julie’s other client C., who is deeply involved in such deals, and they’re meeting on Thursday to discuss the possibilities.
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