1. Julie: They started the interview process right as the shutdown happened, so it took a long time to go through (about 8 weeks) as they adjusted to the circumstances. Also, this company was not open to remote workers pre-COVID – now it’s no problem!

Hi Julie:

I accepted the verbal offer today with a digital transformation company.  The base is 190K, plus MBO and unlimited commission.  On Target Earnings will be $260K.  I also receive a grant of 100K worth of stock options which vests over 5 years, as well as ESSP and all the benefits.

Thank you again Julie for your guidance, wisdom and coaching.  I couldn’t be more excited.  And do tell your clients it is still possible to be hired during a pandemic.

Sending a big virtual hug –


  1. Dan reports from the Lifetime Resume Update Department: J. landed a great job with a private equity firm in NYC and we have now done five resume updates since he signed up with us in March of 2012!
  2. Paula’s delighted: E. has accepted his enhanced offer from a large online retailer as Station Operations Director! Paula had coached him to negotiate, even though the company makes it a point of stressing they do not negotiate such offers. Paula’s point: “If you don’t ask, the answer is always no.” With Paula’s help, E. put together a counteroffer and reasoning for considering it. They agreed and it was sweetened nicely. Way to go, Paula! E. says Hi to all his Barrett friends.
  3. Greg’s client A. has landed a 4-6-week consulting gig with an international company. He will be working in South and Central Asia and will continue Phase 1 of his program.


  1. Lori: M.’s Recruiter Intros launched today – she sent me this email: 

Either your LinkedIn rewrite is working or your campaign to executive recruiters is working, because I’m getting calls. It’s kind of exciting!


  1. We have two clients interviewing this week with the same global consulting firm recruiter, for the same CEO opportunity! That means Dan and Waffles are coaching against each other: we’ll have to toss a coin!
  2. George reports every week on B.’s latest interview: this week it’s some ”little” outfit he stumbled on, an American multinational investment bank. He’s out there pounding the pavement, while wrestling with some private issues – give this man a medal!


  1. Lori is so excited to share all of this with you:

My client H. has an excellent reputation as a Director of Corporate Scheduling managing 50 projects at a time, overseeing a $7 billion portfolio. She is working and searching for a position working for a reputable company in Colorado. She found a position at a company in Colorado – and asked me to tailor her resume. 

I did a quick 1st and 2nd degree search for LinkedIn connections and found she had a 2nd degree connection – and she knew the 1st degree connection. She reached out and asked her 1st degree to introduce her. It worked! Her first degree introduced her and got a call scheduled with the 2nd degree (working in California) for the company. 

She sent me an email the night before the call saying she was “freaking out” – she hasn’t looked for a job in over 15 years! I sent her the Executing Successful Networking Meetings guide from our Client Tool Library and coached her on TBG methodologies, prepping her to ask questions about how long he’d worked there and the corporate culture. 

She said the conversation was amazing! He said he’ll definitely refer her and asked her to send him her resume. She did. 2 hours later, she got a call from the company’s Colorado office – and has an interview scheduled for today! 

I coached her today on her Interview Answers – she’s ready to go! She’s now very confident and calls herself “smooth.”  

She said yesterday she felt like the “Belle of the Ball” and started laughing at how excited I was for her! I told her – “My job is to help you achieve success – when I see how this all comes together and that you’re benefiting from how this whole process works – it makes me so happy!” 😊 Yay! 🙂

  1. Dan has put in the research request to Christina for M., who has grabbed a zoom interview with a psychiatric hospital! Dan complimented M. on applying all his Barrett techniques in setting himself up for multiple interviews.
  2. Lori continues:

B. continues to be in phone calls with Recruiters! He has a phone interview today for a global financial services company for a Business Transformation Engagement and Delivery Lead position with the Hiring Manager. 

He utilized the LinkedIn 1st degree connection strategy and reached out to a contact who works in the company and provided specific questions for B. to prep him and told him to “prepare his story!”  

B. and I worked collaboratively on his questions and answering in metric terms; defining his team building strategies and providing examples! 

Ben is realizing the true value of speaking “metrics” and in concise bullet-type answers showcasing his value proposition. B. just let me know that he made it to the next round – 2nd Interview on Monday!! 🙂 So happy for him!

  1. Lori once again! G. has been inundated by recruiter calls and is in consistent phone meetings – at least 4-5 scheduled calls a day for positions in the health care industry, which is in the news for shedding millions of jobs, but they all want G.! His LinkedIn alerts are also warranting favorable results. Additionally, he has potential investors contacting him to partner with him to cross-sell a company five years in the incubation stage for telehealth products. This is what happens when our clients take our advice and do the Barrett Deal: we’re all proud of you, Lori!
  2. Paula’s watching a large online retailer continue to fill all those Station Operation Manager positions on the East Coast! This week it’s C. who will be getting a head start on the interviewing process, thanks to the Barrett Brain Trust, sharing all we’ve learned lately from our clients. Great going, Paula!
  3. Dan is assisting Paula prep E. for her first interview for the Global Program Manager opportunity at an information technology company. Go, team!


  1. Paula is pleased to see G. already interviewing, less than a month into the program! He would be reporting directly to the CEO of a European retailer, and would be responsible for the success of the businesses in Switzerland. He knocked the socks off the HR Manager, and she is presenting him to the Board!
  2. S., also Paula’s client, got contacted through LinkedIn by an HR person for a large private equity company in France. She remembered him from their MBA program 15 years ago! She has interviewed him and is recommending him for consulting work (the private equity company is looking to acquire a unit he was involved with from his prior employer).  He is awaiting confirmation for the next interview. He also feels his LinkedIn profile was an important factor.


  1. Christina has been pulling multiple lists for R.: Talent Acquisition Specialists and HR execs at major corporations in Texas. R. has been using LinkedIn, networking emails and direct phone calls to solicit interest, as Waffles suggested. It worked! He now has two interviews set up.

“This is directly from Christina’s efforts, I have both these opportunities because of Barrett. Please tell Christina how much I appreciate it!”


  1. George: C. has an interview with the SVP at a company which provides info systems (something like Bloomberg) to the financial services industry. C. used his social capital to get an introduction to the SVP, and now he has the interview. George says: “I suggested that C. do the same thing with 30 other people next week!” 
  2. D. to George:


Wanted to share with you how I reached out to [a West Coast transit agency] about their Executive Director Opening after doing some research. I was able to leverage Social Capital and obtain a Talent Acquisition contact, who forwarded my email to the head of that department.

She reached out to me immediately this morning and requested several options to connect at the first of next week via telephone. I have since replied. 

I will keep you posted on an additional communication. I am very excited about this prospect. 



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