1. M. is now CEO of a lithium ion battery technology company! Julie helped him to negotiate to offer up handsomely:  5,000/mo + ramp up with fundraising + equity. This is a multimillion-dollar deal, folks! He landed the job through the Unpublished Job Market, Part 1: Leveraging Your Human Capital, the Barrett Way.
  2. Vivek is pleased to announce that B. has accepted a position with a local company in Indiana. His title will be Project Manager/Product Consultant. B. started with us on 4/2/20 as he moved from the UK earlier this year, so this is an early landing. Nicely done, Vivek!


  1. J. came on board in 2012 and Dan and Waffles have been taking turns updating his resume for eight years now, through his time at FTSE and NASDAQ, then at a leading forum for the Investment Community, and his current position as Global Commercial Director, Private Equity at a technology consultancy. He didn’t forget his Barrett program: J. was recommended to a recruiter by a former colleague, who endorsed him as “checking all the boxes” for the role the recruiter was trying to fill. He sent the updated resume over and the first interview went great!


  1. Julie complimented her client A.:

Hi A.,

I’m so impressed with your ability to juggle everything that’s going on for you and your family – and still execute your career campaign.  AWESOME JOB!!!

These are the current interviews you’ve got scheduled (or will be scheduled) by leveraging your social capital:

1) A senior care company:  Business Performance Coach (had 1st interview yesterday); 2nd interview tomorrow with the hiring manager. You’ve known the owners for a while from working on their estate and [your friend] used to work there.

2) An American packaged foods company: [your contact] helped you navigate the internal process and you’ve got an interview with [the hiring manager] and a team member that holds the same role of Sr. Business Service Analyst.  Amazingly, you and [the hiring manager] both went to the same small high school.

3) Franchise Business Consultant role.  One of your friends knows the VP for the division and is working to set up the phone interview (let me know when this gets scheduled).

4) A medical insurance group: you’ve worked with them before and explored a role with them at that time (didn’t take).  Now you’ve reached out to both the CEO and the lady who is in the same position that is being hired (International Sales Director).  You’ve spoken to the VP of HR and they’ll be sending out the interview schedule next week (again, let me know when they’ve scheduled your interview).

I know you’ve been using our Full Interview Guide to prepare but let me know if you need anything at all between now and our next meeting.

  1. R. to Lori:

“FYI, I’m 2 for 2.  Moving onto the next round on both positions!”


  1. Tomasz praised Greg’s performance this week after receiving an update from our client C.:

“So far so good. I am up and live on LinkedIn and following the directions of Greg E. I am in the process of pinpointing a CEO position in either the San Francisco Bay Area or Switzerland. I noticed that you know some interesting people in the SF / Bay Area – I may contact you in the near future to see if I may reach out to them – please keep me in mind for any persons in the SF / Bay Area that you think I should speak to 🙂 ! Thank you very much in advance for your support Tomasz.

Best, C.”

  1. T. to Julie:

“Dear Julie,

I hope this message finds you well.

I was contacted for an initial interview on Monday the 25th with [a company that offers medical equipment, software, supplies and services], please see the job description attached. May I please have some more research on the company? I understand it will probably not arrive before the first interview, but hopefully I can use it for a second interview if that happens. (Christina, of course, provided the requested research in two hours from the email.)

Thank you in advance and wish you a nice day.

With my best regards,



  1. George was showing D. how to use a networking list he got with names from an American aerospace company. We found the Vice President Operations, Supply Chain and D. had a solid mutual 1st level connection.  We then checked another person who looked like she was a direct report to the VP. Only one problem: It turns out she left that company to join another company.  When did she leave?  May of 2020.  It’s very likely her position is now open.  D. couldn’t wait to get off the phone to call his mutual connection to the guy who was probably her boss.  He has a suggestion for who might be able to fill that position.


  1. Julie tells us her client T. is amazing with her newly found networking prowess! Her new contact texted her today:

“I was on the phone with my friend who is a Compliance Officer at [a financial services company in Florida]. I was talking to her about you and she asked me to share your contact information. Her [company] is growing like crazy. She said to give her a buzz today. If she doesn’t have something available, she may know someone who does!”

  1. Dan heard from his client R.:

“Made some interesting connections, we will see what materializes. There are signs of life in the economy, hopefully businesses will continue to reopen.”

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