Frontline Report for 05-18-22

The Hiring Line Stats:

Offers Accepted: 4
Offers Received: 6
Interviews Advanced: 13
1st Interviews: 31

Offers Accepted:

1. Isabelita Castilho is delighted to start us off this morning with the success story of her client H.! He’s staying with the Utilities, Energy, and Extraction, but he now has the title of Commercial Director, Oil & Gas – MEA. We know he employed his social capital to make this happen. Isabelita clues us in: “H. is a local Emirati client who has been in the same company for the last 30 years (promoting within the company throughout the years). He loves his job but feels it reached a plateau. He truly enjoyed the networking and social capital sessions with TBG and landed a position with a new Oil & Gas company covering the MEA markets. He’s very thankful for the learning he had with the program. Met H. in person today and got the updates. He’s a true gentleman.” Nice work, Isabelita!

2. T. landed within two weeks of his orientation with Larry DiBoni! His former title was Senior Operations Manager for a company on the East Coast. He is now West Coast Port Operations Manager for a material trading company. He’s a Transportation & Delivery guy, apparently. Base moved from $135k to initial offer of $140, landed at $145, with a $40K landing bonus. Larry helped him also negotiate more vacation days. The company has a good 401(K) and general benefits. You go, Larry!          

3. Jerry Fronczak’s client D. is now Vice President, Head of Investment & Data Systems for a the holding company for a global life and health reinsurance entity! She resigned from her position of Director, Enterprise Data for the new opportunity.

4. Dan Resendes confirms that his client V. has landed.

Offers Received:

1. Lori Chevalier just landed in the airport and is showing us around the shops, pointing out her client J.’s challenges at his new company! Working on location, the title-in-progress is either Strategy Director or Strategy Consultant. Lori tells us more: “J. met with the owner after one of his friends introduced him. The owner offered him a job ON THE SPOT!  He is currently in discussions as to what it can look like and which direction to move forward in!”

2. Patti Vargas’ patience has paid off: S. snagged the offer from a beverage company, and we’re all raising glasses over it! This is an internal transfer – S. currently works for the same firm but in a different location. “This is in line with his desire to stay in the industry but relocate to another state. We are negotiating salary and vacation.”

3. Barbara Limmer’s first string client D. scored a single! Offer is in from a financial institution, this is how he laid it out: “@Barbara Limmer good news! I did receive an offer from [the financial institution] for a VP role. $140k base and $15K bonus (dependent on performance). However,…it is based [on the East Coast], right now moving expenses would be on me.” Barbara, put on your Negotiations Shoes!

4. & 5. Jerry Fronczak’s J. tosses two horseshoes and gets a mixed metaphor spare!
  • At a engineering, procurement, construction, and project management company on the East Coast for Strategy Manager.
  • At a large online distributor in the Southwest for Senior Program Manager.

Two offers in a week, nice, Jerry!

6. Paula Nordhoff’s client D. is going back on the consulting road! She got the verbal offer last week and expects the offer letter this week. Leveraged social capital and directly applied as well.


Interviews Progress:

1. Debbie Brupbacher’s client J. had a successful interview with a Headhunter and will meet for an interview with the Head of Global Sales & Business Development Leader. Opportunity title is EMEA Sales Director, stationed in Switzerland.

2. A third-party recruiter reached out to Isabelita Castilho’s client V., and he requested TBG for interview prep. It seems it went well! Title is MD, Head of GTB Partnerships, Ecosystems and Data Science for a financial institution. This is his third interview.

3. to 6. Four of Barbara Limmer’s clients had these interviews:
  • A. is leaning into the curves and is moving to first place in the race! The prize is a VP of Operations at a college counseling firm. After interviewing with the 3rd party recruiter, met with head of HR on 5/12, met with the two co-founders on 5/13. This all came as a result of our email campaign!

  • J. at a law firm on the East Coast – the show goes on! Referral from social capital to Founding Partner of this law firm; started as informational meeting but then became an interview; partner wants to find a way to bring J. on board. Job is right: Non-Equity Securities Partner. The new interview is with another partner. Bring it, Barbara!

  • T. at an online media, strategy, and fundraising firm for VP of Accounts. HR interview: next step is a 4-hour “assignment” to complete (their words) that he will get later this week.

  • J. at a transportation company in the Midwest for Director, Product Management. Master SME Vivek Agarwal coached him for interview prep prior to Orientation; he’s had a couple of interviews since then and was just told they want him to meet with 4 more people over the course of the next week!

7. & 8. Two of Jerry’s clients are next:

  • K. interviewed at a large online retailer in the Midwest for an Individual Contributor role. Moving to the next level!
  • And E. at a housing company for IT Strategic Sourcing Professional; second interview.
9. to 11. Lori’s clients C., G. and L.:
  • C. at a coffee foodservice company in the Midwest for General Manager: “Got great feedback from the 3rd party recruiter based on my interview with the Chief HRO yesterday. I am advancing to the next round…in fact, they are pausing discussions with all other candidates. My next interviews will be with the CFO and CEO of the company (and I assume that is the extent of the gauntlet).”

  • G. at a financial institution for the Investment & Banking Division: “G. would essentially write the job description! A former colleague of G.’s is taking a Managing Director position there, starting in a couple of months, and has expressed significant interest in G. joining to help the division with its digital transformation efforts. He has another call with her next Thursday afternoon – then she wants to introduce him to the divisions CIO. The general theme of the work she wants him to do is essentially, ‘G. please come here and do what you’ve done at your prior employers; we need it. Come build an agile product management team, development team, growth hacking team, etc. etc.’” …ummm, okay!

  • And L. is continuing her progression in the interviews at a revenue cycle technology platform!

12. Dan Resendes’ client L. interviewed at a fashion company on the East Coast for National Sales Manager. This one was sourced from a 3rd party recruiter. She already interviewed with new boss and HR:

“Good morning, Dan-
“I now have 5 other meetings set up between now and Wednesday. They are with the head designer, CFO, Global Sales Director/Operations Director, Marketing Director and the Business Associate manager. Three are in person Monday at noon, the other 2 are zoom meetings as they are in FL; Tuesday at 3 and Wednesday at 8 AM.

“As I mentioned, [the CEO] asked me what kind of compensation I was looking for and I followed your coaching exactly. The 3rd party recruiter has my salary/commission information. [She] said ‘Okay’ and ‘that it would be a nice one.’

“Last evening around 5:30, I received this from the recruiter:
Hi L., I hope this email finds you well. [The CEO] had a great call with you yesterday and she really feels you would be a great fit for the role. Now that you have more information, what would be the right offer for you to take this position?

“As I mentioned to [the CEO], with you knowing my current compensation, I am confident [that the company] can make a competitive offer knowing the skill set I am bringing to the company and one that is befitting of what the role requires.

“Dan, thank you again for your continued support. It means a lot. Thank you!”

13. Paula Nordhoff & Waffles Natusch worked with J.: “Interview went really well. Got to give some free legal advice on structuring employment contracts and gov’t cybersecurity certification requirements. 🙂 We blew through the 30 minutes too quickly and have a second 30-minute chat scheduled for Tuesday!”



1. to 3.: Three of Lori’s clients had first interviews:

  • M. for Regional Business Manager: “She was referred through her social capital and presented to the hiring manager and was in interviews almost immediately!”
  • V. for Interim General Manager: “He was referred by a friend to this company for an Interim GM position. Exploratory interview.”
  • S. for VP, Data & Analytics.

4. to 8.: Lori’s client J. quadrupled down: aces high, queens are wild, show of hands!

  • At the East Coast for Global Sourcing Director
  • In the Midwest for Manager, Global Planning-Global Supply Chain
  • For Global Sourcing, Manager of Analytics and Reporting: “J. applied to a different role and got called to interview for this one!”
  • In the Midwest/Remote for Senior Manager

9. & 10.: Debbie’s clients V. and S.

  • V. at a multinational manufacturer of computer peripherals and software, in Europe for Global Head of Digital Marketing for Global Commercial Organization (GCO). First interview with Talent Acquisition from a job posting.

  • S. at a large consulting firm in the UK for General Counsel.

11. Asli Bilgin’s client P. interviewed at a global travel retailer in Europe for General Counsel Commercial & M&A.

12. to 19. Another one of Asli’s clients, T., has eight current opportunities:

  • Director/Country Director in Europe: tomorrow is the first call.
  • Supply Chain Director, European level: 2nd interview with recruitment agency owner interview tomorrow.
  • An auction website: 6 x 30 min meetings.
  • Supply chain manager: waiting to have invitation for next week interview with COO. Preliminary talks with internal recruiter went well. Position on hold, approach the internal recruiter again.
  • With an executive search firm: Go to the next step, “I will be introduced to them by the recruiter. Supply Chain Manager role. I will check for connections.”
  • A major sports apparel manufacturer: short call with an interim Hiring Manager, end of the month interview with Hiring Manager. “I also got an assessment from [the company] – have to write 2-4 slides on ‘How should [company] move in terms of speed within [a country]? It will be concluded with me presenting it to the interviewers.’
  • Via recruiter, assessment for 2 jobs.
  • With a leader in refractories: “The interview went great. For the final question, he only gave me that he sees a perfect fit between my SC experience and understanding and what he sees as necessary for the team right now. Next week Tuesday will have my second round. This will be the final one.”
20. & 21.: Anne Lipsitz’s client C. had two interviews. One for General Counsel for a company that is looking to go public. He has experience, salary, bonus, and equity – and would need to relocate. The other is for HR & Legal Consultant, supporting data centers.

22. Another one of Anne’s clients, D. had an interview at a fashion retailer for Vice President Sales, North America. He already met with former colleague who just started at that company as Channel Manager North America. He set up this introductory interview with their CRO.

23. Julie Mathern’s client J. worked with Vivek Agarwal as the SME on this one, and interviewed at a Midwest firm for Director, Application Development in the Finance & Financial Services industry.

24. to 27.: George Schulz’s client E. had four interviews with East Coast companies:

  • At a large consulting firm for Manager of ESG. Internal recruiter contacted him. They had interview about above job and discussed salary. Interview went well, but he said could not consider the salary range.  She may look for other positions.
  • An investment company for Head of ESG. Notes: Recruiter contacted him and set up review with HR and 2nd Interview with Sr. VP Head of Product Development.
  • At an artificial intelligence firm for Prod. Mgr for Wealth Mgmt. Notes: I mentioned the first interview previously.  Was informed on 5/13/22 that they want to set up a third interview.
  • At private investment firm for ESG Product Manager. Notes: Date of above is approximate.  Spoke with HR.  They then set up interview with the current incumbent who is leaving. Waiting to hear about a third interview
28. to 30.: One of Jerry’s clients interviewed for Strategist, Renewable Development, and two for Sales Director roles.

31. Ramesh Shivakumaran’s client F. interviewed at a financial institution in Asia & Middle East for Regional Head Asia & Middle East. Ramesh pours the coffee and gives us all the details:

“As a well experienced Banking executive, F. joined the Barrett Group’s career change program eight weeks ago and is presently in Phase 1. He has been diligently following the program methodology and always prompt with executing his assessments.

“He has been actively engaged with his references and social capital and one of his aspirations was to become the Regional Head of a financial institution in Asia & Middle East. F. recently obtained a referral and interview for the above opportunity to look after the firm’s operations in Asia and Middle East and he will also be the global head of the financial institution’s business.

“F. is very excited to inform that it will be a great opportunity. He will be reporting to the Global CEO of the firm, and he will also be responsible to lead the key divisions contributing a sizeable share of pretax profit. F. is a confident, matured leader and he has been provided with the required coaching for the above opportunity. He will let me know via Asana as soon as he gets the green light / a written initial offer for further discussion.”



1. Moving right along, the TBG writing team has been doing some astounding work of late. In the last week, this team has completed 43 client writing tasks with another 22 active document tasks they are currently working to complete over the next 5 days. Once again, Anicia Hogan wears the Heavyweight Championship belt with almost 21% of the workload! 

  • “Thank you, Anicia Hogan! The writing on this is very good, so thank you.” – Barbara Limmer
  • “I am very impressed, Jack Harms! Very polished and to-the-point writing! Fantastic. I only made some modifications to match the client’s style knowing him better from daily interaction. Keep it up the awesome work!” – Isabelita Castilho
  • “This is excellent, thank you, Luke Duggan!”  – Barbara Limmer

2. L. to Dan Resendes:

“So nice to speak with you today as well and I definitely remembered your tips and used them successfully! 

“My call could not have gone better.  She was so complimentary and told me how inspiring I was to her the other night.  She definitely wants to do some of the things we discussed and has already started thinking about how to implement them.  I will be meeting with 3 of the people in person on Monday, with the other calls to follow. 

“I followed your lead when it came to the compensation question and she was totally good with it…she said, “don’t worry, it will be a nice one.”  She told me they are very solid, very profitable and she was very proud how they pulled through Covid.  She complimented me on how I was even working in shipping when I had to, to make sure the shipments got out; showing my dedication to the company.

“She also asked me to practice role playing. She said “you are a very valuable asset to the company and this is not going to go down well. You have a fantastic resume and have accomplished so much.” She told me that she also hopes that I plan to stay a long time, as all the employees have done so. 

“What a way to end a Friday!  Thank you for all your guidance.  Hope the offer comes before you leave…prefer to do this with someone I know. 


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