Frontline Report for 05-11-22

The Hiring Line Stats:

Offers Accepted: 4
Offers Received: 2
Interviews Advanced: 18
1st Interviews: 11

Offers Accepted:

1. Isabelita Castilho had two clients land in time for this week’s report!
-L. received the offer from a research company. Isabelita shares the details: “L. reached out as a total stranger to the CEO with a very polished pitch via LinkedIn. He got a response same day, meeting next day, another meeting the following week with the hiring manager, then another 2 weeks another meeting with the HR Business Partner. Boom! Done deal. They made an initial offer as a contributor for the first 3 months with the high potential to convert into permanent role if it goes well after the experiment.”
-M. passed along the news to Isabelita: “I am happy to inform you that I have received a great offer from [the investment company] as a VP of governance and compliance. I would like to thank you very much for your great efforts and guidelines which was very useful for me. Thanks, M.” M. landed in under three months. Package weighed in at $180K USD.

2. K., Jerry Fronczak’s client, has landed the position of At Home Center Manager in the Education space. She had previously been District Manager with a communication device company. She was recruited for the new job. Lori Chevalier/Waffles Natusch are now working with her to help her land another role!

3. George Schulz’s client Z. has landed! New title is Vice President for a business support and logistics company. He had been CEO of a window company.

Offers Received:

1. “Waffles, Expecting an offer from [the manufacturing company] today. I would like to get together on a call with you once I receive it so we can discuss negotiation techniques for salary (primarily) and benefits. D.”

2. Debbie Brupbacher’s client J. received his offer from the gaming company! The offer has been received but not yet negotiated. There are a number of open items for discussion as well as trying to wait as he has another potential offer with another company. Exciting times for J.!

Barrett Hires Barrett!

“Hi Jerry and Waffles, For starters, things are off to a great start at [my new company] – couldn’t be happier with the move! Second, I’m set to close this month on the acquisition of [a manufacturing company]. Since we last spoke, I brought the person I mentioned who will operate the business on as a minority partner. I feel a lot better about his commitment to grow and nurture the business. Finally, I am in the market to hire a Sales Director at [my new company] that has experience in the water treatment industry – bonus if they also have software experience. Is this something you can help me with? Best regards, P.”

Interviews Progress:

1. Isabelita Castilho clues us in: The ball is still rolling with both companies for Y.:
-The major online retailer has reassured him the written offer is on the way – typical for this employer- around 9 months process!
-While this retailer is “sleeping”, Y. has other great updates with the pharmaceutical company: they want to talk comp! The interview with the hiring manager is confirmed for Thursday.

2. Barbara Limmer’s clients R. and A. are advancing.
-R. advances at a hospitality company for a Director of IT role. R. had technical “deep dive” interview and was invited for onsite with Regional VP.
-A. forges ahead at a financial services company. This is a full Corporate Counsel role. A. elaborates: “My brother-in-law went to college with the COO and the CEO. This interview was obtained without his intervention yet. He has been slacking. He is going to make his call to the CEO this afternoon.”

3. Julie Mathern’s client S. shares his latest update. “I hope all is well… One of the senior execs from [the healthcare company] is in [the area] today and has asked if I can meet up with him and I’d like to make it happen. Also, I have advanced to the fourth and final round with this company (today’s meeting is just an extra opportunity to connect, not an interview). Finally, I am awaiting a revised offer from [the staffing company]. Thanks, S.”

4. Larry DiBoni’s client C. is interviewing at an advisory company for a Senior Manager role. Larry notes, “C. has been recommended to move forward with the next interview. Next Interview to include a case study and behavioral study.”

5. G. reports in to Debbie Brupbacher and Waffles Pi Natusch: “Hi Both- I am sorry I have to cancel this meeting today as I have further discussions happening at that time regarding the opportunity with the logistics company. Sounds like it could work. I will keep you posted later in the week. Thanks, G.”

6. George Schulz pulled Dan Resendes in for strategy for N. “Topics: Closing the Deal- [The personal goods company] has 4 branding options- talked with recruiter from before and engaged with current worker in group & will speak with them next week. [The medical waste company] has a couple different options and speaking with former CEO this week for coffee. [The supply company] had good interview for jr pricing position- I went on LinkedIn to see if I had an influencer, reached out & he contacted me quickly and is taking my resume to 2 levels above whom I interviewed with. ‘He needs someone who does more than that;’ Brother-in-law hooked me up with sports management guy. Talking to him this week.”

7. Lori Chevalier has a parade of clients with interviews.

-To start, “L. is advancing to the next round!! He’s interviewing at a major retailer for a Senior Category Manager in one of their divisions.”
-Next, E. is moving in on the personal finance company, pushing for the Director, Strategic Partnership opening. “First interview for E. went well, she is progressing forward to the next stage which will be a virtual meeting this week!”
-Also, T. was at home goods retailer for Strategy Manager – Private Brands. “T. had 2 pre-screen interviews with the HR Manager, is scheduled for an interview, and has already been pre-scheduled for a 2nd interview! They also reached out to him to apply for the Senior Manager role in advance of the interviews!”
-Meanwhile, M. advances at a biotech company for an Associate Director of Digital Marketing role. “M. was contacted by a recruiter about this role! Even before we launched her Third-Party Recruiter intros!”
-Then, H. is advancing within the foodservice company interviews to the next round; next meeting is with their Chief HR Officer.
-Finally, O. was at a department store this week for a Senior Manager, Supplier Diversity Procurement role. O. skips categories to a consulting company for a Senior Consultant role. She has already had 5 interviews! She is also interviewing at a procurement company for Senior Procurement Specialist; this is her third interview!


1. Rob Wicker was ready to serve Barbara Limmer’s client B.. He landed an interview at a professional services company for a Director of Business Development role. Barbara expressed, “Thank you to Rob Wicker for stepping in with no notice to meet with him for prep services!”

2. Barbara Limmer’s client W. was at a manufacturing company. W. shares, “I found the VP through a LI search and decided to send him an invite. After he accepted, he immediately gave me a call, and had a very long conversation. A few days later I took a friend and visited him in his office. He is extremely interested in putting together a team to introduce [the company] in the USA market. After that meeting, I made the research request, as I am even considering proposing him a partnership, instead of just a job.”

3. Lori Chevalier’s clients Y., A., and S. all had interviews.
-First, L. is at a consulting firm for Executive Consulting. “Recruiter reached out and scheduled meetings with L. after we updated her LI profile!”
-Second, A. is pursing a Project Management Role at a hospital. Networking/Interviewing meeting to discuss roles!
-Third, S. is interviewing at a healthcare company for a VP of Marketing job. Discovery interview for opportunity!

4. Jayson Searle’s client F. will have a series of interviews with three people from a data platform for a COO role!

5. Paula Nordhoff’s clients E. and I. had interviews.
-B. is pursing a Vice President, Central Operations role in Biopharmaceuticals. She snagged this one from a job posting.
-I. is interviewing for a Controller role for a professional sports team. The parent organization reached out to her regarding the opening.

6. Anne Lipsitz’s client K. is interviewing at a healthcare company for a Director of Foundation Relations opportunity.

7. Isabelita Castilho’s client N. is pursuing a General Manager role in the Utilities, Energy, and Extraction industry. Client got his LinkedIn profile optimized and, in the same week, was approached by a 3rd party recruiter. This is the first official meeting with the CEO after the recruiter.

8. Julie Mathern’s client P. is at a power company for Sales & Business Development Manager. He shares, “A recruiter, reached out to me weeks ago and shared with me the job description and I shared a potential interest. They reached out to me today and secured the interview for me.”


1. L. reports to Lori Chevalier, “I am approached by recruiters after I updated my LinkedIn profile. Your coaching really works.”

2. “Isabelita Castilho: thanks for the nice meeting today, it always feels as a fun moment in the day, and always with a learning moment. H.”

3. J., still in Clarity, wrote: “Good evening, Vivek, Wanted to let you know we got the WIN this afternoon! The recruiter and I are currently waiting for the hiring manager to accept the time slot. I have let Barbara know the news as well. Thank you very much for your candid feedback on my elevator pitch. This saved the day. I have attached the rough talking points I created. “Not sure if I will get to work with you again, but for sure I will let you know where I end up at the end of this journey. Thanks again, J.”

4. From Ramsey Penegar about the writing team: “The TBG Writing Team has been busy developing some of the best resumes, CVs, and job search documents for our clients! The team completed 44 total projects in the last week and 190 in the last month. We have another 32 in the queue for completion over the next 4 or 5 days. Our Heavyweight Champion of the week AND the month is….(drum roll)…Anicia Hogan!”

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