1. First, R. (see below) followed his team’s advice and successfully negotiated his offer from a company that facilitates returns for online companies up and has accepted! That’s what we do, and this is how we do it!
  2. Second, Paula’s client M. has landed as CTO at a cloud-based video management company!


  1. To begin, R. received his written offer from a company that facilitates returns for online companies for the Director of Finance position. Greg pulled Dan in to go through 100+ lines of strategy on the Compensation Foundation spreadsheet and they are in the heat of battle to get R. the best final offer!
  2. And then, Julie rounds the bend with M. as he continues his negotiations with a lithium ion battery technology company. His goal will be to raise $15 million as soon as possible, that’s when his full deal kicks in. Best news: The Board is on board!
  3. Of course, Anne is so excited for L., she says her offer is so well deserved! She would have had it in hand in April, but COVID-19 delayed it; we are glad to see they are now going forward. She will be Director of Institutional Effectiveness & Accreditation Liaison Officer for a private university focused on health sciences. BIG move!
  4. And finally, Paula is delighted: E. just got the offer as Ops Director for a large online retailer!


  1. P. tells Julie that there is an internal opportunity at his current company and the process is moving forward!


  1. Let’s start with D. who is in third-round interviews at an elevator corporation and Greg is cheering him on!
  2. Greg is amazed at R.! He networked his way into the first three interviews with a national wholesale florist, including one with the 82-year-old Chairman. One more and he will spend a day at their office to meet the team. R.’s been taking 10-12 hours of LinkedIn classes each week, and while unemployed he earned both his green and black belts in Lean Six Sigma. We don’t think he’s even heard of COVID-19!


  1. Paula tells us G. is interviewing for a BPS Business Strategist role with the Director & Contact Center Operations Leader at a software solutions provider. Good luck, G.!
  2. M. updated Waffles on his activities, which included a second interview with a distributor for building materials and a first interview with the CEO of a spring manufacturer, who had put an open letter on LinkedIn looking for a COO to help him build the company. M. followed Waffles’ advice and sent the CEO an InMail on LinkedIn and they had their first phone call the very next day!
  3. R. got an interview with an international electronics group next week for VP of Legal & Contracts. He will speak with the CEO, COO, and two other people over a video conference, most likely on Monday. Vivek has him set up for a mock interview in preparation.
  4. G. was pleased to tell Paula that he has an interview for a CEO position in a startup backed up by the biggest retailer in Switzerland!
  5. George checked in with the weekly B. interviews: a first with a financial institution in New York, and an unexpected second interview with a Midwestern financial services firm after several weeks of silence. Now they are telling him to expect another call next week. Keep up the coaching, George!
  6. Paula’s client J. has begun interviews with a large online retailer for Station Operations Manager, yay, another one!
  7. O., two weeks into the program:

“Thanks Greg. I have been using your recommendations on social engagement and it is working.  Through that I have a first interview as a Regional Vice President for [a national gas station and convenience store chain] tomorrow evening and another lead with a private business [on the East Coast].”


  1. George received this from D.:

“Thank you for your time today. Our session was very rewarding and the People Search to continue to define my Social Capital ties together some of the loopholes I previously had questions about, so thank you.”

  1. George from S.:

“Thanks, George. Your continued advice greatly assists, and has contributed in a positive way with [an engineering services company] as training oneself to adopt the strategy to (perpetually) look for ‘social capital’ in all interactions and processes has caused me to expand my contacts; just today in fact.”

  1. From George to Dan:

“Not sure I properly thanked you for the incredible work you did on M.’s documents.  I can’t thank you enough, and M. is extremely pleased.  It was a huge amount of work and you did a magnificent job.”

  1. From M. to George, who helped him finally stand up to his boss:

“Thanks for encouraging me to do this…helping me confront and not avoid the possible confrontation…you helped me a lot George!”

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