Frontline Report for 05-12-21

The Hiring Line:

  1. Lori tells us that G. had two interviews and an onsite visit.  The Fortune 500 manufacturer presented him with an offer as Global Creative Director. G. will relocate for his new position which he starts in June! We are engaging in the offer negotiations as we speak! Yay!!! 🙂

  2. Julie’s client N. has accepted the offer at holding company; he will be serving as their new General Counsel. This position pays $250K+bonus+equity and full benefits. How did he pick this plum, you may ask? He followed Julie’s advice and skillfully loaded his social capital to position himself for this unpublished job! Julie gets a Barrett Salute!

  3. Waffles shares that D. had applied for a VP of Supply Chain position at a manufacturer of security locks and locking systems in September and was not selected. HR called him up a few weeks ago with another position, more data-driven, which D. really digs! The company is growing and there is room for advancement. Congratulations, D.!


  1. Isabelita shares: she has asked Waffles to join her on a meeting with M., who has received an invitation to join and invest in a telemedical platform. Interesting deck here, Isabelita!
  2. This one from Greg:

    “J. and I spent some time on the phone today discussing an offer he has in front of him. It is a consulting gig that is offering full time employment. I’m pulling in the team help with the details.”

    Thanks for all your efforts, Greg!

Interviews Advance:

  1. We start off with some from Anne: G. has an interview as Global R&D Director, they are moving to privately owned and he will be responsible for transformation and change, very exciting!

  2. Anne’s client B. had an interview with a marketing firm for Vice President Print & Production. It is a big job, running their print plant and marketing campaigns. She will be a direct report to the President! B. is having great success from last week’s recruiter mailing and continuing to set up meetings with them.

  3. And P. shared:

    “Can’t wait to talk to you on Wednesday…you are going to be so proud of me. 😊”

    Anne responded:

    “WOOHOO, best kind of message!!! “

  4. Another one of Anne’s clients, M. send her this note:

    “Anne: I’ve had multiple interviews with [the provider of remote control systems]. 3 calls with recruiters, and their HR team, plus a video interview yesterday, and another today. I’ll keep you posted!”

  5. Lori steps in with an update on the provider of cloud-based ERP solutions COO role process with J.:

    “Lori, I’m proceeding in the process for the COO position. I [received an] email to complete [some] assessments, which I did yesterday.”

    The next steps are two interviews that have been scheduled for next week. You go, J.!

  6. Lori’s client S. has been active in interviews!

    1. Monday: first interview for a CEO role last week for (company not disclosed), notified she has been selected as a final candidate for CEO position and had a zoom interview with the Executive Search Committee/Board of Directors.

    2. Tuesday: video interview for CEO role with a community health center, she is a prime candidate, and was contacted by an executive search firm.

    3. Wednesday: contacted by an executive recruiter for an initial video screening set up for a CEO role at a provider of healthcare services.

  7. Lori on a roll: L. has been actively engaging in the LinkedIn application process and has two interviews this week:
    1. Consulting role / Company nondisclosed
    2. HR / Business Manager / event venue role

      Go L.! 🙂 💃

  8. Paula stops by: M. and a charitable organization – Exec Director role – first interview last week went very well – she is being recommended to go to the next step – should know more by the end of the week. Stay with her, Paula!
  9. Oh, hi, George, take off your coat, stay a while!

    “Here is an update on my long-term Phase 3 client M.. She landed a job last year with a large hospital system in FL and after about six months realized that she wasn’t happy there and we got back together. M. is looking for a new full-time position, but she began this pesky consulting business in her strong suit, which is executive compensation and total rewards. She has started turning up on LI keyword searches and getting consulting gigs, which she likes.

    In the last two weeks she began: three consulting gigs and today has her 2nd interview with [a member association] for a Dir. of Compensation and Total Rewards position, for which she is clearly very qualified. She wants to balance consulting with a fulltime job to see if the consulting might force her to go into that full time if it continues to grow. Nice position to be in.”

    Indeed, George, and your commitment to your client in her journey makes your Barrett team proud, as always!

  10. George’s brand new client K. took George through the four current opportunities he’s working, all at the senior executive level!
  11. Waffles’ client M. is heating up the market with her latest progress:

    “Hi Waffles, quick update from the [ed tech] recruiter – I’m moving along in the process, they want me to meet with their CPO. Will be talking about the same points I went through with the recruiter last week, so I think I am well set and prepared for that conversation. I will let you know how it goes! Also, scheduling meeting with the CEO of [another ed tech firm], the third meeting!”

  12. Julie’s client H. shares:

    “Hi Julie, [the chemical company] wants a 2nd interview with the hiring manager. This job is really spot on, so let’s see what happens!”

    This could be a Homerun, H.!


  1. Julie’s client A. tugged the Research Team’s coat for Interview Prep Research on an insurance firm for a Senior Director – Strategic Account Client Program Management role, targeting the General Manager. Travis, would you like to claim this one in the Asana queue?

  2. Anne’s client B. is interviewing with the CEO for a new Head for their growing climate change division. It is in Series C funding and shows good promise for advancement! What a great fit for her, Anne!

  3. Lori took a breath from her recent jet setting to tell us that J. applied for a position via LinkedIn and had a General Manager interview with a multinational conglomerate! Go J.! 🙂

  4. Dan’s client C. is interviewing at a media and entertainment company for a Chief Data Officer opportunity. C. is interviewing with the Executive Vice President, Global Media. Dan put in the order for any information on the EVP, as well as org charts and any media or press releases that are data related. The resources we provide our clients are unique in our industry!

  5. Julie’s client E. is interviewing for the President role at a wholesale distributor! Julie will get him well prepared!


  1. Julie’s client A.:

    “Also, THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP!!! So glad I hired you guys to help me. I appreciate all the conversations and coaching.”

  2. Lori’s client J.:

    “Thank you Lori for the highly informative interactive session last Friday navigating through LinkedIn. I learned so much and you are a fabulous and very patient teacher. Highly appreciative of the work we are doing together.”

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