Frontline Report for 05-05-21

The Hiring Line:

  1. Lori’s client M. accepted the offer for Global Head of Tax and Accounting. Lori writes:

    “Three offers and executing stellar negotiation strategies, with the assistance of Dan, M. has accepted an offer at [a professional services firm]!

    Offer 1 – Base was good, but not quite there. Collaborating with Dan to obtain expert advice, M. went “back to the table” and inquired if there was a “creative way to get closer to her base salary.”
    Offer 2 – Increased the targeted base and added a full MBA program from a triple accredited institution. Inquiring ever so gently and politely, grateful for the opportunity, she went back once more with additional questions.
    And Offer 3 – Added two months’ salary as a sign on bonus and added an additional 5 days for the studies! Way to go, M.!💃”

  2. One more of Lori’s clients: A. has landed at a private university as Associate General Counsel. This was a six-month interview process that Lori has been supporting her throughout. A. had two targets: either education or nonprofit, and minimum commute (her new employer is five minutes from her house!). Lori scores another win!
  3. News from M.:

    “Hi Julie and Waffles,

    I have been so swamped I haven’t had much time to catch up. I have accepted a position with a startup! The position is Chief Banking Officer but until the [company] obtains all approvals and opens …. all C suite execs and any employees are technically paid as consultants. Money is ok @$200K. Great people, valuable experience and is very out of my comfort zone!

    Eventually I would have to move. Thus, I am continuing to interview with other organizations… I am still talking to a credit union and a bank, as well as continuing my networking. Best, M.”

  4. Julie continues:

    “So, T. is walking down the hall to hand his resignation letter to his boss as he took Julie’s advice and accepted the great offer from [a communications and advertising agency], where he was able to negotiate a $155K base, early review at six months with possible merit increase/promotion. He sees his boss walking towards him directing him to his office, where he promptly gets terminated due to a downsize! The boss offers him four week’s severance and commissions for the next year.
    He says: ‘Oh…okay.'”

  5. Julie goes for the gold with H. who has accepted a contract role with an oil company as he continues his search (just started his program). He had an interview last week (scheduling 2nd interview now) at a wastewater recovery technology provider, for the role of Senior Process Design Engineer. Another interview last week was with a fuels technology company that he felt went well. He and the hiring manager had a lot in common. The interview prep research was great – it had details on a new project, so he had some good questions to ask. And this just in: a new interview with the manufacturer of petrochemicals later this week!
  6. There are some big holes to fill in Julie’s calendar: A. accepted to offer from a hospitality management company! Comments: A. is thrilled with the new opportunity – her love is hotels & hospitality and she is very happy to go back. She had been working in the healthcare arena doing operations for a few years after departing her family’s hotel business. We prepped for the interview and offer negotiations (and all other program elements were launched). Her new title is Corporate Director of Hotel Operations. Everyone is cheering on this end!
  7. Greg’s client C. has landed! Here are the details of the telecommunication provider offer, which has been accepted: Salary $130K, 4.5 % Objective bonus. Profit sharing – calculated at a rate of 0.4% of an employee’s annual base salary for every 1% of growth in EBIT1 year-over-year, up to a maximum of 9% of salary which will be achieved at 22.5% EBIT1 growth.
  8. This from J.:

    “Thanks, Waffles! I really appreciate your feedback on the offer. I’m excited!”

    Lori pulled Waffles in to help with the negotiations. Hmm, salary was flat: $238,500 current, offer $250,000. J. was negotiating directly with her new boss, the CEO of a provider of software implementation, integration and consulting services. He told her:

    “Nobody here makes more than that.”

    Okay, where else can we go? Bonus a little light at $160K, she’ll easily beat that at her current job. Sign on bonus of $40K, that’s nice…hey, what’s this on Line 15 in the Compensation Foundation Spreadsheet: $337,984 current, $440,000 on new offer??

    When she leaves her current employer after 15 years, she’ll be forced to sell her equity. When she packs up her desk, right next to her Tom Brady bobble head she’ll be stuffing an envelope with $337,984 in it.

    Wait for it:

    The CEO has set the company up for a sale within the next six months, he already has two bidders competing. J.’s offer includes ½ of 1% equity, it vests 20% a year – unless there is a liquidity event, which makes it instant! So, she’s set up to get a suitcase for Christmas loaded with $440,000 in cash!

    Waffles advised her to accept the offer!


  1. Paula’s client J. has an offer and a 3rd interview with another company!

    Financial organization – got the offer last night. VP, Product Owner – Technology delivery. Reports to another VP. Base is $145K – discretionary bonus at current employer, is a bit higher around $150K but in bonuses, he can get up to 50% of salary.

    He has his 3rd interview this week with a manufacturer that has ops in the US and Europe. They produce a range of manufactured products. They seem very keen on him. However, the role is titled Manager, Continuous Improvement. He feels they would be higher than the financial organization. Paula pulled Dan in to provide Offer Negotiations on a one-hour notice. Dan (of course!) jumped right in and sent J. the zoom recording right after the meeting so he could study it before jumping in with the company meeting. Yay, Dan for always being there for the clients!

Interviews Advance:

  1. Waffles’ client S. followed his coaching in her third panel interview for the position at a financial services organization. She’s also progressing in the CEO search at a non-profit organization. Both of these published opportunities begat interviews through clever use of her network, as she danced around the HR machines. You go, girl!!
  2. Another client of Waffles’, M. shares:

    “Good news, I heard from the recruiter working with [education technology company] that I am moving forward in their General Counsel search process! I am talking to the recruiter again on Thursday and he wants to focus on the following areas:

    ‘As the next step in our process, I wanted to set up a call to do a deeper dive into your background with a focus on key areas of focus for [our company] (M&A/Leadership/IPO-readiness/ building a legal function).’”

    Waffles walked her through it, she’s “Ready for Prime Time” on this one!

    AND, she saw that yet another education technology company is looking for an Associate General Counsel, so she called her (ex-colleague) buddy, who is connected with several of the exec team.

    “I just got off the phone with them! Send me an intro email and I’ll shoot it right over.”

    15 minutes later: call from the GC! Barrett Booster again, M.!

  3. Lori shares:

    “K. had a busy week last week! After a great first call with a logistics tech nubie, he is progressing to round 2 for an Account Manager Role, meeting with 4 individuals separately! Waffles and I prepped him for the interviews to ensure he is equipped with his talk track for the various people and roles they serve and how the role he is interviewing for interacts! :)”

    He was asked to prepare a written response to sales questions regarding a major potential client. Lori pulled Waffles in to help with the presentation and editing, he edited 12 pages down to nine and tag teamed with Lori for the final wrap and bow. Go, Team!

    K.’s additional Interviews:
    1. Supplier of transport and logistics: Sales Operations Manager position (with discussion of offer coming in this week) after making a phone call to connect with an individual working with his daughter!

    2. Logistics services provider: What first started as an interview with a recruiter for an Account Manager progressed into an interview for an Enterprise of Global Accounts role – upping the salary to $165k! Go K.! 🙂

  4. More, Lori, more! V. has advanced to the 2nd round of interviews with a charity!

    “After a hefty writing assignment – this must be a new thing, she is my 2nd client requested to provide this type of information – we worked diligently together to craft verbiage showcasing her skillset! She just received word they scheduled her for next week for round 2! Yay V.! :)”


  1. Jayson is providing interview coaching to his client W. for his meeting with a wholesale distributor of snacks to convenience stores, interview with Group CEO & Group CFO!

  2. Rebeca shares:

    “B., thanks for your time today. We went over your strategy with [a technology company, a mobility maker, and an industrial engineering and manufacturing firm]. Currently, you are in conversation with 12 solid leads for CEO, VP or GM top leadership roles.

    I think we are on the right track. I will connect you with [a robotics company] today, as agreed.

    Please keep me posted on your new leads and conversations. Cheers, Rebeca”

  3. “Hi Rebeca, just to keep you posted. I will meet with [a book shop chain’s] management at their headquarters. Aside there are two other opportunities, I am investigating. (I am meeting with the COO of [a digital publisher] and I will have a call with the Head of Talent from [a micro-mobility provider].) Cheers, A.”
  4. Lori is excited for J.:

    “I just met with J. for orientation, and found that she has an interview today! I provided an overview of Interview / Offer coaching, and then sent her the Interview Answer Guide immediately following! The role is: President of Fitness Brand and was obtained from a LinkedIn job posting / application! Yay J.! :)”

  5. Lori high fives: J. interviewed last week for a General Manager role at a temperature-controlled storage provider after applying for the position on LinkedIn and receiving a call from the HR Manager to set up the interview! 🙂

  6. One more from Lori: A. applied for a position on LinkedIn for Training and Curriculum Specialist and had an interview on Monday with the internal recruiter at an insurance company!
  7. Waffles’ client C:

    “Just posting you that I have an interview tomorrow morning with the Comptroller of a global asset manager (received the invite after our chat). As of now I have met with the head of Global HR; had a call with the CFO, e-mail communications with the COO and a number of communications with HR — supports the head of Global HR & overall staffing). My dialogue currently pertains to the Head of Financial Planning, which is a direct report to the CFO. I will post you after the zoom call. Best, C.”

  8. Anne walks in with the news: P. has an interview for Account Executive at a benefits broker! Nice one, Anne!

  9. Greg’s client K.:

    “How are you doing? Man, does [a technology company] move slowly. But, the good news is my next interview with [them] is Monday. It’s with the Head of US, the hiring VP basically. If all goes well, last step is some kind of exercise/presentation. Then the decision!

    Another new opportunity, this time with [the provider of cashless business management solutions], came my way via LinkedIn. Had a call with HR exec. recruiter today and it went very well. I fully expect to start interviews, hopefully next week.

    Where the company is, I see lots of opportunity to bring my expertise and help them grow. The role reports directly to the CEO.”

  10. Greg and Waffles are working with S. He had an interview for Program Manager Enterprise Process Improvement at an electric vehicle and clean energy company. S. is definitely out the market!

  11. Over in the Isabelita Corner:

    “R. was feeling down when she came to the call and said not much was happening despite the successful interview she had with the company that’s taking their time to finalize the process. We had a chit chat and re-stablished some new directions and guidelines. After a few minutes after our zoom call she sent me this message:

    ‘I just got a call from a company that I applied for a job in the past! He said he would call me back. Wish me luck!’”

    The interview for a Head of Marketing role went very well! An assessment for a case study in marketing/PR/budget will follow.

  12. Isabelita also shared this:

    “R. has been busy with all the networking activities on LinkedIn. After following our strategy to reach out to the hiring manager after applying for a job in LinkedIn, he nailed a job interview with the CEO of [a financial services company]. He used laser focus and wise professional words that immediately converted into an interview. And that’s speaking about nailing an interview through LinkedIn messaging with an executive, not a common thing!”

    Indeed, Isabelita!


  1. Waffles’ client D. is new to the program and wanted to let him know how his second week was going:

    “Just wanted to give you an update on a new opportunity I am pursuing, which is a Fixed Income Insurance Portfolio Manager at [an investment manager]. Activity:

    March 13th: I applied via the [firm’s] website for the position, which I found on their career section.

    On March 22nd: sent LinkedIn request to connect to the Global Head of Insurance Investing

    March 30th: sent LinkedIn message to [the Global Head of Insurance Investing], thanking him for connecting and letting him know I may be in the market for a new opportunity.

    Next, March 31st: per website, currently not being considered for the role I applied for on 3/13. Dead, right??Wrong!!

    On April 12th: sent email to [the Global Head of Insurance Investing], letting him know I have recently applied to the open position for a Fixed Income Insurance Portfolio Manager. Told him I would not usually look to initiate communication with a potential hiring manager, but after reading the job description it appeared to be an excellent fit with my background and I would be remiss if I did not give him some detail on my credentials.

    April 25th: received email response from [the Global Head of Insurance Investing], apologizing for his ‘tardy’ response. Said he would like to get to know me and would set something up on his end.

    May 3rd: sent follow up email to [the Global Head of Insurance Investing], asking if we could get something on the calendar for this week. He responded, with a cc to his assistant to set something up. Scheduled Zoom call with [the Global Head of Insurance Investing] and the Global Head of Insurance Fixed Income for 30 minutes.

    I guess my persistence paid off and there must have been something [the Global Head of Insurance Investing] saw on my resume and email that caught his eye. Not entirely sure what we’ll be discussing, as he did not mention anything specific to the role referenced above, but maybe they are working on something more senior that has not been posted…”

    D. has had multiple meetings with all these below, all in play as of today:

    1. An insurance company – EVP, Fixed Income Investments

    2. For a financial planning services provider – Vice President, Investment Management Analysis

    3. A financial services company – Head of Fixed Income Investments

    4. Insurance services company – Vice President, Investment Risk


  1. From Julie Norwell’s interview with M.:

    “Julie Mathern was absolutely fantastic!” she said. She enjoyed working with her 100% because Julie challenged her where she most needed it – on building up her network and strengthening her relationships. She loved that Julie celebrated her successes with her and was excellent at program management – keeping her on pace as necessary.

  2. And from Isabelita’s client M.:

    “Hi Isabelita, thanks for your suggestions and anyway thanks for all the help and guidance you offered – more than expected! Really appreciated! Will certainly stay in touch and let you know how I proceed. I will not hesitate to check in with you if you have any suggestions. Thank you again, Isabelita!”

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