Frontline Report for 04-28-21

The Hiring Line:

  1. Paula’s client Y. has landed as Unit Business Manager at an insurance company. He will manage the day-to-day for 30 sales agents, reporting to the Head of that agency. Full benefits, 401(k), commissions overrides and bonuses. Likely to make $150K plus in year one. He starts in May.

    Yet another feather in your hat, Paula, well done!


  1. Lori’s client M. received an offer from a diversified financial services firm in Europe, as a Regional Head of Accounting & Tax. Lori shares:

    “We are in the process of negotiations – with Dan’s assistance and guidance! 🙂
    Thank you! 🙂 Lori L. Chevalier”

    2. Another one of Lori’s clients, J. has been active in interviews! So much so that he received an offer for a Regional Sales Director position with a fashion company. Lori notes:

    “The Offer came in low and I provided strategies on ‘creatively raising the base’.”

    Turn that base hit into a home run, Lori!

    And for the interviews, Lori tells us this:

    “He also interviewed for a COO role for a public relations and communications company! Go Jason! :)”

Interviews Advance:

Paula kicks it off with these three:

  1. We’re encouraged to hear that L. has been selected to move forward with Managing Director position in hospitality operations for a local government authority in Europe. It will be a three-stage, all day affair. Paula is pulling Waffles in to assist in the editing of L.’s 20-minute strategic planning presentation. Go, Team! This is for a newly formed company, where L. will be running a nice seaside resort. Great news, Paula!

  2. Her client B. shares:

    “I have a virtual Interview with [the COO of a distributer of automotive parts]! I made it to the next step! Requesting info from Christine for this meeting.”

    Paula is grateful, as always, to have Christina’s team ready to suit up and go in at a moment’s notice. Indeed!
  3. And T. goes for his 3rd interview today at a chain of truck stops, with the Head of HR for Regional Manager role. He would then have two more (!) interviews. Paula’s a world-class expert at how some companies construct “Byzantine Labyrinths” just to hire folks, right Paula?

  4. Dan’s client M. is in 2nd round talks with an analytics and advisory company; he gave him details on questions that they typically ask throughout the process. Excellent support, Dan!


  1. From Lori’s client L.:

    “Lori…omg. It’s a 5-part process and I got moved to the next round!!! I asked the question you told me to use at the end (even though it made me uncomfortable) and she said YES!!! It was such a great conversation, and it is all thanks to the prep you gave me. Thank you!!!”

    Way to go, Lori!

  2. George’s client V. first reached out to his social capital at an e-commerce company that sells furniture and home- goods in October. George:

    “That’s what I call perseverance! Let’s hope that [they] appreciate that perseverance and hire him. First interview this week.”

    George and Waffles prepped him for this one. Out of the park, V.!
  3. Lori’s client J. has an interview with a private equity firm from executing his social capital and connecting with a venture capital growth equity firm, he knows the founding partner well. The position is a potential CFO & CFO for hire, split with the firm’s clients, perfect for J.!

  4. Another one of Lori’s clients, K. has an interview at a trucking software company for an Account Manager role; he’s meeting with an internal recruiter! Keep him on task, Lori!

  5. Lori’s client M. has snagged a first interview for COO at a multi-million dollar women’s clothing company. Excellent progress here, Lori!

  6. One more from Lori:

    “A. had an interview this morning for a Training and Curriculum Specialist at [an insurance brokerage]! :)” Lori

  7. Julie’s client H.:

    “Another recruiter contacted me today, from the UK, about a US-based job with 60% work from Saudi. The company is new, and the job description is a great match, and I told him basically that I was interested. I am waiting to hear from him.”

  8. Waffles is busy with D’s interview prep and offer negotiations in the Fixed Income Investments sector; he’s currently working five ongoing discussions.

    Rebeca calls in from the road:
  9. Her client B.: 1st interviews at three management consulting companies

  10. And B.: 1st interview at a real estate firm

  11. Finally, G.: 1st interview at an industrial machinery company

  12. Paula chimes in to tell us M. had his 1st interview for a Call Center Director position with a motor club organization.

  13. Here comes Julie, with a drive by: P. has an interview with the Regional IT Manager, at a Specialty Chemical conglomerate, for Site IT Team Leader. Nice slide there, Julie!

    And, without further ado, Jerry fills the whiteboard!
  14. His client M. interviewed with HR for an Associate Director – IT Marketing role at a large restaurant company. HR is setting up next round of interviews.

  15. And R. has an interview scheduled with HR for a Group Vice President, Franchise Development role at a home services platform.

  16. No fewer than four interviews for IT Director positions for N.:

    1. “Interview with the HR director at [a corporate card & expense management platform] went really well. That position pays very well and comes with a mountain of stock in addition.”

      Can you say, “right place, right time”, N.?

    2. One interview scheduled at a robotic systems company with the Marketing Director.

    3. Had a good interview for a commercial real estate company with a recruiter last week. Sent over some details pertaining to my background and Robotic Process Automation tools. Interview with the COO scheduled for this week.

    4. Tuesday morning a 3rd party recruiter reached out regarding a Chief Information Security Officer position with a Business Process Outsource company.

      Isabelita Castilho just hopped in the cockpit and is rounding the bend. Watch out, Jerry!
  17. Her client M. is on the pool queue to take over the representation of a software development company in a European country while having his 3rd interview with a tobacco company and the CEO confirmed next week.

  18. Participating in a selection process for an interim role for a CFO for a start-up in the defense sector is G., after relentlessly following our social capital weekly KPI approach.

  19. Picking up from start is A. – interview process with a headhunter for a CFO role of a P&L business – after the 1st session, he’s flying high!

  20. Her client M. is amazed with the results of following our instructions to connect with social capital. He was already requested for a CV and has a position cooking, being considered through a social capital discussion. He just needs to finish reviewing the draft 3 so we can finalize it.
  21. And A. got his verbal offer with a government entity in the Middle East, with Ramadan having just started, it’s a matter of patience to see the offer letter warm up his heart and life.

  22. Her client P. is hitting hard already from the beginning by following diligently our LinkedIn strategies and social capital, interview conducted with a management consulting firm last week to be continued.

    This one’s too hard to call, who’s taking the bets on Isabelita and Jerry this week?


  1. From Martha Anderson to Julie Norwell:

    “This is what I put on the business review site:

    ‘Grateful and loving my new job! After two years of being underutilized in a thankless job with undue amounts of red tape and politics, I landed with a great company and got a significant raise. Barrett Group provided me with great insights about myself, my desired career path, LinkedIn tools, and a coach that served as a sounding board, a dose of reality when I needed it, and practice interviews. Barrett Group also made changes to my resume, which garnered an uptick in interviews.

    When/If I decide to make a next move, I will definitely consider re-hiring Barrett Group to support me. I’ve already recommended them to friends. Worth the investment in your life, your career.’

    Thanks, and take care,
    Marti Anderson”

    Julie also shared this feedback from Martha:

    The Clarity Program was a big selling point for Marti going in. She got a lot out of her sessions with Justin Hellman and said everything resonated with her. Marti said it was of especial note that she did because of her background and is usually the one in the coach’s position. She enjoyed being on the receiving end of the relationship this time.

    Marti really loved Sue Mitchell, her career consultant. She loved the work they did to revise her resume, the training they did on her LinkedIn profile, (she said she thought it was good to start, but Sue really helped her elevate it!), and the interview practice they did.

    Best of all, she said, Sue was an outstanding sounding board for her as she did her job search.

    She made sure to point out how helpful Waffles was in his willingness to rearrange the order of the TBG program for her. She had lined up an interview on her own even before she started the Clarity program and Waffles obligingly provided her with a coach to help her prep for the interview.

  2. Rebeca shares this from her client H. who has landed 17 interviews with Recruiters by sending out 220 emails. He is super busy and motivated with the program. He sent me this:

    “Huge thanks for your help, Rebeca! It really means a lot to me!”

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