Frontline Report for 04-14-21

The Hiring Line:

  1. Julie’s client P. got the lead through his former boss who is working at the company. Unlike most of the insurance companies he has worked for in the past that require you meet a sales quota before you get commissions, he receives his commission on every sale AND on renewals of contract. He is going to be developing a west coast territory for a provider of risk management solutions and services, who has primarily been in the east to date. This is a great opportunity for P. and we are all happy for him!
  2. Another feather in Julie’s well-plumed cap! The indomitable K. was so on the market her own company came to the auction and offered her a big promotion where she gets to move into the investment/venture capital community in style! Nicely played, Julie!
  3. Paula’s client E.:

    “Paula, It’s been a few days, so I just wanted to provide an update.  I received an offer from [a medical devices company], and after a lot of thought and discussion back and forth with them, I have given my verbal acceptance!  The offer is really, really good and the opportunity feels right. We still have some things to finalize but wanted to provide an update. I’ll keep you posted in the coming days and THANK YOU for all of your help! E.”

    Indeed, E., we’re thanking Paula every day!

  4. M. has been keeping Paula on her toes: she accepted a Sr. Manager of R&D at a food service provider and starts on 4/26. That said, last week she was contacted for Sr. Mgr. or Sr. Dir. R&D roles and interviewed with all three! Her negotiations netted five more vacation days, base of $125K, 10% bonus, and full benefits!
  5. Paula pulled Waffles in to work with R. on his great offer from a brokerage and investment bank. We’re on our third negotiation exchange, but it just keeps getting sweeter! Update this morning: his company caught wind of the interview and forced him to sign his resignation – he just kept the pen in his hand as he accepted the offer. How much Unemployment Insurance can you collect if you’re unemployed for under a minute?! 🎯
  6. George gets on the pulpit:

    “My number 1 Unpublished Market Part One proponent D. has landed! He has been a major player in [his local] Banking area for many years. He lost his job as President of a local bank. After Orientation, he started calling every bank executive he knew and lined up many 1st interviews. I knew he was going to be hot. He also got a list of credit union associations from our crack research team and used that to “infiltrate” a credit union, who came through with a verbal offer yesterday for VP of Mortgage Services. D. negotiated them up $25,000 and they came to terms. Now he is awaiting their completion of a background check, at which time they will give him the written offer. He is a great guy and was hoping to stay [local], and it all worked out.”

    Thanks for doing it The Barrett Way, George!


  1. Jerry pulled Waffles in to strategize with V. regarding his offer from an insurance firm for the Director of Cross-Functional IT role, which will give him the sector jump and career potential he was hoping for that his employer hasn’t brought him after 25 years. The total package is coming in around $200K.
  2. J. received both offers, an online retailer of pet food and a multinational technology company and is working with Julie to strategize how to respond. See below in Interviews Advance section for further details.
  3. J. received the written offer from a marketing technology services agency and is working out the strategy with Julie and Waffles. They started the bidding a little on the low side: $300K base, $50K bonus – the CFO described it as their “opening bid”.

    Let the games begin!

  4. T., Julie’s former client, tugged her coat about an offer he received, requesting her to step back in and help him negotiate. Of course, we were happy to help out our Barrett Buddy!
  5. Y. has several opportunities in process: at a health insurance provider as a New Business Manager; Regional Account Manager at the surgical care division of a medical devices company (he made it to the hiring manager), a manufacturer of medical devices and supplies (made it through second interview);  an investment banking and venture capital firm (offer in hand for Account Exec type of role); a life insurance company – for Branch Operations Dir – 3 advanced interviews with HR and the hiring manager, having lunch with two of his bosses’ bosses.

    Expecting an offer….; he is very likely to be a finalist with the health insurance provider for a Broker relations role in their B2B health plans area – moving like molasses in winter, but moving nonetheless. Roll with the punches, Paula!

Interviews Advance:

The first four come as Paula’s weekly report continues:

  1. Through a close colleague, K. was referred into an online social media and social networking service and met with HR. She is being passed on to a Hiring Manager for one of two different positions.
  2. W. had an interview with a Fortune 500 company – HR screening done. Hiring Manager for Strategic Account Manager this week.
  3. Through a former colleague at her current company, H. was made aware of a part-time Communications leader role. He and she had an extensive conversation (he is in HR and he is presenting her to his management team for a full-time role. The company provides school management software.
  4. A., fully utilizing her human capital as Paula encouraged her to do, was introduced into a cloud computing and virtualization technology company for a senior role for Global Accounts through a former colleague. HR is moving her onto the hiring manager! There you have it, Paula!
  5. Julie’s client J.:

    Hi Julie, 9 interviews in the last two days…whew!  I am exhausted.  I anticipate an offer from [a multinational technology company] today or tomorrow.  The role is Director, Business Planning.  I am not sure the level is going to get me to the right compensation, but we will see.  With [an online retailer of pet food] the role is VP, Merchandising over their largest category. I interviewed with the C-Suite. 

    I felt very good about the interviews, but they follow the interviewing process [of another large online retailer] and will have a debrief on Friday.  After doing about 250 interviews while [at the large online retailer], I can tell you that debriefs can go sideways even when you expect them to go well.  🙂 I believe the [online retailer of pet food] role would get me to the comp level ($600K) I am expecting. I’ll let you know as I hear more.”

  6. This tidbit from Lori’s client K.:

    “Side note, I just worked my way into and completed a 3rd interview at [a logistics company] with regional sales director now, even though the head of sales passed on me. He knew I interviewed with her, so all above board as always. Thanks Lori!”

    Indeed, nice recovery!

  7. M. brings Waffles up to speed:

    “Quick update – my interview with [an education technology company] went really, really well. I feel like I didn’t even have to sell myself, they kept telling me how great I was (which is true…). They are supposed to meet internally and get back to me by “end of week” on next steps. I wouldn’t be surprised if they tell me to expect an offer next week.”

  8. S. followed Waffles’ advice and didn’t jump the gun with the bank (always good advice, by the way!). She was informed this morning she should prepare for the next step in the hiring process: a WebEx interview next Tuesday!

    Isabelita caught us just as the presses were rolling last week, so we have some catch up to do!

  9. M. had her final interview with a drug wholesale company with panel of four:

    “Hi Isabelita – it was really good. I met 4 people in 2 meetings. Very open conversation with (I believe) great chemistry. I have now full clarity what the role is about and it makes me truly excited!” fingers crossed waiting for the final verdict.”

    She is also in the second stage of assessments with a multinational pharmaceutical company and is confident to proceed with the next stage after successful role play participation last week. (She listened to Isabelita and followed the LinkedIn networking strategies and nailed an interview from there – approaching as a stranger.)

  10. M. fired the starting pistol with two company interviews already: a cigarette and tobacco manufacturing company (next interview confirmed with the CEO) and a quick-commerce start-up – first interview with the company HR.
  11. After S.’ 3rd interview with a cannabis company, he was invited to travel to the U.S. to meet the investors at the company headquarters:

    “I’m truly excited…. My entire interview process was like I knew all of them for ages, felt more like I was speaking to old friends rather than an interview..”

    With the lockdown in the UK, S. had his meeting in an open park!

  12. R. – final interview, met the CEO of the federal company in Dubai to showcase her new business presentation:

    “The rapport was fantastic; they were really impressed, thank you so much for introducing me to a TBG Client, with his tips shared via zoom video call, I was able to make a powerful and impressive business plan for the CMO role, I am feeling very positive and just have to wait for the HR next steps now!”

    Thank you, Isabelita, for getting these Barrett buddies together with a terrific result!


  1. Paula tells us M. used her referral network and has been asked to interview at a movie theatre company for Director of Development. Interview with Exec Dir being scheduled for next week.
  2. George about his client C.:

    “Interesting story about how C. scored a first interview: He saw the job on LinkedIn. Hidden in the small print: “Please reply by email.” Curiously, it had the link to apply on LinkedIn, which he did not use. C. sent them an email answering the requirements with his tweaked resume. They immediately sent him an email saying that he passed the first step by following the instructions!

    Then, they sent him a list of six questions. He thought he answered the first five well but was completely stumped by the 6th and simply indicated, “I do not know how to approach this question,” and submitted his answers. We discussed this on our next call. I told C. that it was obviously a trick question and that maybe he did the right thing by not trying to fake it. He then got the call for the interview! Sounds like he did answer correctly! I think C. may have bypassed a lot of competitors along the way by following instructions and being very candid.”

    Thanks for your sage counselling, George!

  3. George again, prepping J. for the Software Sales interview at a software solutions company, sadly in Hawaii. J. says he’ll grin and bear the relocation!
  4. King George III: M. got two first interviews last week using social capital on both. He contacted a former boss of his. During the call, his boss said, “I know the CEO of a PE firm who is looking for a CFO for one of their portfolio companies.” He contacted his friend who immediately contacted M. for an interview for that position last week.

    M. also followed George’s advice and contacted and has become friends with a person in the alumni office for the School of Business, where he got his MBA. That person connected M. with the CEO of a firm looking for another financial executive for a PE group looking to fill a slot in their portfolio company. Sound familiar? Anyway, they had the first interview last week and are in the process of setting up another with the CFO of the PE group shortly. George: “Those big MBA schools have wonderful networking opportunities.”

  5. Dan tells us M. is advancing to a 2nd interview with a medical technology company for Head of Quality – looks like the perfect job, his boss will be in the U.S., where he prefers to work. Interesting nuance. He also secured a first interview at manufacturer of vehicles and engines (U.S. based).

    Keep up the momentum, Dan!

  6. Lori’s client M.:

    “M. notified me during Orientation that he has an interview for the Head of PLM at [a well-known fashion and design brand]. I quickly shifted into Interview and Compensation prep after completing the Orientation checklist to ensure he’s ready for the interview! Yay! :)”

    Nice pivot, Lori!

  7. From Isabelita:

    “R. had an interview for a part time role of 20 hours, which fits perfectly well his current part time entrepreneurial role. He had a good discussion and positive feedback and should wait for a potential offer over the next few days. I coached him on the interview process, and he felt it was very valuable and that it helped him have a smooth interview.”

    Excellent work, Isabelita!

  8. After following diligently Isabelita’s and Waffles’ instructions on LinkedIn smart networking to develop internal referrals, P. has landed his so wished-for job interview! He’s truly delighted how this could have gone so well and in the process of a company he has been dreaming about! Yay, team-E!


  1. From Lori’s client R.:

    “Hello Lori,

    As discussed, I’d like to put my program on hold for now. I am stepping into a role that may turn into the situation I am ultimately looking for in the big picture. I think it would be prudent to give this some time and determine 6-9 months from now whether to stay the course with [a Fortune 500 company], or reengage my campaign and look elsewhere for the role I’m really looking for.

    Also, as I said on our call. Even though it’s only been 2 months since I started working with your team, as an executive leader I feel a tremendous boost in my confidence while looking for work as a result of your team’s support, perspective, writing, and counsel. If you ever need a client testimonial that might serve to communicate to prospective executive clients exactly how to posture your mindset when engaging the Barrett Group and exactly how the intangible benefits will enhance things for them, just let me know. I am a believer. And we only just got started. Thank you again, I also thank Michael Vignery for all of your support, perspectives and friendship. Please let those wonderful gentlemen know how much I appreciate them!!! I’ll reach out also.



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