Frontline Report for 04-21-21

The Hiring Line:

Let’s kick off this party with Julie’s Six Landed Clients in One Week! Julie says: Best Week Ever!!!

  1. A. was delighted to share the news with Julie. He has accepted the position at a wholesale supply chain services company as an Independent Sales Representative!
  2. H. has accepted the offer for a Director of Operations role.

“Hi, Julie, I followed your advice and have negotiated with my new boss and received a $7K a year salary increase, a $10K signing bonus, $4,750 annual guaranteed bonus plus review after 6 months!

I cannot thank you enough for the help and guidance! I have accepted the offer.”

  1. A. has accepted offer from the provider of water filtration solutions as Operations Manager, EMEA. A. has been in the program since last July, and it’s taken a while. She has had some interviews, but no offers – until now! Her goal has been to switch to a new industry, which she now has accomplished.

“Hi Julie, today I received the confirmation I was selected for the [operations manger] position. They illustrated the offer over the phone. As I expected, there was very little room for negotiation but it is a good offer. Monday, I should receive the letter to sign and send back. I will send you a copy as soon I get it. Have a good day!”

  1. B. has accepted the offer from a well-known media and entertainment company. B. was only three weeks past his orientation. His former boss is on the company’s Board and recommended him:
“Julie – things happened very, very fast this week – so fast that I didn’t even get a chance to reach out to you guys. I received an offer from [the media and entertainment company] – $400K, 35% bonus, great stock plan – 401K matches [my former employer], benefits match [my former employer], strong relocation package.  I had effectively 24 hours to respond, and unfortunately, I was in and out of other responsibilities, so I didn’t have a chance to reach out to you. Long story short, I negotiated up 50K, so with a better bonus, I’m nearly equal with [my former role], which I thought not possible! I start [in May]!”

Julie’s response:

“B., That’s awesome and crazy too!  Wow!  So, you’ll be relocating?  Congrats on the offer and negotiating a better deal.”

  1. J. (mentioned offer in last week’s report) has closed the deal. The offer from an online retailer of pet food gets him back to his most recent level with $275K salary + $75K sign on bonus + $426K in equity grants!

  2. J. (also mentioned last week): Waffles provided advice. J. has accepted the offer from a marketing technology services agency and Managing Director Americas, a negotiated package bringing him into the $400K level of total comp!
  3. This from George:

“J. becomes my third client who reported that he landed this week! Before he finished Phase 1, he had two offers. Both were through social capital – namely old business associates he got in touch with. He was able to make these contacts while still maintaining his current job (it can be done). However, he accepted one of the offers and then the deal killers, sorry, I mean attorneys, got involved. After 90 days of negotiating around a non-compete clause C. had with a former employer, the other firm dropped their offer.

This week, I had a call with C. The bad news: the attorneys did their job and killed the deal. The good news: the other firm (a private equity firm) had previously dropped their offer because they wanted C. to run a company they were acquiring, but that deal fell through. However, when they learned that C. was available, they decided to bring him in anyway and he is now a Group Manager with three portfolio companies reporting to him. It took a while, but good old Social Capital came through again.”

  1. Paula’s client E. starts his new role as Senior Vice President of Sales at a medical technology company focused on developing medical devices for the treatment of chronic diseases at home in May. The President and Chief Executive Officer introduced him as “a strategic leader with over 20 years of experience in the healthcare industry and a proven history of building scale and leading high-performance teams.”
  2. George:

    “M. had two offers on the table and is expecting another this week but has decided that he is too excited about the offer from [a Fortune 110 company] to wait any longer. He knows many people at [that company] already and it’s the job he wants. M. has received the final written offer from and has accepted it. He had lots of social capital there but was contacted by a recruiter about the position.  This whole thing went quite quickly, so I suspect [the company] asked the recruiter to contact him.

    He is making considerably more than his previous job. The other offer he received was a major promotion at his existing company, but he decided to move on to [the new company].  His new title is VP Sales for the Americas. Best of all, he does not have to move from his beloved [home]. That’s my fourth landing in about 10 days!”

    You keep on keepin’ on, George!


Paula gets some ink in the presses:

  1. Her client J. received an email offer and is working with Paula to prepare a counteroffer for a ground and cargo handler for a C-level role which could require a relocation to the UAE.

He is still engaged with an ownership group in London on a start-up proposition, where he would be a shareholder.

He has been contacted by a 3rd party recruiter regarding a leadership role in the UK. His meeting with the recruiter is being scheduled.

  1. Paula tells us that Y. has an offer pending. This will be with an insurance company, role of Unit Manager, right hand person to the Branch Manager, with the goal to supervise 30 agents and grow the business.

Interviews Advance:

Paula continues with two:

  1. Her client B. aced her 1st interview at a fashion/clothing company and her 2nd interview with the GMM is this Wed, 4/21 – exec role in supply chain, product or sourcing.
  2. Her client S. has 3 opportunities (all referrals – job creation) in process – a management and technology consultancy, a provider of private banking services, and an asset management company. All are in Europe. Also: one potential for an internal promotion.
Now Lori stops by with four:
  1. Executive Director position for V. at a non-profit organization that came via a LinkedIn contact.

    “She had round two, and while we were on the phone for our Orientation meeting, she was contacted about the 2nd round later this week! Yay!”

  2. Round three in the interview process for D. is scheduled.

    “This is for an unpublished role through his UNP1: Social Capital for the role of Vice President of Product Development for an in-home care provider! :)”

  3. A COO position (remote): J. applied for it on LinkedIn and was contacted for an interview by a Recruiter for a confidential company which transpired on Friday! 🙂
  4. Lori to K.:

    “It was great meeting with you today on a call to discuss a potential opportunity for a transportation company, which would incorporate both sales of domestic items and office support to build out a leg of a business of good friends of yours on the East Coast! You indicated it is a commission-based sales position with a good value proposition.

    We collaborated on the proposition of it and discussed the compensation, opportunity, as they are friends and want to help you so we discussed the potential of it, in addition to its being a part-time position for you to sustain an income, with potential growth of a team in the future, which you could help them cultivate, to transition it to other individuals once you land an opportunity, with potential ongoing commissions from it as well!”

    Excellent out of the box coaching, Lori!
  5. Man of few words S. to Greg and Waffles:

    “I had an interview on Friday; best interview yet… He told me I was a viable candidate.”

    The job: President and Chief Executive Officer for a local chamber.

  6. Hey, George, pull up a chair!

    “C. had an interview with the CEO and founder of a chain of sandwich shops in and around [the area] where C. plans on moving his family soon. Now the CEO has invited him to go there and work for a few days.  As C. emailed me:

    ‘Yeah, we’re excited.  The owner invited me down to spend a few days with the team at the shop to get a real feel of what it would be like and to get to know each other better. They are providing the four nights in the hotel for me as well. Since I have the time, it makes sense to take him up on the offer. I’ll definitely keep you posted.’

    C. also passed the initial screening interview at [a design consultancy] after his successful application online and is now answering some case study questions as the next step.

    As he said:

    ‘I’ve finished the next case study exercise for the consulting team and will be sending that to them today. If they like my responses then I would have an interview with their director of engineering, and if that goes well the next step would be an interview with the CEO. If that goes well, then position/salaries would be discussed.’

    The fact that they have explained all these next steps seems to me that they think he will do well on the case studies.”

Great progress here, George!

  1. An EdTech firm looking for a remote GC, perfect for M. – she was delighted! M. followed Waffles’ advice and buttonholed a former colleague to introduce her directly to the CEO, forwarding the email Waffles wrote for her. Her comment when she saw his draft: “you are GOOD, thank you :)” Her contact sent it to the CEO and bcc’d M. with a subject line of “TOP GC Candidate!” and said that she had a referral for his open GC position and called her a “rock star” and “the real deal.”

    M. also continues to advance on another education technology company: they want to schedule another hour and a half with their HR person, the GC, and their VP of Partnerships and Corporate Affairs this week.

  2. S. is cashing in on her mid-western network (from her southern home base for now) and the payoff is a third interview with a financial institution! Waffles continues to shepherd her through the process. Come rain or shine, S.!


Julie leads off with 2:

  1. Clients that learn to Fish

When N. submitted an interview prep research request, I asked him to tell me about the interview and how it came about. Here’s his response:

“Thanks for your question Julie! This is actually a funny story. So, I was taking my daily look at LinkedIn, which includes sending birthday wishes, anniversary congrats, etc., and a gentleman came up for a birthday who had reached out to me for a connection into [the company] I was working there at the time. He was looking for more information on a Director role he had just applied to.

Being busy at the time and not really appreciating networking as you have taught me to, I ignored the inquiry. So fast forward two years to last week, I wished him a happy birthday and went on with my day. I had forgotten who he was until I happened to see the messaging history when he said thank you. I saw that this was the man I had essentially ignored.

Now knowing how hard it can be to make new contacts, I wrote him a note apologizing for ignoring him, and I mentioned that I now know better how it can feel when people ignore you. When I wrote him to apologize, I wasn’t actually asking for anything. I just felt like it would be kind, and I would feel better, if I sent him a note.

He wrote me a very kind note back, and after we discussed each other’s career at the moment, we scheduled a call, and he invited me to look at their jobs. He said if I found one that fit, he would help me. Turns out they have a job, so he called HR and said he would call the exec he knows to see if he can help. So….I guess I have learned an important lesson from you about networking, and kindness, frankly. We will see what happens!”

Thanks yet once again, Julie, for showing us how it goes down in the real world!

    1. It’s off to the next round for A. for a role as Director of Hotel Operations at a hotel management company. They’re flying her out for interviews.

From Anne’s corner:

  1. Four interviews for M. next week:
    • A media company, CRM Director role
    • One members-only consignment marketplace for luxury goods, Loyalty Director role
    • A loyalty company, Customer Success Manager role
    • A car tracking provider – VP Sales
    1. After a successful interview with an investment bank as Client Onboarding Manager, D. is moving to the 2nd round of interviews! You go, Anne!
    2. Paula’s client L. is relocating back to his former home after many years. His new search is kicking off: he has an interview with a local authority for a Managing Director role, overseeing a multi-million project to transform an area into a “destination,” including retail, hospitality, venues, conference space, and specialty hotel type space.

      Other opportunities he shared with his team:

      He connected with an owner of 20 brew pubs (could be considering expansion to the US) and is scheduling a meeting.

      A consumer goods company – expecting an interview for a product manager role within one of their subsidiaries.

      Outreach to academic leaders in universities and colleges re: potential adjunct roles.

    Stay in front of it, Paula!
    1. As A. moves forward with Amazon, Paula called Waffles in for help with a questionnaire and he received great support from the whole team on her questions. Yay, team Barrett!
    2. Paula met with B. last night for an hour as she had an interview today with the CEO of a franchise – we also provided her research. Then, Paula helped her craft a follow up message to a provider of tax preparation services as to specific areas she can add value.
    3. Paula once again (ink running down fast!): M. has had three interviews since last Friday – all 1st interviews: Director of Development at a movie theatre chain – talked with Exec Director. Director of Operations at an educational consulting firm – talked with CEO, and a Director role at a professional training and management agency! Great activity here, Paula!
    4. Waffles’ client M.:

      “Waffles, as discussed, I identified an early-stage start-up opportunity that seemed compelling.

      The resume you wrote for me submitted and received. Then a direct message from me on LinkedIn led to contact and a meeting with the Founder of the startup next week.”

    5. Paula’s client B. has an interview with an auto parts, tools and equipment distributor. Preparation and research in process.

    Four from Lori’s contingent:

    1. Her client L. has an interview with a platform for finding, launching, and selling products for a remote position as a HR Business Partner for next week Wednesday! 🙂 Yay L.! 🙂
    2. Also, J. has been asked to interview for a COO position with a provider of cloud-based ERP solutions. The CEO/Owner of this company is a close friend of his. They own a successful payments fintech company, but they never discussed J. potentially working there until he called him about it last week. It could align nicely with J.’s timeline for exiting and incorporating his real estate business.
    3. About her client S.:

      “S. (we have not yet met for Orientation) notified me via email she had an interview for a CEO position and has a few Zoom calls scheduled this week for the role (company not yet disclosed). I immediately sent her “How we can help” information on: 1) Interview Prep and 2) Interview Prep Research. I additionally sent her the Networking & Interview Assessment and Interview Answer Guide for her prep! 🙂 Yay S.! :)”

      Doing the Barrett Pivot, Lori!

    4. And Lori’s client has an interview scheduled at packaging company. Lori reached out to Christina’s Research Team for the background and prep.
    5. Jerry tells us J. is at it again, with an interview at an insurance company for Phone Sales Leader. Get him pumped, Jerry!
    6. The power of connecting on LinkedIn astonished M. He followed our instructions, and the feedback was:

      “Hi Isabelita, I just wanted you to know I kept going out of my comfort zone and reached out to highest SCM guy of (one of my target companies).

      Guess what? Immediate response and meeting scheduled for coming Monday!!!! With board member… I have to say I am bit flabbergasted. I might be lucky, but I wanted you to know directly.”

      Job Interviews – after only two sessions with us, he grabbed the attention of people he approached on LinkedIn while following our suggestions and has had two job interviews already: the first with an international company, the second with a headhunter representing a startup. Excellent start out of the gate, Isabelita!

    7. An exciting event for S., says Isabelita:

    “He saw a job post and shared it with me asking for strategy discussion. Considering the company and that the executive team is Brazilian, I prepared along with S. a nice message and sent it to one of the exec team who connected on LinkedIn w/me. He provided me the correct person’s email address heading the department and told me to use his name.

    Long story short, S. received a phone call from a top headhunting firm where they said the Fortune 500 beverage company was asking for his CV and were interested to have a chat with him for that role. We are now waiting for the interview date.” 


    1. From George to Julie Mathern:

      “Hi Julie,

      I recently entered my newest client into Asana and decided the time was right for this email.

      Since I joined TBG a little less than three years ago, we have used four CRM systems:  I forget the name of the first one, then Salesforce, then no system other than emails and now Asana.

      Thanks to your incredibly responsive work to tame Asana into a workable tool that allows us to now have a good strong handle on our required activities and paperwork, we now have a system that works!

      On behalf of the consultants especially, who use it daily, I thank you.  Not only have you put this together while tending to your large consulting practice, but you have been amazingly responsive to requests for help within minutes or almost seconds of our posting a question or request.

      You have made TBG a far more professional Coaching firm, and I thank you very much.

      Kindest regards,

    2. From Julie’s client H.:

      “Hi, Julie,

      I have negotiated with my new boss and received a $7K a year salary increase, a $10K signing bonus, $4,750 annual guaranteed bonus plus review after 6 months🙂

      There is now way I can thank you enough for the help and guidance!

      I have accepted the offer 🙂 H.”

    3. From George’s client Mike:

      “It was a lot of work, but George was wonderful. He is very seasoned, has a lot of war stories and gave me great advice. George was a great mentor. He was very detail-oriented, kept me on track, and was very patient whenever I got caught up with something and took time to follow up with him,” said Mike. “I can’t say enough good things about him.”

      Mike particularly appreciated the help George gave him in preparing for interviews.

      “In the practice questions, George made me realize that I needed to change my answers. He helped me prepare better responses for what a hiring manager would want to hear and put my best foot forward.”

      Read Mike’s Success Study

    4. From Paula’s client E.:


      It’s official!!  Attached is the release that [the company] put out yesterday.

      THANK YOU again for all of your help and guidance through the process.  I sincerely appreciate it!!”

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