Frontline Report for 04-07-21

The Hiring Line: 

  1. Lori informed us that her client M. has landed a CFO role and relocated to Florida – which were both targeted goals! 🙂 Great work M.!! 🎯 


  1. R. reached out to Paula for research and advice on a job offer that “just fell in my lap. They are willing to make me Head of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Finance which was one of my goals…to get into Public-Private Partnership (P3) or ESG finance. Additionally, they have a P3 group that I can lean on to get exposure and experience as well. This is with [a brokerage and investment bank]. We are at the negotiating phase.” Paula’s digging into that Compensation Foundation Spreadsheet as we speak!
  2. J. has progressed to the offer stage with a marketing technology services agency and is meeting this week with both the COO and Global Finance Director to work out the details. J. hadn’t had an interview in over a year before starting with the Waffles and Julie team. Since then: four interviews and two offers! Barrett at its best!
  3. I. is receiving an offer today and Sue jumped on board to assist. Thanks for your dedication and flexibility as always, Sue!

Interviews Advance:

  1. T. is currently interviewing for an in-house counsel role at a cryptocurrency exchange platform. It is a remote role. She made it to the final round and is expecting to hear back next week. Mo is walking her through the process. Thanks for hanging in for her, Mo!
  2. Julie Mathern’s client J.:

    “Hi Julie, I wanted to keep you updated. After literally 3 hours of phone screens, I am going into an interview loop with [online retailer of pet food]. I am interviewing with the CEO, CRO, Head of HR and three VPs. I expect to begin the interviews on Friday and do a few on Monday and Tuesday. I’m also in an interview loop with [a multinational technology company]. I feel really confident about them, but the [online pet food retailer’s] recruiter said that the role would easily match my [current] compensation of $600k.”

    Fingers crossed!! Is there room for another decimal point on the compensation spreadsheet, Julie lol?!

  3. Paula is strategizing with her client A. on interview prep: the company is a cloud computing and virtualization technology company for the Northern European market, the position is Senior Director, Global Accounts, another of a stream of remote positions our clients are being considered for lately. Paula spends most of her time doing interview coaching and offer negotiation nowadays!
  4. Lori’s client M. made it to the round three interview at a multinational professional services firm in Poland for the Regional Head of Accounting & Tax role! 🙂

    Ground Hog Day in April Interview:

  5. M. interviewed last year and was a bridesmaid. NOW:

    “1) I am interviewing with a “panel” at [a education technology company] next week, consisting of mostly people I previously interviewed with last time around, but also including the DGC [Data Governance Counsel] they hired instead of me. So that should be interesting. I will do my best to sell sell sell myself!”

    Johnny Barrett Appleseed:

  6. M.’s update to Waffles continues:

    “I followed your Barrett methodology and connected with an old coworker this week who is at a new company (a provider of online job training programs) that is growing quickly. They were looking for 6-10 hours of outside counsel work to review some of their processes and policies. I could have easily done it, but it would have been a little complicated with my bar licensing and also the fact that [the company] works with my current company/affiliates. So, I referred them to a friend of mine at a firm that could assist. However, it sounds like they may be looking for a General Counsel (GC) in the next 4-6 months, so I told them I would be more than happy to discuss when the time was right or to help them scope out a GC role if it would be helpful. That’s me, just making friends all over the place!” 🙂

    You win Barrett Poster Child of the Week, M.!


  1. Lori and Dan, M.’s consulting team, were excited to hear: she was contacted by HR to interview at a mutual insurance company for the Global Head of Software Engineering opportunity!

  2. Another Lori client:

    “A. applied to a position for a Remote HR Manager of a Family Office. His interview is scheduled for tomorrow; we prepped for the interview today! Go A.!” 🙂

  3. Lori throws the pom-poms in the air:

    “J. has an interview tomorrow with the Hiring Manager for a Vice President of Strategic Sales position! :)”

  4. Paula sticks by the tried and true for her client B.:

    “So, the methodology works again. She had applied and was rejected. She used the PMAR process and is now going to be interviewing with the COO and VP of Franchising. Yippee!!”

    Funny that, eh, Paula?

  5. Paula’s passing out first interviews to all of her clients: A. has one with a large online retailer!


  1. Excerpts from Julie Norwell’s recent interview with R.:

    As R. was googling headhunters and recruiters, which represent companies, he kept wondering if there wasn’t some organization that “does it the other way around.” Then he stumbled upon The Barrett Group (TBG) and thought, “This is it! They are doing something different!”

    R. really appreciated working with Greg Emslie. Greg was a great “sparring partner” and a “critical co-thinker” in his job search process, helping him by asking him the questions that R. might not ask himself (e.g., Does this job really help you get closer to your 5-year goal? Do you need to accept this job, or can you keep looking for one that is a better match?)

    He is elated in his new position. He “wakes up with a smile” on his face and goes to work singing.

    R. says that the TBG program was money well spent (no doubt about it!) and he would absolutely recommend the program to a friend and he would use it again himself if he found himself in need of a job. Given the pandemic circumstances, he thinks it would have taken him twice as long to find as good of a job without TBG.

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