1. George: “Heartiest congratulations and proof that it is possible to find jobs even in these extraordinary circumstances.” M. followed George’s strategy and successfully negotiated the healthcare services and logistics company’s offer up $5,000 from $70K.
  2. Julie was so happy for M.: he concluded his negotiations with a government services provider and accepted the offer! He was a career changer – he was in aviation (not a good place to be nowadays!) and now he’s in government contracting (a great place to be nowadays!) His title will be Director of IT Business Lines, for a $180K comp package. He was only in his program with Julie for 37 days: excellent job, Julie!


  1. M. had just sent in his survey when he received his offer from a financial institution! Dan jumped in and is helping him with the negotiation today.


  1. When C. snagged an interview with a private equity firm, Julie called in the troops, and Dan had Waffles do a full court press on the three partners with whom he interviewed. The interview was scheduled for 30 minutes, it went over an hour, and they brought him back in the next day, Saturday, for a more in-depth interview, this time including the COO. The projected title for our client is Entrepreneur in Residence!
  2. Lori tells us B. landed another interview, this time for a Project Manager position at a property management firm!
  3. S.’s interview at an American multinational technology company is moving forward, no delay. He’s Lori’s client, and has been working with both Dan and Waffles, who gave him the first mock interview last week. Anne is pitching in with the second mock interview this week. Now, that’s teamwork!
  4. R. to Dan: “I think just emailing you shakes up the universe or something…” Just after emailing Dan to check in with developments, he gets an inmail from one of the recruiters on our list, who is recruiting for a President at a nationwide industrial services company, “and your name came up as someone I should reach out to.” This highly profitable business, in an attractive Midwest location, is looking to continue the 50% CAGR growth of a parts, tools, and accessories business geared towards the utility sector. This an extraordinary opportunity for an A-player leader to drive results, have direct access to the board of directors, and grow the most strategic business unit within an amazing publicly traded company. Good luck, R.!
  5. Lori is excited about R.’s progress: his recruiter emailing went extremely well, resulting in two company interviews so far: 1) A family owned business, for a Director of Operations Position. He had a one-hour call with the General Manager, which turned into a two-hour interview! He has a second panel interview scheduled with the individuals who would report to him for Thursday – he’s waiting on the formal confirmation! 2) He also had a video interview with a painting and coating solutions company on Wednesday and is waiting to hear about next steps!
  6. Mo tells us C. is going for his second interview with a Japanese multinational conglomerate corporation, encouraging!
  7. Greg has some news about D.: He did not create a lot of activity for himself during Phase 1; it was too easy, then! Now that COVID-19 is upon us, he is deep into the 4th round of interviews with an East Coast company. He’d been going through behavior assessment now after interviews with three different people.
  8. Y. is interviewing later today with the COO of an online medical doctor program where patients can see a doctor in an online virtual setting, which often avoids trips to a hospital or physician’s waiting room. Greg sees this as a growth industry in the new paradigm.
  9. Paula tosses another horseshoe on the stake: H. has an interview with a mortgage lending company, an excellent opportunity for her!


  1. Paula tells us her European clients are reporting that most executive-level jobs will be found only by networking and/or 3rd party recruiters. Recruiter activity is higher there now that it was 3-4 weeks ago, suggesting the possible start of a recovering European economy.


  1. K. let Greg know she received an invitation for another phone interview at a population health technology company. They now have the green light for a Coronavirus test kit and are setting up an emergency lab. This would be a temp position, Quality Manager, but K. is ok with that: “It may be an opportunity to break into the COVID-19 scene, but I don’t need to make a long-term commitment.”


  1. Julie was excited about T. totally embracing UNP 1: “Hey Julie, I continued to make my phone calls today and got a lead! I was talking to a previous manager of mine because I will be using her as a reference.  Her husband chimed into the conversation and said he recently received an email indicating a job opportunity and wanted to know if he could forward it to me.  He is also in banking (risk) at an executive level and knows my skills. He will send me the email and I will review the information to see if my qualifications align.” 10 minutes later: “And now I got off the phone with another and was able to connect her with someone I spoke to yesterday about an opportunity!!!  I love this.”
  2. D. took Greg’s advice during his orientation and jumped in the driver’s seat, using his previous position as State Senator to reach out through LinkedIn to a former CIO of State, who is now a leader at D.’s favorite target company, an on-demand cloud computing platforms provider. When the former CIO of State asked for D.’s bio Saturday night, his Barrett Team was there, delivering the edited draft to him by 6 AM on Sunday morning!


  1. A. gave props to her dedicated consultant: “Thanks Lori – you are a pleasure to work with and always such a positive influence.”


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