Frontline-Report-67 for 03-31-21

The Hiring Line:

  1. Lori comes in hot:

    “B. landed a new position last month as a Speech Therapist at [a pediatric therapies company]! She contacted a friend who was the owner of the business and she wasn’t even interviewed! She was immediately in discussions about the Offer! Yay B.! :)” – And to think some clients are skeptical about the effectiveness of using Social Capital in their searches!

  2. Lori never ceases to amaze:

    “B. accepted an interim COO Role, coupled with his existing CEO role at [a wholesale distributor of health products], to assist with establishing processes which currently do not exist at their company! B. is bringing in an additional $200k doing this role part time!! He is still actively working with us to secure his ideal role, but in the interim, is managing two positions – in addition to serving as an Auditor for the aerospace industry, too!”

  3. And Lori hits a homer, right over the Green Wall:

    “C. started with TBG last October. Her current company, specifically her boss, has been preparing her for a director level position for the Marketing Division. C. has been working a 50/50 time split / combination role – 50% to her current position and 50% to her new position – which she thought would last for a few weeks but has lasted several months. She finally received the green light to move forward into her new role beginning [April]!

    We have spent a lot of time on building her confidence, developing her senior level talk track for her to address key items, present herself to management, and run high-level meetings. Her efforts have finally come to fruition! C. is very excited about her new role and moving forward. Her current salary is $135k + 25% bonus – her new role will be ~$175k+! Go C.! :)”

    Thank you, Lori, for all that you do for our clients!

  4. George is pleased to report that, after only two component meetings, V. has now accepted the position of Senior VP, Leadership Development for a bank! V. will be relocating! Nice delivery on the Offer Negotiation component, George!

Offers (multiple):

  1. Rebeca reports:

    “My dearest client A. just landed and it’s not even Friday! She will be a Project Manager for [an international financing institution]. She is trilled! We are just waiting for the written offer to come through this week. Oh, actually, she got 2 offers (just got another confirmation now), which will allow us to negotiate salary at a much higher base than we could have ever dreamed of! She will be at €100K for sure, if not more! That’s a lot for a Project Manager that has been out of a job for nearly two years!”

    It’s a good thing she has you as her consultant, Rebeca, great results!

Interviews Advance:

  1. George is excited for V., who has had numerous first interviews but, till now, hasn’t grabbed traction: a recruiter is pitching him on several opportunities at a financial services company as they are growing rapidly and hiring regularly from this recruiter. Bird in the hand: a multinational investment bank and financial services company is moving forward with the next step: a “super day” session of interviewing, the precursor for final interviews! V. says, “Stay tuned…this could end with a bang…”. Thanks for your patience, guidance, and tenacity, George!
  2. E. to Paula:

    “Some quick updates from my interviews this week:
    Company 1 – I wrapped up my series of interviews with [the] leadership team this afternoon. I’ve already heard back from the recruiter that [they] would like to schedule another 1:1 interview with me next week!
    Company 2 – interview with the SVP Commercial Ops and VP HR conducted yesterday. I heard back from their internal recruiter today, and they would like to move forward with the next step in the process beginning next week. Next rounds of interviews being scheduled.
    Good way to wrap up the week- making progress!”

    He’s heading for The Hiring Line for sure, Paula!


  1. Lori kicks it off:

    “I just had my first meeting with J., and in my question about “any pending interviews” he indicated he had an interview this evening! I covered the Orientation portion, and then asked him to translate the French version of the Job Description, took quick notes, and segued right into Interview prep! He applied on LinkedIn to a Project Manager position and is interviewing with the Hiring Manager later today for us (evening for him – he’s in Lebanon! 🙂 Go J.!!”

    Great pivot, Lori!

  2. Jerry’s client J. continues to score interviews, this week it’s with the provider of risk management services for the position of Operations Transition Leader. Keep the coaching coming, Jerry!
  3. Anne’s client J.:

    “Hi Anne, I’m doing well, how are you doing? I had a phone interview today with the CFO of [a bank holding company]. I used all the strategies you’ve taught me, and I think it went well, they asked me to fill out an application and take a personality test, which I did. The position is VP of ERM & Internal Audit, which I’m qualified for. I really hope I get this job! Thanks, J.”

  4. S. took Waffles’ advice in moving back to where she has a lifetime of quality contacts. She wanted to apply to online positions at a bank and she was encouraged to use her contacts, one of whom is the Assistant to the President. She called her up, and her friend called the VP of HR in and let her know S. was coming back and their employer would be blessed to have her! The AVP has set up an initial meeting “to see what her interests are”. That’s how it’s done, S.!
  5. From George:

    “D. has a first interview with several investment bankers tomorrow. The investment bank seems to want to talk with him about something that is confidential. We reviewed the Interview Assessment today and his comment when I asked him how it went was, ‘This was fantastic!’”

    It’s all in the wrist, George!

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