Frontline-Report 03-24-21

The Hiring Line:

  1. Dan tells us his client A. is ready to accept the offer from a medical device company! The title will be Manager Regulatory Affairs. Way to go, Dan! 
  2. Rebeca continues her Friday hiring spree:

    “My client, J. will be the VP for an automotive startup manufacturer. He received a verbal offer last week, on Friday. Friday is landing day apparently :)”

    It’s a great way to finish up the week, Rebeca! 

  3. Lori starts stealing the show right here!

    “B. received an offer today for a General Manager position with a heavy equipment dealer. Base pay at $135k with a $35k bonus and incremental bonuses over next 3-5 years! Offer is on the table ready to be signed! Meeting with B. the next day to negotiate! :)”

  4. Lori steps up to the mic and the crowd goes wild!

    “Upon beginning my work with C., we immediately jumped into discussions about two opportunities in our first meeting. In the first week, we had several calls to discuss negotiation strategies, interview coaching, and the talk tracks associated with the differences and opportunities within both positions.

    C. received an offer from [a waste management, recycling, and environmental services company] for Chief Financial Officer – and accepted it!! 🙂 We increased his salary base by $10k and guaranteed a relocation package of $10k, secured both the remote and on-site options allowing him to commute to a closer location for six months prior to relocating, and reimbursables inside of this activity. Yay C.! :)”

  5. Take a breath, Lori, this is a looooonnngg report:

    “T. received an offer on Friday for the Eastern Regional Director, Capital Markets for [a a private equity real estate company]! T. had taken a SEMA course and befriended an individual in the class and became study partners instead of going out to get a beer with the other people. They became friends – 10+ years – and T. reached out to his friend, as part of the UNP1: Social Capital exercise, and began to converse with him about his goals and objectives.

    His friend indicated there was a position within the company he worked for, actually reporting to him. After T.’s first interview, his friend told him he was in competition with another person.

    T. was asked to schedule a Google Teams call and make a presentation to six individuals. They were very impressed with his presentation and within a day he received an offer! It all came down to a perfect fit and culture, and T. had what it took! He is extremely personable, educational, informative, honest and has integrity. It was a win-win! He secured the salary he was targeting and more => $150k was the target but it came in higher – at $144k base with a $56k annual bonus, and growth set for every two years following! 🙂 He looked the happiest I have seen him since first meeting him. I’m very happy for T. and his wonderful execution of his social skills, great interview prep execution, and compensation negotiating tactics!! :)”

    And a tip of The Barrett Hat to you, Lori, great work!

  6. Repeat Clients Department:

    “Interesting call with my Phase 3 client, M. today. M. landed a job at [a health center] about six months ago but realized that the pay they offered was unsustainable. She primarily took the position in order to move to be closer to her parents. After about three months she wanted our help in looking again.

    This past week she landed a consulting gig with a company for whom she has worked in the past. The pay is $20 an hour greater than she is currently receiving. She expects the assignment to last about 90 days during which time she is also free to look for a permanent job guilt free. She has already accepted this position and given her notice at [the health center].

    Also, this week she landed interviews with two other healthcare companies for permanent remote positions for VP of Compensation which is her specialty. She is only interested in remote positions. She has about 90 days to decide whether to take a fulltime job or to continue consulting which she enjoys if she can stay busy enough.”

    George is in for the long haul with M.!

  7. E. has favored in this report on several occasions for his record-breaking ability to get multiple interviews per week, but no offers, and we’re talking over 35! Julie and Dan finally segued him over to Waffles, who reports this week that E. has accepted the position of Project Development Engineer at an asset management platform! You can see his appreciation in today’s final section below.
  8. H. told Anne the great news:

    “I just spoke to the cofounder/co-CEO of [an Airbnb-like platform for home cooked meals]. They are ready to talk offer. They want to hire me. He asked me to come to him, on a call this Friday at noon, to propose to him what my package should be. The role will be equivalent to a GC: Head for Global Policy and Communications!”

    Anne has pulled Dan in to help with the offer negotiations.


  1. Lori just doesn’t quit:

    “K. just received an offer from [a baking company] for the VP of HR! The initial salary range proposed was $205-215k. Her offer came in at: $235k, with a bonus up to 40% of her base salary, and a one-time incentive bonus up to $200k per attaining the targeted EBITDA goals! 🙂 The offer came in $10k higher and she got the same bonus as her previous role! Amazing negotiation skills! 🙂 K. is fabulous, has really stepped up into her confidence, and has maintained consistency in the interview and offer negotiations of this entire process! 🙂 Congrats to K.!! :)”

  2. C. – he has a friend who spoke to him about a joint venture with their heavy haul lifting company which directly correlates to an off-shore and wind hybrid model. His friend and C. negotiated, and C. was offered the position of Vice President of Business Development. C. accepted the offer at $250k with a $50k with a guaranteed minimum commission, set commission structure, and a minimum salary increase each year! Yay C.! 💃🙌

Offers on the Horizon:

  1. Lori continues:

    “B. received an email today with an invitation for a meeting on Monday to discuss an offer with [a heavy equipment dealer] for a Segment Manager role. Next steps coming soon ….”

  2. Anne gets in a word:

    “I had a great call with D. today. He had a successful interview at [a Fortune 100 company] and moving forward to final offer as [general manager] for their $700MM smart metering division. They are hiring him to be groomed for taking over for the Division Chief, who is retiring in 18 months. His comp is at $300K base with 20% bonus and 401K, no stocks. He’s working to sweeten the deal as deal is off $80k with his stock options now. Feels it is a good fit with short term leadership advancement potential.”

    His TBG lessons:
    -he learned humility and how “badly he was at networking” before
    -he was running out of things to do in working the TBG program and got back to the social capital, in doing so at [the Fortune 100 company], it was a quick sprint to the finish line for this unpublished opportunity! Excellent work, Anne!

Interviews Advance:

  1. E. aced his CEO interview at a medical device company for SVP Sales (went 90 minutes instead of 60) and within the week he will meet with three additional executive stakeholders. Additionally, he scored new interviews (a diagnostic systems company). Had 1st interview with HR and will soon be meeting with SVP Developed Markets and VP of HR for VP Sales Diagnostics. Keep the interview coaching coming, Paula!
  2. M. had to cancel another appointment with the Julie/Waffles team because she has more interviews!

    “I have been aggressively working on my social capital and things are really picking up. I had 2 interviews scheduled for tomorrow after our call. Just got word whether I can meet earlier. I apologize for having to reschedule again but I can’t pass up on any interviews… I have meetings with the CEO of a bank in formation, and he needs a CBO. Also meeting with the leader of sales for [a payment platform]. Additionally, a recruiter called to introduce me to the President of another bank.”

    Holey interviews, Batman!

  3. Paula’s client M. is traveling tomorrow for final face-to- face interviews with a frozen foods manufacturer for a Sr. R&D Manager.

  4. Julie and Waffles are excited that J. has progressed through a marketing agency’s hiring process, first with the local team California (J. is on the East Coast), then with the Team of Four in Southeast Asia. This Friday, he finally sits down with the CEO, to whom he will report. He’s taking the coaching very seriously, this would be a great job for him, running the Americas for the corporation!

  5. Julie’s client J.:

    “I have been busy with interviews. I have four companies I’m juggling interviews with right now!

    -A recruiter wants me in a position for Sr. Project Director that he has been having trouble filling for a life insurance company.
    -A health provider has a System Director of the Project Management Office role which they called me about last week. (on a side note: the hubby is excited about this one)
    -A relatively new medical device company. They are growing really fast. The VP of Professional Services got my resume from one of my former colleagues. They are expanding the organization and opening up a new Senior Leader of Implementation Services.
    -Not a healthcare company. They like me and my background. They have an opening for a Senior Director of Project Management. I have had 3 interviews so far and one more schedule for this week.

    Things are going well and keeping me busy. Still not in the offer phase, but I will reach out to you when one of them gets there.”

  6. K. progressed to the second and third interviews at a logistics company without using a resume once! This is why UNP 1 is the fastest and easiest way to get hired. Thanks for keeping him grounded, Lori!


  1. Paula was so excited! B. interviewed for a VP of Ops at a restaurant chain (job app) this afternoon (with about a two-hour notice!) with three members of the management team. The focus is on her ability to upsell more franchises to current franchisees.

    “We debriefed and I am coaching her on thank you notes.”

    Glad to see progress here, Paula!

  2. Lori’s back from her coffee break:

    “J. has been contacted for two interviews: 1) a provider of lawsuit funding for a Director of Sales and 2) via a recruiter (company not disclosed) for a Business Unit Manager position. Both interviews are scheduled for Friday of this week! Yay J.! :)”

  3. Lori continues:

    “My new client, M. has been contacted for an interview for this week at [a professional services firm] for a Regional Head Accounting & Tax position! 🙂 We are meeting this week for interview prep! Yay M.! :)”


  1. M. wrote:

    “First phase done and evaluated. Thanks, Isabelita, for excellent support and the extra-curricular gifts and triggers!

    Tomasz, I would appreciate if I can continue with Isabelita given her insights and build-up connection already. Curious to hear your feedback and advice.

    Isabelita, thanks for valuable input so far. Looking forward to build on momentum!
    Have nice weekend and looking forward to next phase…”

  2. George wrote:

    “My client C. corresponded with Jessica re: his recently released Recruiter emails. I am quoting from his @messages he sent and my response to him and Jessica:

    C.: Jessica, you’re the best! George used to be the best; you just took over!
    Have a great evening, tremendous Friday, and amazing weekend!

    GEORGE: Well, at least I had the title of “Best” for a while. Unfortunately for me, he finally learned the truth. C., let’s please keep this to ourselves for now about Jessica being “The Best”. It’s better for me if we can keep this secret under our hats.

    Jessica, Thanks as always for your great work.”

  3. E. sent this:

    “I want to share with you an offer received today, my excitement and appreciation for the team at The Barrett Group (TBG). The offer meets my professional expectations (responsibilities, working with a great team of professionals and compensation) and I’m looking forward to starting my new journey with [an asset management platform]!”

  4. E. excerpts from Julie Norwell’s recent interview:

    -She viewed her hiring of TBG as an investment in herself – even a gift to herself!

    -E.’s initial expectations were to get help with her resume, to get some guidance on how to enter the job market at her age and get some clarity about what direction she wanted to take her career. Overall, she felt that she got that and much more.

    -E. started with Stuart Bailey and found the Clarity Program to be much more helpful than she thought it would be. She even wrote a note to Peter Irish to tell him so.

    -E. really valued the great relationship she developed with Julie Mathern. She appreciated that Julie pushed her, kept her on track, facilitated her ability to track her work and her progress, and really encouraged her.

    -She said that she felt in every interaction with someone from TBG that everyone really wanted her to succeed, which she very much appreciated.

  5. Our client from ten years ago, S. stopped by for a cup of tea:

    “I worked with Trudy Michaud during my time with the Barrett Group and could not have been happier. I am looking forward to working with the Barrett Group again on this project.”

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