1. First there is good news from Anne! T. accepted the job as COO at an East Coast energy company, leaving a Fortune 500 manufacturer. This was a BIG decision and Anne is very proud of her! 
  2. Next L. is a 70-year-old dentist. Unfortunately for L., he has an injury preventing him from continuing as a Dentist:
    • “I’m tipping a glass to you for helping me land a job! Greg, I finally connected with a senior manager. He conducted an online interview, which went well enough for him to offer me a position in management. It’s a work-at-home position with full benefits at the top of their hourly pay scale.  This company is a major supplier of breathing assistance technology for COPD, and CPAP machines for sleep apnea. With this viral pandemic, I’ll find out soon how set they are to be front-line providers. Anyhow, thank you for the lead and for sticking with me.”


  1. Then Julie was pleased to hear her strategy worked for M.: He received the written offer, and they sweetened the salary by $10k!
  2. And H. shared a private equity firm’s offer letter with Anne. He will be COO and CFO, with a base of $250k and a generous equity stake in the startup!
  3. Vivek is helping P. negotiate his offer of employment with a global leadership program for the position of Director, Global Network Programs.


  1. A. updated Tomasz on her search activities:
    • “On the job search, I’m following the program strictly and now seeing the benefits of my campaign. First, My LinkedIn stats improved significantly. This week I’m focusing on reaching out to contacts and using covid as the opening line. It’s a good approach to reconnect in an authentic way. Also, My coach Anne is very responsive, and she gives me the right level of support. We will start the recruiter mailing in April, my birth month, which should give me a boost of luck :-)”


  1. First, George noted that M. has a phone interview with a business application technology company next week. This is in San Francisco, once again confirming that the hiring process continues despite of SF being shut down.
  2. Second, M. was directly introduced to an investment firm by Waffles. He will interview for Private Equity based opportunities.
  3. Third, Anne can barely keep track of them all. First, M. had an interview on Monday for Senior Clinical Research Manager at a pharma company and is scheduled for two more interviews at pharma firms. Also, She’s been burning up the zoom with him to get ready for these. This makes six interviews so far!
  4. Fourth, Greg reports that M. has been getting interviews with recruiters. They are starting to lead to positive results: interviews are now lined up with a specialty retailer and a restaurant chain!
  5. Fifth, Greg told us that C. had a great interview yesterday with a CFO, who is trying to get C. in this week to meet with the president of the company. Well done, Greg!
  6. Sixth, Paula logged in yet another interview for G., this one is with an advertising technology company in South-East Asia.
  7. Seventh, George got stood up for his meeting with J., because J. had to run out to buy groceries before the State of Michigan shut down for you know what. But he emailed George later with the good news: J. successfully concluded his third interview with an insurance company and expects to hear from them in the next two weeks; they were very positive!
  8. Eighty, J. only applied to one job in the past few weeks: CEO of the local realtor association, where she recently relocated to be closer to family. She’s in process, answering a detailed series of essay questions in advance of the interview; Waffles helped her prepare.
  9. Ninth, George and his client M. had given up on a healthcare logisitics provider, it had been so long, but, sure enough, here comes the email from the recruiter asking if he’s still interested in the Operations Supervisor opportunity: he is! George feels supply chain is going to see a big spike because of the current COVID-19 demands and interruptions.
  10. Tenth, R. took Dan’s and Waffles’ advice about actively networking and now he has an interview with a consulting firm, one of the best, and it’s local to his home in Texas, just what he wanted!
  11. Lastly, When Lori’s client S. was selected to interview at a multinational tech company in New York for Program Manager in their Mergers & Acquisition Group, Dan decided to have Waffles do the mock interview, so there would be an objective viewpoint.


  1. And Christina completed M.’s third recruiter mailing on Thursday. He’s been very busy building strong relationships with the large number of executive recruiters who have been reaching out to him, but we got a strong hit just minutes after Christina threw the switch: M. received a call from them.

The client is one of the largest window and door manufacturers in the world. The position is Senior Vice President. M. reached out to his team on Saturday with the news, and by Sunday morning, he was reviewing full company reports on both the target company and the recruiting firms, along with complete people reports, with bios, on both. He worked with his consultant on Sunday afternoon, prepping for the recruiter call on Monday with the CEO of the firm. Now, that’s service!


  1. Next R. is interested in working at an American technology company; N. has worked there for over 10 years. Paula asked N. if he was amenable to networking (“of course!”) and Waffles introduced the two. These two Texans are going to meet at a nearby coffee place.


  1. And Dan modified J.’s resume for a position offered by an executive recruiting firm. After J. sent it in, they immediately set up an interview. J.’s comment:
    • “All your team’s creativity in the process made the resume show its valiant true colors – Thank you!”
    • Although Dan certainly has a team, in this case he was practicing Self-Teaming. Way to go, Dan!


  1. Lastly A. wrote:
    • Hello, Career Change/Barrett Group Advisers!!! I hope you are all well.  I have attached my personal survey and have completed the Clarity effort with Scott (cc’ed above). I have had a wonderful experience so far and I am thrilled to take the next steps.  I will say that some of the questions asked were challenging (and rather gut-wrenching) since I am not used to thinking this much about my abilities.  But I am happy to try again and answer any questions that will elicit the best picture of me and get me to my success story.  Looking forward to the next steps, please let me know what is next.”

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