1. M. is settling in, with a bang:
    • “Hey Anne, things are going well, thanks for checking in.  I started at IBM last week, on Tuesday, quicker than expected.  The team is great, very welcoming and the responsibilities of the role will be very impactful for the company.  I’m already on a project and drinking from the fire hose. 
  2. M. reported to Paula that, after 2 1/2 days of negotiation, he committed to his next position.  He will be the VP of Sales & Marketing for a mobile robot company.  Following an interview he had at a trade show last Tuesday, with the CEO/President, and the President of their parent company, they decided to pursue him for the position.  He teamed with Paula on negotiating salary, bonus, perks (car), and span of control and he was very happy with where it ended up! TBG Start Date: 2/5/20; New Job Start date: 3/17/20. Salary went from $180K to $215K base and added two additional depts to his role. Car allowance; up to 50% bonus; $100k shares of restricted stock; stock plan and all the other benefits. Yay, Paula!


  1. Anne was delighted by A.’s recent email:
    • RE: So Motivated!
    • Hi Anne, I can’t wait 2 weeks to share with you how thrilled I am about how my personal  campaign is going! Look, somebody wants to connect with me as they’re trying to attract women in sales and technology their company. I looked them up and am very excited. Thanks for your effective coaching! 


  1. Mo tells us C. has another interview, this time with a manufacturer of skincare!
  2. Greg was pleased to tell us: R. landed an interview earlier this week with the Senior Project Manager at a power company. The position is heavy into estimating and setting up a new platform which is right up R.’s alley. He has a second round of interviews where he is meeting the estimating team.
  3. D. reported his progress to Lori, who was all ears: the internal recruiter at a marketing company advanced him to Round Two, a video interview with a consultant they hired to assist with their growth planning. Round Three will be with the Chief Customer Officer. D. would be a direct report to her. He also scored an advancement in his interviews at a large snack and soda company for the role of Market General Manager. His next step there is a video interview with four firm leaders.
  4. Mo tells us L. is quite busy with interviews at four healthcare providers.

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