The Hiring Line:

  1. Julie’s client H. (orientation March 1st!) accepts a contract role with an oil company as he continues his search (just started his program). He also has an interview for the Senior Process Design Engineer at a company that specializes in wastewater recovery technology, with an in-person interview scheduled for next week. Jump to it, Julie!
  2. Jerry stops by for lunch and brings us up to speed regarding S., his pre-Asana client, who lands his second job with a window treatment installation and repair company as a District Manager. Because his previous landing in February with a home improvement company didn’t work out due to unkept promises by the company owner, so he decided to resign. The initial offer to S. was $80,000 salary plus commission. Following Jerry’s coaching, he ended up getting a $100,000 salary plus commission, $30,000 signing bonus and two vacation packages, one to Portugal and the other to Hawaii!
    That’s quite a nice return on his Barrett Group investment, Jerry, good man!


  1. M., who is already on the shortlist for a position at a Fortune 500 company as well as a London-based company, told George that his boss, the CEO at his current company resigned last week shortly after the company had already announced a reduction in force. Mike knows that he is now on the shortlist to replace the former CEO!
  2. And J. works with his consulting team, Julie and Waffles, regarding the offer he received from the CEO of an advertising agency. After working through the cheese and steak, the end result was: not enough bread. It could still be a nice consulting gig for J., all thanks to him following Julie’s guidance on how to work the Unpublished Market more effectively.
  3. Also, George meets us at the water cooler:

    “Right after V. was assigned to me, he talks to his social capital, who told him about a position at [a bank]. V.’s friend got in touch with his contact at the bank who contacted V. V. has since had at least six interviews, and tomorrow they are flying him out to meet the entire team.

    They gave him a verbal offer, and I’m sure are going to try to seal the deal. We have talked twice about how he should negotiate. Naturally, I told him that he needs to get it in writing so we can talk about it, but I coached him on negotiating in case they push him to the wall. He is well-prepared, so he should do a good job!”

    Second Amendment, George!

Interviews Advance:

  1. Julie is amused (well, not much) as Waffles points out that their client M. has a third interview at a bank scheduled. Same bank, three interviews, just to be clear.
  2. Also, Greg pulls Waffles in for interview coaching for his client M. The position is an SVP role for a financial ratings firm. This is a full Career Change for M., as he’s from manufacturing. Our strategies worked: he has a second, 3-hour interview scheduled for next week!

    Dan’s Client C. continues with singles and doubles. Dan is setting him up for a grand slam:

  3. First, Financial services company #1. Job Title – Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Analyst Property and Structured Products. Interviews with HR running job search. Responds to a four-question inquiry and expects next interview with Head of ESG research to be set up this week.

  4. Second, Financial services company # 2. Job Title: Head of Investor Relations. Interviews with HR running search. Has a call with hiring manager and CFO on Tuesday.

  5. Third, Financial services company #3. Job Title: Head of Investor Relations. Interviews with HR and the hiring manager (CFO). This is a three-round process, he expects to have the 2nd round of interviews to be scheduled this week. All of this keeps Dan off the streets!

    And two from Jerry this week:

  6. While, M. interviews for the Director of IT with an exercise/gym company for celebrities. Waiting to schedule the second interview with team members.

  7. Meanwhile, V. has his first interview with an IT company for the Director of IT position. This is a new position in the company, and he is interviewing with peers from other departments. Believe it or not, his second interview with senior management has already been scheduled for this week! Well fought and well played, Jerry!


  1. Anne’s client R. has a call with a transportation company on Monday for a Director of Legal position and a multinational technology conglomerate for the General Counsel role. She’s having the most success reaching out to recruiters and hiring managers directly via LinkedIn. Nicely done, Anne!
  2. Also, Lori and Waffles are working with new client K., who is simultaneously managing his campaign and launching an App that he developed at the same time! Go K.! K. was contacted by a recruiter inside of a logistics company for a Sales Executive position and had an interview scheduled for earlier this week! 🙂 Update this morning: the recruiter cancelled yesterday (conflict, urgent mgmt. meeting), then this morning has to reschedule again because she’s having her wisdom teeth removed. K.’s a patient guy, but his consulting team are thinking if the recruiter emails on Monday she needs to get her wisdom teeth yanked again, he might want to ask his two inside contacts what’s going on!
  3. And, Lori again:
    “G. has an interview for a Creative Director role on Friday at 11am! He executed his UNP1: Social Capital skills, connected with and received a referral from a friend for the role! Yay G.! :)”
    Great coaching, Lori!

  4. Meanwhile, Anne’s client M. landed last year, but the pharmaceutical company’s first new product got rejected by both the FDA and EMEA! The writing’s on the wall, so M. put his learnings from Anne to work and he has no less than FIVE interviews this week! Best of luck, M.!
  5. Also, Julie’s client P. has several possibilities simmering, next week he is interviewing with the VP of Marketing & Distribution at [a provider of risk management solutions and services] next week. We’re interested in seeing where this leads!


  1. J. writes: 
    “Thanks, Dan, the pleasure was all mine! Can’t thank you enough for all the coaching and words of wisdom. It will forever stay with me and I’ve already paid it forward!”
  2. M. writes:
    “Dear Dan,
    Thanks for your kind message and summarizing the next steps. Cooperation with Isabelita has been very valuable and I already consider hiring TBG as a definitely good decision 🙂 Looking forward to working together to the successful outcome which certainly is landing the desired job in 2021!
  3. C. to Isabelita:
    “Thousand thanks for your flexibility and for having acted quickly to ensure I have what I need to move forward! It is a good client experience to have a coach who walks extra miles to make things happen. Thus, I want you to know that I’m happy to have asked TBG to keep you as my professional coach. You go beyond your duties and this is gold for any customer. Namastê!”

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