1. S. knocked it out of the park, and started her new position of Senior Manager – Client Services at a fulfillment organization on Friday, with a total comp package of $200K, nice! George says she was a perfect client, she went to Phase 2 in 50 days.
  2. V. is joining an artificial intelligence firm on March 23rd as Manager of Customer Success. Vivek will be guiding him through Phase 3 services. He started with us at Christmas, pretty fast, and he had five interviews!


  1. R. has turned into a late Barrett Bloomer! One company is offering $300K and 50% of net consulting, contract in place. Another is coming in at $250K; we might be able to negotiate while doing the first one concurrently. A third offered 1,000 consulting hours to set up a new team. Another opportunity is on the horizon with an old friend of R.’s.


  1. Greg was amused when C. got an interview with a lifestyle retailer. C. promised to get Greg the employees’ discount.
  2. Anne tells us that M. had an interview with a renowned university for a Director for Development position, nice one! Nice two, actually: For VP of Sales at a national tire retailer.
  3. R. was congratulated by Greg for landing an interview with the President of a wholesale company. Greg tells us this was a perfect example of using The Unpublished Market Part One: reaching out to everyone who holds you in high regard to land interviews.
  4. Dan’s client M. had an interview this week with two people at an entertainment company, and Dan ordered the research to prep him up nicely.
  5. B. is on her second interview and her fourth meeting with the reforestation project; we expect offers from both later this week.

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