1. First, Greg is pleased that J. took his interview advice. They called him an hour after the interview and offered him the four-month consulting gig!
  2. Second, D. reached out to Dan to share his news with the team. She accepted the position of VP Global Process Improvement with a major music company.
  3. Third, Vivek is trying to keep up with his client V.! Highlights are an offer in which Vivek is assisting with the negotiations to get the offer beyond the $117K already on the table. He has an interview and expects an offer. Two follow-up interviews with a third research organization, expecting an offer.


  1. Here’s a knee slapper: George’s client J. sent his consultant a plea for help: “I woke up to so many emails from recruiters I’m not exactly sure how to tackle this.”
  2. Next R. and C.: so Waffles coached R. to reach out to his entire network (“I don’t have any”) and he finally called C., who is well connected and has arranged four interviews for R. so far. R. has been searching for well over a year. What did C. say? “Why didn’t you call me a year ago?”
  3. Then M., brand new client: “I had lunch today with one of my references.  It was a great lunch.  He is willing to help in any way possible and also offered up suggestions including: He is willing to advocate for me for any target company…he said he would call any CEO/CXO he has a relationship with…I will provide him with a list soon.
    • His new head of HR is well connected…he will ask her to put feelers out to her Automotive network to try to uncover any unpublished openings.
    • Based on culture and fit, he recommended a few companies he thought we would be a good fit and companies he recommends avoiding .” UNP Part One, he started the day of his orientation. He’s had four lunches so far and has gained two pounds.
  4. And Greg is proud to tell us J. went through a very successful hour long interview with a national hotel chain, for a VP role. He has been told he should be moving on to the next round. Yay, Greg!
  5. R. got contacted through LinkedIn by a senior recruiter for a CFO role.
  6. C. has a first interview. It was on short notice, but Mo squeezed him in for interview coaching.
  7. George got J. into the interviewing phase: he met with the Vice President, Chief Culture and Learning Officer at a health system, and with the senior director of a university.
  8. B. continues to work her Barrett spell on the CEO of a reforestation project: It appears the CEO didn’t know what a Chief of Staff was, so Waffles and B. wrote a job description. The CEO is bringing it before the Board this week.
  9. Julie’s client T. had her first interview with a diagnostics company for Sr. Product Marketing Manager. She’s been flown to the U.S. for two days of interviews.
  10. Paula tells us B. interviewed with the President and the retiring Chief Fiduciary Officer on a conference call for an outdoor company.
  11. Anne was excited to hear M.’s interview with a pharma firm went very well; it’s a six month consulting role and he should hear on Monday. Good luck, M.!
  12. Julie’s new client M. (Greg did interview prep with him while still in Clarity) has already had several interviews for Sr. Practice Manager roles. The last one was a client/partner of M.’s in his last role. One of his contacts there asked him to apply as soon as he found out that M. has left his last job. They’ve been trying to fill the role for about a year.
  13. Julie again, she’s killin’ it: S. had a first interview for a fractional CEO role.  The second interview is scheduled for next Friday.
  14. J.’s been working with Mo on three companies for GC roles.
  15. Lastly, Greg’s first week with R. was productive: three interviews right out of the gate!
    • Two where Greg expertly coached R. that potentially looking at positions where he may be overqualified could also turn into situations where something else opens up or they see a need somewhere else for someone with his skills.
  16. And G. surprised Paula with a same day video interview with a digital company. Christina jumped in and gave him excellent research on the company and people so he was fully prepared.
  17. R. piqued Dan’s interest when he told him how he aced a recruiter interview. Talked for over two hours.
  18. And then Paula’ client S. is interviewing for a Director position at a measurement insights company.


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